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Post by: tripredacus on January 08, 2016, 11:32:23 am
I will use this topic to track my progress of database work. Feedback welcome.

Currently working on Sega categories.

Completed List
Dreamcast [EU]
Dreamcast [JP]
Dreamcast [US]
Game Gear [EU]
Game Gear [JP]
Game Gear Accessory (official)
Game Gear Hardware - all region console releases added.
Game Gear [NA]
Game Gear [BR)

In-Progress or requiring confirmation/research

Sega Genesis [NA] Lotus Turbo Challenge
There may exist a version without the Head to Head logo. Need confirmation as to whether that logo is printed on the insert, a label on the insert or a label on the box, before adding the variation to the database.

Game Gear Hardware [JP]
- Game Gear Red edit waiting for approval

Game Gear Hardware [US]
- Game Gear [NA] (14502) has wrong front and back images. Needs to be merged with The Core System (94476) or vice-versa, retaining the box front image already on 94476.

No images for these:
Sega Game Gear Attack Pack
Sega Game Gear Puzzle Pack
Sega Game Gear Rescue Pack

Helpful hint (perhaps a User's Guide can be made for the site at some point) regarding loose consoles. As most know, Consoles were not actually released on their own and came in the box. And there were a lot of different releases that essentially had the same thing in it. Using this example, if you had acquired a Game Gear loose and/or do not know which release it came in, it is safe to choose any that came with that model, or to choose one of the entries where the console came by itself.
Post by: tripredacus on January 11, 2016, 12:11:41 pm
Majesco Game Gear entry is corrected, removed from first post.

Sega Game Gear Hardware from UK done. All using [EU] suffix which this forum primarily uses for catch-all English language versions of European games.

The 3 "Pack" bundles are documented to exist however I cannot find any images of them. They are added here:
Sega Game Gear Attack Pack
Sega Game Gear Puzzle Pack
Sega Game Gear Rescue Pack
Post by: DreamsDied13101 on January 22, 2016, 11:59:27 am
Glad you are tackling this. I have been collecting Sega Game Gear for a long time and the site needed some love in this area.

I agree with your loose console thought from post 1. I personally think all loose console entries should be rolled up in to an entry that has the packaging included. There is always an option for someone to choose they only have the loose item instead of all the packaging if they want to keep track. Item/Model number needs to be updated for a lot of these entries and people be able to search for item/model number fairly easily so that it facilitates the ability to properly catalog their items.
Post by: tripredacus on January 22, 2016, 01:38:00 pm
I just finished all US release Game Gear games. Edits/dupe merging pending.

I wasn't primarily concerned with all the part numbers. I was more concerned getting all the games in there with the correct front art work. P/Ns can be confusing because a lot of the time, there is a different number on the box vs the case.
Post by: tripredacus on February 05, 2016, 11:52:29 am
List of categories that need to be added in the future (to finish my current additions list)
- Atari 2600 BR
- ColecoVision AU
- ColecoVision EU
- Sega SG-1000 FR
- Dragon 32
- TRS-80 Color Computer (there are some CoCo games currently in the TRS-80 category that will need to be moved)

Herculean tasks for the future
- split up PC [NA] into 3-4 categories based on media type and move items to their correct categories.

Think about style guide regarding Description field for floppy disk games to indicate how many disks, what type, what color, what version.

Think about the possibility of adding guides to the site or forum to lay out console specific information such as compatibility, variations, regional differences, rating systems, etc in relation to how those consoles and games appear in the database to help ease confusion of adding the wrong item into your collection or adding an item into the DB that already exists.
Post by: tripredacus on June 15, 2016, 12:02:36 pm
No French versions of "Ripley Edition" found. Actual title not known. Same for Italian and Spanish version of "Nostromo Edition."
Spanish Ripley is Edición Ripley
¿Cómo sobrevivirás?
Sin apenas energía ni preparación, deberás buscar recursos, improvisar soluciones y usar tu ingenio tanto para
completar la misión como para sobrevivir.

German Ripley is Ripley-Edition
Italian Ripley is Edizione Ripley
French Nostromo is Édition Nostromo
Comment survivrez-vous?
Sous-armé et insuffisamment préparé, vous devez récupérer des ressources, improviser des solutions et utiliser votre intelligence, non seulement pour réussir votre mission, mais surtout pour rester en vie.
Contenu bonus : incarnez Ellen Ripley, Dallas ou Parker à bord du Nostromo dans "l'équipage peut être sacrifié".

Here is an example of one of my checklists. Releases confirmed and in the db have the x before the name. Ones without are reported to exist, but cannot find proof of them, so are not in the db.

