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Title: Has Anyone Ever Played The Game (Heavy Gear) For PC
Post by: oldgamerz on December 17, 2020, 07:34:20 am
My detailed review of Heavy Gear 1 on the PC in

Heavy Gear 1 is an underrated video game in my own opinion, it has 4 modes of gameplay 1: Story mode in which consistent of a 30 or more mission campaign. Tour Of Duty Campaign, and Multiplayer and Training to learn how to play.

Heavy Gear 1 was a futuristic war simulator, (with mechs) it was also a 1st and 3rd person camera angle kind of game. The tour of duty modes could take you months and maybe even years to beat I once completed over 1500 missions and never beat the tour of duty mode. in my entire lifetime Probably because I used the in-game option cheats in which warn that they will hamper your progress, and it took me a long time to figure out what that meant. It means you will never fully progress in the game if you have invincibility and/or Unlimited ammo turned on. but even with the cheat options off. I still completed over 1000 missions without reaching the end, It still remains unclear to me this day, if the Tour of Duty mode ever ends, But after I did some searching on the CD-ROM disc of heavy gear I saw 2 extra cutscenes that were not included in the story mode so I guess that eventually if you don't cheat you can either lose or win the war in the Tour Of Duty Mode.

Story mode is just a fixed Lienor single player Campaign.

and Tour of Duty is a mode where you start off  choosing either the good guy's or the bad guy's army, as a low ranking military officer and then, as you win missions your can unlock equipment and weapons to take further into the war with of you.. Also you can join and unlock other military units to join, some units will hamper you progress. As well. Meaning you need to choose a strategy in order to help win your side of the war. In tour of duty mode it's like being in the real military (sort of,) you pick the missions based on some kind of hidden strategy I never figured out, and if you succeed in your mission you get rewarded and sometimes promoted to a higher ranking officer, or punished for losing or dyeing in your chosen missions. If you die you don't lose the game but you are forced into a defense mission on your vary next mission, you can command other soldiers on the battlefield but if THEY die in the mission. and IF you Don't replay the mission they stay dead forever  you get to move onto your next mission regardless. But if you don't replay the mission you won't ever have that soldier to help you in the war ever again. they stay dead.

I never played another game like this one, you can also build your own mech from scratch, but they look nothing like Mech Warriors does, most of the Mechs in Heavy Gear are called Gears instead this game is really a meaty video game and it came out in 1995 originally for Windows 95/98/ME. This is NOT a normal game, it is as if the game was a real war taking place and your in it to survive and win and work you war up the military's chain of command.

There is also Multiplayer but I never did that