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Your Video Game Bucket List
« on: April 15, 2019, 04:11:03 pm »
There are threads about games/consoles that are on people's wishlists that they hope to buy, but I was wondering what people's more long term ambitions as collectors/gamers are. In other words, what are those video game related accomplishments that you hope to achieve someday?

These can range anywhere from owning a specific game to owning a complete set of something, to something really crazy like hitting 10k games in your collection or having your own home arcade. Here are mine:

1. Complete the Want List: I've maintained a Want List of all the games I want to own someday. This list has expanded and evolved many times since I began collecting. In fact I have at several times completed in getting all the games I wanted for a specific console, only to go back through the entire library of games for that console and find anywhere from a handful to dozens of other titles I'd still like to own. In some ways this want list seems never ending, but I would someday like to definitively say I've obtained every video games I've ever cared to own.

2. Build my dream game room: I've watched a lot of video game room tours over the years and have taken inspiration from several as sort of a template for what I want mine to be someday. The one game room that has always been my favorite due to the layout and it having a lot of cool, interesting stuff thrown into it is Big Mike of ChargeBackForward's game room. Each console has a dedicated shelf and it is laid out nicely along the parameter of his game room, with awesome gaming statues and other unique gaming merchandise adorning the walls, shelves, and in glass display cases. I'd love to have a room that looks similar to his in layout and aesthetic. As part of this I'd like to have a room big enough to do what i want with it, but since I began collecting I've unfortunately been unable to have this kind of space. Hopefully that will change someday, and actually leads me to my next bucket list goal.

3. Have my own home arcade: A prereq to this is having a house, which given how insane real estate is at this point this might be fairly far off. Assuming someday that rationality and sense becomes a part of the real estate industry again, I'd like to own a house, preferably with a walk out basement so it will be easy to haul arcade cabs and pinball machines in and out of. Ideally I'd like to own enough arcade cabs and pinball machines to make my basement look like an actual arcade. I'd also want to renovate and decorate the basement to look like you're in an arcade and not just some person's basement. In many ways building this arcade will probably be the final frontier for me since I can't think of a way to top it other than just collecting everything, which is something that doesn't sound appealing to me.
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Re: Your Video Game Bucket List
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Experience each and every video game ever made and to fully master each one. But this is not something than can be done by me in this lifetime or in anyone's lifetime for that matter. Life is short for all of us.

We can dream in this life but with most people working in this life and the fact that a lot of games are rare to find today, it's hard plus there are other things in life for fun besides video games.

But I have faith that there is another place out there where time or limited life will no longer be a factor,

I want to play them all but I just simply can't reach my goals, I am too sick to enjoy a lot of video games which is one reason I am unhappy with them, the other is I don't know how long they are going to even play
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Re: Your Video Game Bucket List
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I have a couple of shorter-term goals and some longer-term goals

My first goal is to complete the NTSC ps1 set- I'm down to 74.  This will be a complete longbox set too but not every black label variant.  Getting all the variants might be a longer-term goal someday but that will take either a lot of time and a lot of luck or a lot of money.  So for now, I'l just be fine with having one of every game for ps1 on some form.  I might go for other complete sets too- Saturn, Dreamcast are on my mind, Jaguar would be fun too, but might just focus on getting every good/interesting game for those systems. Complete set collecting is fun but also exhausting.

My second goal will be to finally branch out to imports- I'll like to get a pc engine duo and some other japanese systems and do it right. 

My third goal will be to finally have my dream game room- I just recently moved into a larger space and now have a room for a bigger game room.  It's not quite large enough to fit it all but I have so far sectioned off enough space to fit my entire ps1 collection.  It's been a lot of fun getting my new space ready.  But it's not forever and someday, I plan to have a large enough room to fit everything and also have room for some pinball machines, led lights and arcade machines. 

Finally, one day I would also like to complete my wishlist- I've whittled it down considerably, and I'll always adding more and sometimes going off script and adding stuff not on the list, but I've already gotten down to around 550 titles to go.  This will be a longer-term goal. 


Re: Your Video Game Bucket List
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Definitely setting up a dream game room, currently my setup is ok only, with plenty of areas that need improvement. One of my biggest issues I have is space... Over the years I have collected a decent amount of retail shop decor from posters, standees, die-cut standees, cube displays, scrolls, etc of some of my top games and franchises. Recently I got a Sekiro wall poster scroll with no space to currently display it (which is disappointing). So I have all these items in storage just waiting to be displayed.

Also have retro collectables and statues that I have kept away and only have a few pieces displayed in glass cabinets. Hopefully in a few years I will have a big enough space to house everything to my likings. Probably gonna be a while though since I have a lot on my plate at the moment.
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Re: Your Video Game Bucket List
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I think my top goal is to be comfortable enough in my Japanese to play through an import game without the assistance of a guide or a translator. I have some imports that I really want to get into, but past experiences of going from one resource to another just to progress is something I don't want to do.

Aside from that, I really want to have my own DDR machine and the space to enjoy it.
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Re: Your Video Game Bucket List
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I think lately I've realized that I don't really have any goals, so I've been cutting back on collecting in general.

I took my kid to a local kid's amusement park that had some neat old arcade machines, which made me realize that I'd love to have a set of MAME cabinets that could do racing games, light gun games, and traditional arcade games.  I've also always wanted a Silent Scope arcade cabinet.

I think initially my goal had been to collect games that I want to play, games from franchises that mean something to me, and games that are out right terrible with the purpose of streaming playing them while ripping on them.  That last one was a major driver in why my collection is as big as it is, but I just don't have the time or energy, let alone the equipment to do so.

Re: Your Video Game Bucket List
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1.complete set nes official releases 32 left
2.complete set nes unoffcial releases 31left
3.complete set snes official release 80 left
4.complete set n64 official release 2 left
5.complete set gamecube official release 24 left
6.complete wishlist ps1
7.complete wishlist ps2
8.complete set master system official release 49 left
9.complete set saturn 86
10.complete set dreamcast official release 31 left
11.complete set xbox 360 official release 56 left (including variants)

Re: Your Video Game Bucket List
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Some small ones include getting a capture card to record/stream for funsies and an upscaler for my old consoles because they don't like my fancy new TV. So blurry.

1. Get more than 1 game for my Super Famicom.

2. When I finally move into a house I'm making a game room for myself since my husband can't stand how disorganized everything is right now XD. It'll also probably be to store my anime and manga from future kiddos too but, whatever.  I can make it work.

3. I'd love to branch away from Sony and Nintendo consoles. Not sure where to start though. Something from Sega maybe?

4. Collect BokuMono's English release games. Also, Rune Factory and the other offshoots. Except popolacroisxSoS. >_>

5. Get better with my Japanese so I can play all those sweet import games.


Re: Your Video Game Bucket List
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My bucket list goals aren't so much collection focused, but more gaming focused.  I'm very satisfied with my collection as is. 

1. Earn one point in Desert Bus COMPLETED
2. Beat my arcade cabinet Vs. Super Mario Bros.  COMPLETED
3. Beat Pitfall
4. Beat Night Trap
5. Earn two points in Desert Bus (might try in November)
6. Simply have time and energy to play.  I'm behind on the following series: Zelda, Kirby, Layton, Mario & Luigi, Resident Evil, Sonic, plus many, many more.