//Alien: Isolation
x360 [NA]
x360 [NA] Nostromo Edition
x360 [EU]
x360 [EU] Nostromo Edition
x360 [EU] Nostromo Edition Steelbook
x360 [NA] CA Nostromo Edition 010086680713
x360 [EU] Ripley Edition
x360 [EU] FR Édition Nostromo
x360 [EU] DE Ripley-Edition 5055277024469
x360 [EU] IT Edizione Ripley
x360 [EU] RU Nostromo Edition
x360 [AU] Nostromo Edition
x360 [AU] Ripley Edition
x360 [EU] ES Edición Ripley
x360 [EU] ES
360 [EU] FR
360 [EU] FR Ripley Edition
360 [EU] DE
360 [EU] DE Nostromo Edition
360 [EU] ES Nostromo Edition
360 [EU] IT
360 [EU] IT Nostromo Edition
360 [AU]
xPS3 [NA]
xPS3 [NA] Nostromo Edition
xPS3 [EU] Nostromo Edition
xPS3 [EU] Ripley Edition
xPS3 [EU] Nostromo Edition Steelbook
xPS3 [EU] FR Édition Nostromo
xPS3 [EU] DE Ripley-Edition
xPS3 [EU] ES Edición Ripley BLES-01697 5055277024384
xPS3 [EU] IT Edizione Ripley
xPS3 [EU] RU Nostromo Edition
xPS3 [EU] BLES-01697 5055277024827
xPS3 [EU] ES
xPS3 [NA] CA Nostromo Edition
xPS3 [AU] Nostromo Edition
PS3 [EU] FR Ripley Edition
PS3 [EU] DE Nostromo Edition
PS3 [EU] ES Nostromo Edition
PS3 [EU] IT Nostromo Edition
PS3 [NA] Ripley Edition
PS3 [AU]
PS3 [AU] Ripley Edition
xXbox One [EU]
xXbox One [EU] Nostromo Edition
xXbox One [EU] Nostromo Edition Steelbook
xXbox One [NA]
xXbox One [NA] Nostromo Edition
xXbox One [NA] CA Nostromo Edition
xXbox One [EU] alt
xXbox One [EU] Ripley Edition
xXbox One [EU] FR
xXbox One [EU] FR Édition Nostromo
xXbox One [EU] Promotional Copy
xXbox One [EU] DE Nostromo Edition
xXbox One [EU] DE Ripley-Edition
xXbox One [EU] ES Edición Ripley
xXbox One [EU] IT Edizione Ripley
xXbox One [AU] Nostromo Edition
xXbox One [JP]
Xbox One [NA] Ripley Edition
Xbox One [EU] FR Ripley Edition
Xbox One [EU] DE
Xbox One [EU] ES
Xbox One [EU] ES Nostromo Edition
Xbox One [AU]
Xbox One [AU] Ripley Edition
xPS4 [NA]
xPS4 [NA] Nostromo Edition
xPS4 [EU] 5055277023776 INL-C00362-UK
xPS4 [EU] Nostromo Edition
xPS4 [EU] DE Ripley Edition
xPS4 [EU] Nostromo Edition Steelbook
xPS4 [EU] Ripley Edition
xPS4 [EU] FR Édition Nostromo
xPS4 [EU] ES Edición Ripley
xPS4 [AU] Nostromo Edition
xPS4 [AU] Ripley Edition
xPS4 [EU] Promo Only
xPS4 [EU] RU Nostromo Edition
xPS4 [JP]
xPS4 [CN] Nostromo Edition
xPS4 [EU] IT Edizione Ripley 5055277024599
PS4 [NA] Ripley Edition
PS4 [EU] FR Ripley Edition
PS4 [EU] DE Nostromo Edition
PS4 [EU] ES Nostromo Edition
PS4 [EU] IT Nostomo Edition
PS4 [AU]
xPC [EU] Nostromo Edition Steelbook
xPC [EU] Nostromo Edition
xPC [EU] Ripley Edition
xPC [EU] FR Édition Nostromo
xPC [EU] DE Ripley-Edition
xPC [EU] ES Edición Ripley
xPC [EU] IT Edizione Ripley
xPC [AU] Nostromo Edition
xPC [EU] RU Nostromo Edition
PC [EU] FR Ripley Edition
PC [EU] DE Nostromo Edition
PC [EU] ES Nostromo Edition
PC [AU] Ripley Edition
Post by: telly on June 16, 2016, 10:54:36 pm
I apologize if this is the wrong thread to ask this, but are non-admins allow to set up a thread like this as well? I was just wondering. :)
Post by: pacpix on June 16, 2016, 11:18:09 pm
I don't think that would be a problem at all. Go ahead and make a thread if you want to :)
Post by: tripredacus on June 17, 2016, 10:19:18 am
I apologize if this is the wrong thread to ask this, but are non-admins allow to set up a thread like this as well? I was just wondering. :)

I wasn't an admin when I made this thread. ;)

EDIT: We can try our best to figure out how to name things. But sometimes it is extremely difficult:
Post by: tripredacus on October 19, 2016, 12:43:56 pm
I can find about 48 Sega Genesis boxed consoles released in US and Canada, not counting Genesis 3 (there are 2) but only 7 (8) are in the database. Hold onto your hats!


