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Title: Good "Behind the Head" headset?
Post by: kamikazekeeg on August 25, 2014, 04:04:14 am
I've had these big Logitech gaming headphones for awhile now and while they have good sound, I still can't wear them too long without my ears starting to hurt.  I really prefer ones with the band behind the ears, but I never really see any good ones around that aren't just cheapos like I've had in the past.  Kinda looking for recommendations in like the 40 to 75 dollar range if possible, maybe squeezing it out to 100 bucks.  Nothing crazy fancy, just hopefully something that might fit comfortably for long lengths of time.

Seems like all the good gaming headsets are the big over ear kind and I think I just have a noggin to big for those comfortably with my ears stuffed into them.  Another option might be more of the "On Ear" type that rest on the ear rather than trying to envelop my ears, but that's if I can't find any of the first type I talked about.