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When it comes to bad games in my opinion are a variety of reasons, some of you may have a different opinion on what is or defines a bad game. but I'll start by saying

"Championship Motocross Featuring Ricky Carmichael"


First Off This Motocross game is brutally difficult in every single race against the CPU. and there is no difficulty options other than classes. and, whatever bike or bike racing class you choose, you always get your ass kicked in this racing game. luckily for me. What made me keep playing this game is because of how funny it was, I play a lot of moto cross games 5th console generation. And this one is the worst of all I've played in my collection, but I' defiantly keep it in my collection Because. First off, I  started to win at this game when I started acting like a complete jackass, or started to have the attitude of a real Motocross racer racing high on illegal drugs to entertain myself. when in far far last place I started doing Doing Donuts and pressing the R2 button on the PlayStation controller raising the bikers fist in the air Laughing My ___ off at the animations

What made Me Laugh my Ass Off?

pressing the R2 button on the controller while racing causes the biker to pump his fist the air like He's the hot stuff on a motor bike. then pressing it more he starts  pointing at the cheering crowd all the while losing far behind in last place numinous times. If you play with a sense of humor I found myself winning at times  But if you go in all serious you will not win or even come close, and you may just slam the power button on this one.

I could have posted this elsewhere but, but I wanted make a specific discussion thread about games that you played or tried recently and thought were bad, maybe time will change us but only time can tell. this is about how you currently feel about any game in your collection.
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