Currently need proof of this:
- Sega Genesis - Genesis Sonic System (w/Sonic, Taz in Escape From Mars)
Also there is apparently a Mexican system?
I already changed the Altered Beast bundle to represent the HD Graphics, TMSS system. Will add an additional Altered Beast for non-TMSS systems. Non-TMSS Model 1 isn't even in the db yet. Also will add Genesis 3, two controller Core system version.

Please do not add or edit any Sega Genesis items in the Hardware category until I'm done.
EDIT: updated "proof" list.
Current count, 54 boxed Genesis consoles in US and Canada.
Post by: tripredacus on December 27, 2016, 11:57:25 am
I am starting to work on the PS2 Hardware section. x_x
Post by: tripredacus on December 28, 2016, 02:29:18 pm
Research is a big deal. There doesn't seem to be any good list of retail releases for non-Japanese consoles. So this will take some time. I plan to do Japanese consoles last because of the sheer amount of releases. I will probably hold off on adding systems that won't have images to start.

Setting naming of these systems, as with anything else, the main item name will be based upon what is on the retail packaging. Fan names will be put into Alt-Name field. Also consider that the model number on the console is not exactly the same as what is on the box. I am considering to put the console's item number in alt-name instead of the box number. Also, terms like fat, slim or slimline will only be used in the alt-name because these are not used on the box.

Fat PS2: Sony PlayStation 2 SCPH-30001 (Black) [NA]
Alt: Sony PlayStation 2 Fat PS2 SCPH-30001 Black

Slim PS2: Sony PlayStation 2 - Charcoal Black SCPH-77001 CB [NA]
Alt: Sony PlayStation 2 Slim PS2 SCPH-77001 CB

There are some instances where the color is printed on the box. Notable special edition versions like Pink or Satin Silver will have this notation. Most slims will say "Charcoal Black" but there are some cases where only the item number (CB) indicated this color. Example, the yellow box versions that use the "two" name, in a triangle in the corner that is black. Those would not have Charcoal Black in the item name, but it can be put into the alt-name. Any case of a title requiring a color, it should be put like this:

Sony PlayStation 2 SCPH-30003 (Black) [UK]

But if there is no other version besides black for that number, where there is no other identifying method on the box, then it is not needed. It is an early example, I am not sure if it is needed. Oh, an example of the item number difference, in case of color codes like SS, CB, etc, they are on the box but the console itself does not use the letter suffix.

After all this is done, there should only be retail releases in the Hardware section, with exception to any demo units, PS2 test, Debug systems or the like.

Would definately like to hear some feedback on this.
Post by: mastafafik on December 29, 2016, 11:37:37 am
I am starting to work on the PS2 Hardware section. x_x
Good Luck!
Post by: telly on December 29, 2016, 08:39:16 pm
I don't know if you have seen this, but there's, which at least can provide a start on what's out there for PS2.

Best of luck though, man. I might work on a different console section, maybe GameCube or N64 since they're a little more manageable  :o
Post by: tripredacus on December 30, 2016, 11:10:40 am
I cannot find any good list with the information we require for this site. Having just a big list of consoles is not how it is. I'm still in information gathering mode, it may take awhile.

For my process (if it helps anyone), I first make a list of all the retail release items in the VGC category. I leave out developer consoles and non-retail stuff until later. Then merge dupes if any. I think there were only 3 dupes in PS2 hardware section. Then my task is to find a good list of releases (here is where I have the problem) and I only found a list for Japanese releases. Every other site that has info on PS2 is down to models only, or colors only, and mixes up all the regional releases today, PAL/NTSC, all. So it seems to me (so far and I've asked on Assembler if anyone knows to post help there) there is no good list for consoles outside of Japan. RFGeneration is probably the best I have seen but it is really incomplete.

The next step is to then determine what the naming should be, now that I have a good understanding of the different releases. Next I go to number the systems. This number is in my notes and will match the front/back images I keep in my personal archive. If an entry already has a good front/back image on VGC already, it is marked. But most will not and will use the console as its front image. I will find the stock photo images for cart_image later.

Then the other step is to be looking on websites that sell items. This means Ebay, Yahoo Auctions Japan, PriceMinister, Mercadolivre, etc. For an example of my notes, here is what I have down for Australia releases. Items with ? mean I can't find a picture. There are no AU releases in the db right now, so none of these have VGC links on them.

