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Title: Marketplace rules / guidelines
Post by: foxhack on September 06, 2014, 02:28:45 pm
Listing rules:

Allowed items:

Banned items:

Acceptable payment methods:

Banned payment methods:
If you use any of the methods listed above to send payment, you do so at your own risk; there's a history of USPS employees stealing envelopes that have cash inside and the USPS will not help you if your envelope is lost.

List of users who are allowed to send and receive cash payments (as of 11/5/2014):

VGCollect is not responsible for any user transactions. All transactions are responsibility of the users and this forum's administrators will not act as mediators in the event of a dispute. If sufficient evidence is collected against a user he or she can be permanently banned from the site and the service.

The above rules are not final and may be amended in the future if necessary and as situations change. If you have any suggestions or complaints, please leave a message in the Site Feedback section of the forum. Thank you.

-- The moderation staff