--- AU (2)
065 Sony PlayStation 2 - Hot Pack "Slim" (SCPH-70002 CB) 711719626664
066 Sony PlayStation 2 "Fat" Black SCPH-30002 (std front)
067 -b- Sony PlayStation 2 "Fat" Black SCPH-30002 R (std front)
074 fb- Sony PlayStation 2 - Charcoal Black SCPH-90002 CB 711719496755
075 --- Sony PlayStation 2 (Black) "Fat" SCPH-50002
076 fb- Sony PlayStation 2 two - Pink Starter Pack SCPH-77002 PK
077 -b- Sony PlayStation 2 (black) SCPH-39002
078 fb- Sony PlayStation 2 two SCPH-77002 CB
079 fb- Sony PlayStation 2 two Satin Silver SCPH-77002 SS
080 f-- Sony PlayStation 2 - Satin Silver SCPH-50002 ESS 711719615149
081 fb- Sony PlayStation 2 - Silver Prestige Line Satin Silver SCPH-50002 SS
082 fb- Sony PlayStation 2 two Satin Silver SCPH-70002 SS 711719685845
083 fb- Sony PlayStation 2 two "Charcoal Black" SCPH-70002 CB
084 Sony PlayStation 2 two - Hot Pack "Slim" SCPH-75002 CB (+Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal - Platinum)
085 -b- Sony PlayStation 2 two SCPH-79002 CB 711719615491
? Sony PlayStation 2 - Silver Prestige Line/Satin Silver
? Sony PlayStation 2 - Gran Turismo 3
? Sony PlayStation 2 - Metal Gear Solid 2
? Sony PlayStation 2 - Gran Turismo 4
? Sony PlayStation 2 - Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
? Sony PlayStation 2 - SingStar Wiggles
? Sony PlayStation 2 - Buzz! Brain of Oz
Post by: tripredacus on January 09, 2017, 12:30:47 pm
177 PS2 releases so far, not counting PSX or Test/Dev units. Started with a .txt doc as per my usual, moving over to a Google Sheet so I can easily sort the columns by model or barcode. I have a view-only link if you want to see. F/B/C columns are for pictures Front/Back/Cart. Only have transferred over Japan, US, Canada and Mexico.
Post by: tripredacus on January 19, 2017, 12:06:09 pm
Fat PS2: Sony PlayStation 2 SCPH-30001 (Black) [NA]
Alt: Sony PlayStation 2 Fat PS2 SCPH-30001 Black

Slim PS2: Sony PlayStation 2 - Charcoal Black SCPH-77001 CB [NA]
Alt: Sony PlayStation 2 Slim PS2 SCPH-77001 CB

After going through all these releases, I think the best arrangement for the name should be:
- name
- model
- color
- pack

IE: Sony PlayStation 2 SCPH-77001 CW (Ceramic White) - SingStar Pop

And since all PS2 systems have a region specific model number, it would not be required to put the TLD in the title except in a couple circumstances.
Post by: fazerco on January 19, 2017, 02:54:09 pm
Good work Trip.
Post by: telly on January 23, 2017, 08:02:00 am
You're a rock star, man. Impressive work  :)
Post by: tripredacus on January 27, 2017, 10:12:06 am
I wanted to put my research method into a post. It may help others who are trying to find something, not necessarily doing huge research but maybe just to find a picture. One part I can't really teach is the ability to use websites in other languages without being able to read it yourself.

Searching in online classified sites: Ebay (Ekkiy searches international Ebays), PriceMinister (France), Yahoo Auctions Japan, Yahoo Auctions Hong Kong, Kijii/CraigsList, Mercadolivre/Mercadolibre (South America), Tmall, DCFever, etc.
- You can find the images of actual items, often in loose form. Helpful in some cases (like Ebay or YA) where you can zoom in the picture and read things off the box or whatever. Good way for getting a barcode, but sometimes you can't make it out. Sometimes you can find what something looks like, but you can't use the image. It helps to know what you are looking for when using a general search.

Google, and Google Image Search: When using Image Search, it will show you things unrelated to your search. Google will often change search terms on you and there doesn't seem to be a way to stop it, even if using quotes. When you are on a regular search page, it will say that it is searching for something other than what you typed in, but on Google Images, it doesn't do this.

When searching for things outside of your region, try to search using the native language. You can use Google Translate for this. Of course, we know that Google Translate is not perfect, but you can use it to find the correct search terms. For example, if you are trying to find something about a Korean game or system, put the English (or whatever) into translate. Then take the output and search for it. But what you are doing here is finding anything similar. Visit a couple pages that are related to the terms you are using, and see if that site is using the same words that Google Translate gave you or not. Then you would want to search using the terms the actual site uses in case of there being an actual difference.

Also be aware that different languages use different words for things. For example, some countries would use the term 'carton' instead of 'box' in their native language. Take care when translating to Hebrew or Arabic, as their text is reversed (it will play tricks on your search bar and typing) and even I get confused trying to insert quotes lol.

If you get stuck and just can't find something, you can try searching for the thing's barcode. In the US it is a UPC, in Europe it is EAN and in Japan it is JAN. (Japan being the hardest because Google will search for January also). This will often put you onto retail sites that will have that info, but do not immediately trust the barcode it tells you. Search on that barcode to make sure it is correct. If you find a picture of an item using the barcode in Google Image search, actually go to the page and make sure it is correct, or that it isn't one of those pages that just has multiple on there for whatever reason. Those UPC lookup sites like UPCFinder or whatever else are often not as helpful as they seem.

And remember that JAN does not use the T at the beginning that is on the actual packaging. Do not search with the T prefix, just as we are not to put it on entries in the DB either.
Post by: tripredacus on January 30, 2017, 12:34:38 pm
PS2 Hardware section had some work done:

Only set naming on existing entries. left color off the names but put them into alt name for searching. Entries without model numbers are presently in "unknown" status (one is known to exist but do not know model, the other "special edition" is totally unknown, waiting for PM). TLD not required either because the last digit of the model number denotes release country. But, there will be a couple with a TLD on it due to South America using US model numbers in some cases.

Model number is the one from the box. The consoles themselves do not use the color code suffix, it is only on the box. Nearly all model numbers have the space between the model and the color code, few exceptions, like this SingStar Pop release has no space:

Please provide feedback on this naming convention.

Note: There are 43 PS2 consoles in the DB, but just short of 290 on my list! I keep finding new ones! :'(
Post by: telly on January 30, 2017, 02:26:01 pm
So should item numbers take precedence over TLD? I wanna make sure I have it right for the GameCube section

I guess my preference is to also include the TLD because it makes things a lot easier to visualize by region, but that's just me :)
Post by: tripredacus on February 01, 2017, 11:13:06 am
In the case of items in categories, you only need to put in a TLD in the title if you would otherwise have more than 1 item with the same title.

For Gamecube, it does not seem that the item number is as prevalent on the boxes as it is for Sony items, or on the consoles themselves. If I were doing Gamecube, I would follow the method I used for the Game Gear category.

Also, when starting to work on an entire category like this, I will want to do some research first before tackling any of the existing entries. For this work, while I had made some comments about how I think PS2 consoles should be named in this thread already, I had gone and found information on a lot of the releases beforehand. Once I got a good understanding of how to tell the different ones apart, it gave me a better idea of how they should be in the category.

So the box takes priority on the listings, then you should be using the alt-name field to handle any extra keywords that people would use if they have a loose console.
Post by: tripredacus on March 03, 2017, 12:40:41 pm
PS2 research done (as far as it will be holy cow)
Unedited Image archive saved and available at request.
Fix images on existing entries: In progress

Spreadsheet changes. Green column on VGC ID if entry is done (as best as I can do it). It will be red for entries pending removal.
Goofed up on the ID number for 64402, which had a dupe and is replaced with an X.

Future tasks
- split up remaining systems into confirmed vs not, or not enough information:
- create a master list with images of things requiring more information or confirmation
- create a list of the (boot) Indonesian PS2 releases:
- determine fate of 102323
- add confirmed entries into the database.

Not prioritizing console images. I have some but not a ton. Adding console/cart images for PS2 systems can be done by anyone going forward, but please allow me to create the missing entries first.

Total PS2 console tally: 386!
Note: there are more that exist, but finding information is difficult.
Post by: tripredacus on March 25, 2017, 01:33:54 pm
Moved all the VIC-20 cart games (identifiable by images or description) from VIC-20 Cassettes [NA] to VIC-20 Cartridges [NA]. Merged dupes in VIC-20 Cartridges [NA].
Post by: tripredacus on April 05, 2017, 12:43:33 pm
Finished adding all PS2 consoles on my list that were not in the DB, and that I had at least a front box picture and the SCPH number. A couple of images I used are "proof" images and not cropped box shots as is preferrable. However, using an actual image rather than nothing is best. In these cases, these obscured or small size images were the only ones found of the item.
Post by: tripredacus on July 06, 2017, 12:03:33 pm
Decided to stop holding back on the missing PS2 consoles. I had originally only added the ones that I was able to find both the SCPH number from the box AND a front image. Might as well add the rest, the entries can be fixed later.

For the spreadsheet list, this color code for the VGC ID column

Green = in DB, has Front image and SCPH number in title
teal = in DB, has Front image, missing SCPH number in title
yellow = not in DB. found no images, not confirmed to exist
red = in DB, disputed/unknown entry (will be removed in the future)
orange = bootleg, not to be added to the DB
magenta = in DB, does not have front image, has another image (existence confirmation)
Post by: tripredacus on July 14, 2017, 12:17:34 pm
PS2 Hardware section is as done as it is going to get. Currently this section now has 331 different console releases in it!

There are 56 left on my list that are not in this section. Minus the 15 bootleg Indonesian consoles, it leaves 41. These are ones that I have no pictures of so I cannot confirm the existence or I do not have enough information to add into the db. It includes all 5 of the Japanese European Automobile Color consoles, and the US yellow. I am certain these exist but currently they are not added.

So all entries should have images of some sort. All the ones with no front art do not qualify for the "can put console as front art" because all of these were released in boxes. This is even true of the devkits. For obvious reasons, devkit outer box images are harder to find than pics of the individual kits themselves.

The exception of all entries having *some* image is this Street Cricket release:
I have an image on file, but it is of such bad quality that it cannot be used at all.
You will note that for some of the entries, the front image is not ideal, but is used because that is the only image found. I refer to these on the spreadsheet as "proof" images, marked with a P in the front box art column. Proof images are used on some console releases, typically these will show the SCPH number.
Post by: telly on July 15, 2017, 08:09:13 pm
Nice, man. Are you gonna do another console section next?  ;)
Post by: tripredacus on July 17, 2017, 11:15:49 am
No I think I will get back to my normal list. I initially took on that section because I kept running into the Satin Silver consoles and seeing bad entries, so that is why I did it. I have previously done the Game Gear and Genesis console sections.
Post by: tripredacus on July 31, 2017, 12:39:13 pm
Next section to work on is the Sega Genesis [NA] games. I already went through and merged the few dupes, and fixed up some names. I am not going to focus on entry images or information this time around. I am primarily going to do work on this section to handle items in my own collection that are not on the site, as well as to properly manage my wishlist.
Post by: tripredacus on August 30, 2017, 12:06:47 pm
Sega Master System (carts) for Brazil should be 99% done.

For this section, Tectoy made a lot of changes through the line, so some games have multiple variations. The main packaging differences are:
- cardboard box
- plastic case
- cart sized cardboard box/sleeve (IDK where these come from, they might be the pack-in versions)

For the cardboard box, there are two types:
- 1 tab (usually came with red cart with hologram Tectoy label), It has the Sega logo on the back of the box.
- 3 tab (usually came with red cart with no hologram label), It does not have the Sega logo on the back of the box.

Plastic case versions:
- original is the same front/back artwork (including logos and copyright texts) as the cardboard 3 tab box
- next version will have a screenshot removed, but usually the "Produzido" logo or the other text is replaced with a barcode
- Then there are the other design types which are the grid (US Gold), or blue, or whatever.
- Sega Special types are re-releases of cardboard box games in a plastic case and usually will have a blue cart instead of the older red cart of the original release. It should not ever have a red cart with a hologram label. The Sega Special logo is a label with Sonic on it.

Regarding the carts, there are the 3 main carts, with a varition on one.
- red cart with hologram tectoy label. Since it is a label, it can be removed! A severly faded label will appear white.
- red cart with no label. Some red labels have a blank space around the grid, some do not. In some cases, the name on the cart does not match the name on the box.
- blue label. The newer version that comes in the plastic case boxes. IIRC no blue label came in a cardboard box. Some plastic case games do come with a red label cart.

Letters: Brazil uses letters on the cases to indicate price. These letters are either printed on the packaging but some versions have a label. There do exist instances where an item can have a letter and then not, or the letter has been changed. It is common that the original releases (cardboard 1 tab) do not have a letter, they seem to show up starting with the 3 tab design. Even some later carts do not have the letter, but I do not think this means a variation is there.

Labels: Sometime in the "azul" period (Azul means blue, Brazil collectors will call the blue cases or carts Azul instead) Tectoy had started to put the InMetro logo on items. So in those types, there may be some that have an InMetro logo added later. Sometimes it is a label, sometimes it is actually printed on the insert.

So I would say nearly all the SMS Brazil games are now in the db, but certain some other versions are out there. For example there are some of the small cardboard box games not in there, and some things I saw on Mercadolivre that might be variations but I don't really know, so they were left out for now.
Post by: tripredacus on October 12, 2017, 10:03:24 am
Taking a break from usual updating work, which has been SMS releases... After going through my collection to figure out the top 100 games for this thread:,8602.0.html

I had come to find that some games were not in my collection here. I'm talking about noticable games, ones I have had for many years and played a lot. Standouts like Quake II or Diablo III were not in my collection for whatever reason. All of the games that were missing were PC games also... So I went and exported my collection to CSV, then opened that up in Excel. Arranged it by platform 1st, name second. Deleted all the extra columns and printed it out. It fit onto 10 pages.

Then I took that list home and compared it to my PC games collect, basically using a checklist. If I had the item on the list, cross it out. If the item wasn't on the list, set it aside. My PC games are separated into a couple different sections.
1. Shelf for big box games
2. Shelf for small box games
3. Racks for jewel case games
4. books for loose CD games

So my next project will be to add those missing PC games into the db, or fix up the existing entries. So far I have a few unknown, I have already did the work for the jewel case games. Next I will be be tackling the loose CD games, then small box and then the big box games will come later.

- loose cd games done
- jewel case games done
- small box: in progress
Post by: tripredacus on November 17, 2017, 12:15:28 pm
By member request, went through and tried to clean up game entries that used "fan terms" such as "different" or "version" where those terms do not exist on the packaging or on the item itself.

Next term to search on will be everyone's favorite word: bundle.
Post by: telly on November 18, 2017, 04:07:15 pm
By member request, went through and tried to clean up game entries that used "fan terms" such as "different" or "version" where those terms do not exist on the packaging or on the item itself.

Next term to search on will be everyone's favorite word: bundle.

I know the Wii U amiibo "bundles" need to have a look at. I can go through a few of those as well.
Post by: tripredacus on November 28, 2017, 01:21:34 pm
The most annoying part of the use of the term Bundle is that it is not warranted most of the time. There are a few sticky situations where it is difficult to determine how something should be titled. Very few items actually have the word Bundle on the packaging (or digital title) but it DOES happen.

It seems mostly either this term is taken from online store listings, or a lazy way to call something. Especially for Japanese items where this is not really a term that they use. It is more common for them to use a word like "Set" instead. Sometimes the translator does translate to bundle, but very rarely.

PS: I am ignoring some items such as Limited Run games and most things that do not fit into Game, Accessory or Hardware category.

So the frustration is that the word "bundle" is being used on things that do have names. At least with the English (or Euro) items I can easily read them and just fix the titles. Not so with Japanese items. Often, even the text for Japanese items are not online to find, even in Japanese, and need to be constructed manually. So this post is part complaints and part to explain how I determine what a Japanese item is supposed to say.

The first is to try using the Translate app on my phone. It has a hard time reading some characters due to the camera having issues taking pictures of the computer screen. And having this on the phone is not super helpful to know the characters because I cannot type them into the computer.

Instead I can use the Google Translate website itself, which has a text input where you can actually write the characters as you see and it will guess what it is. This does not always return a good result, but it does then allow me to search in Japanese using some of the correct characters in order to determine which other ones I can use.

As an example, Google Translate has a real difficulty in reading my drawings of characters such as:
Which translates to link. Perhaps I am just not drawing them well enough for them to read. For the simpler stuff, it works well enough, here is a picture:


In most cases, the "Did you mean" part is rarely helpful. Since I said I could not get it to recognize my scribbles as 接続, I had to find those characters using Google search, and I was able to search for the other parts which I had gotten to be recognized. Then I can copy those characters back into the Translate page as you see in my screenshot, in order to get the actual translation. Also it does not hurt to also search for the complete text to verify still if you wanted. Sometimes even this does not show up on Google, likely because even people on Japanese gaming websites do not record what is written on their boxes either!
Post by: tripredacus on October 11, 2018, 01:20:15 pm
Sega Saturn game sections updated.
Not handled: demos

Here are the current totals.

Saturn Australia: 8 games
Is going to be missing a lot. Saturn did not really have any exclusives or unique packaging to Australia that I am aware of. Usually the games for that country are just EU English PAL releases with labels for rating put on the front and other labels put on the back.

Saturn Brazil: 86 games
Not yet complete, some games are not present due to them being on lists but no pictures. Some entries have bad pictures. Some entries were added without pictures because they were worse than the bad pic entries that were added. These still tend to get information put onto the entry.

Saturn Europe: 300 games
Likely complete, however no work has been done for variations such as cardboard vs rigid case releases. Also not really done are UK (-50) imports to other countries. Germany and France (at least) did not have localized versions of some games, instead the ones they sold were the English version but with USK rating (for Germany) or the red block notice (for France) labels put onto the case, usually the back. Also games that were imported to Portugal with the yellow Sega label are mostly missing.

Saturn Korea: 19 games
Likely missing a lot

Saturn Japan: 1261 games
Should be fairly complete, but dupes may still exist. All Satakore games are named based on the packaging and have "SegaSaturn Collection" in the title and Satakore in alt-name. Some games had regular and Genteiban (Limited Edition) releases where the regular releases seem to be quite rare for some reason. Usually these will have a different item number vs the Genteiban, but pictures of these are hard to come by. As a result, some regular editions were not added to the database. There are some Taiwan and Hong Kong specific releases in this category because there is no category to put those games.

Saturn USA: 368 games
Should be complete. Didn't have to do much editing on these, they were mostly there already. Just fix barcodes and put in back images.
Post by: tripredacus on November 30, 2018, 12:34:57 pm
Taking a break from putting in Japanese PS3 games... and to fix up the PS3 Hardware section. If anyone has a console in their collection but the entry for it is generic, please fill in the model number from the box and the barcode to help me determine what the generic console entries are.

I will not be doing a total research on that section like I did with the PS2 Hardware section, just to straighten out the generic entries so that it is easier to search for what console releases are in the db already and what isn't.

But a warning, because I have started to fix up that section, if you had one of the generic console entries in your collection, you may find that the corrected or merged entry is not what you have, so make sure to keep an eye on your PS3 consoles in case that happens.
Post by: tripredacus on December 11, 2018, 11:56:55 am
PS3 hardware section fixed up the best that can be at the moment. Remaining issues:

Waiting for dashv to inform what this entry is supposed to be:

Need model numbers for these:

God of War Ascension Special Edition red EU

Motorstorm Apocalypse

NHL 11 / inFamous

LBP Karting / Playstation All-stars Battle Royale

Last of Us Azurite Blue

Last of Us / Sports Pack

Uncharted 2 UK

And then this likely dupe, as the CECHE01 only seems to have appeared in the Motorstorm pack as far as I can tell, but it will remain a separate entry for the meantime.
Post by: tripredacus on January 25, 2019, 11:34:10 am
PlayStation 3 games from Japan is updated. Section now has 1537 games in it. So many different Limited Editions and also the equivalent to "Greatest Hits" which is Publisher the Best, or just PlayStation 3 the Best.
Post by: tripredacus on April 19, 2019, 12:41:32 pm
Licensed Sega Master System games updated for all regions. This includes the many variations in EU countries... Also EU games that were in NA category were moved or merged with EU entries if there was no information on the entry.

Next I will check all SMS categories for dupes, standard practice.
Then will work on unlicensed titles.

Known to be missing and will be checked in the future:
- EU games imported to US that have barcode label
- EU/AU games imported to CA that have barcode label
- Sega label variations in EU
- Sega Classics label re-releases in AU
- Not Permitted for Rental (NFRs) in AU

Known to exist but not added due to no information:
- some AU games. Only added AU games with cart pictures
- many/most TW games
- some KR games

Also, will need to get the categories fixed for some of the releases, such as Korea should be called the Samsung Gam*Boy, Taiwan should be the Aaronix Mark III and Japan should be Sega Mark III / Master System.

Personally will need to recheck all of my own SMS games to make sure I have the correct ones now that the database is updated. There were many entries in the wrong place, dupes, mismatched pictures/info, etc.
Post by: tripredacus on July 22, 2019, 12:17:48 pm
Sega Mega Drive [JP] category updated.

Next will be Mega Drive releases in South Africa. Those are entries with [ZA] TLD, and they currently exist in the [EU] category. They are all just EU PAL games but with a label on the case, similar to Greece and Benelux Union releases.
Post by: tripredacus on November 18, 2019, 12:18:51 pm
Super GamBoy release of Hellfire
incomplete translation
서?의 물꽃

Didn't want to put it on the entry. Can't find the correct characters for this, and existance of this game seems impossible to find. No item number like usual.
Only picture I can find of the cart:

In the text sample above, the red is unknown (?) and at the end 꽃 is just a guess at this point.
Post by: tripredacus on May 13, 2020, 12:21:18 pm
Will work on fixing up the NAOMI category, since all of the carts are not region specific, just the hardware is. Working plan:

- Move all Sega Naomi carts from NA/EU to JP
- create Sega Naomi GD-ROMs sub-cat
- move all GD-ROMs to new sub-cat
- rename Sega Naomi JP to Sega Naomi Cartridges
- create Sega Naomi Hardware sub-cat
- move all Naomi Hardware to Arcade Conversions
- del NAOMI NA/EU sub-cats (should be empty)

We may consider a further re-organization of the arcade sections, it would help greatly concerning the confusion of how to use those sections and/or what images to put.

- Arcade (Dedicated) -> Arcade Cabinets
- Arcade Conversion -> Arcade PCB Boards
- Neo Geo MVS EU/JP/NA -> Neo Geo MVS Cartridges
- Nintendo Playchoice 10 EU/JP/NA -> Nintendo Playchoice 10 EU/JP/NA Cartridges
- Pinball -> Pinball Machines
- Sega ST-V -> Sega ST-V cartridges

Not sure about CPS, Nintendo VS, SNK Hyper Neo Geo 64 yet

Add category for Atomiswave Cartridges.

Potentially add separate (new) categories for Arcade Manuals, flyers, instruction cards and marquees.
Arcade hardware that is non-cabinet/non-cartridge items would go into Arcade PCB section. (From the above, may put the NAOMI hardware into there rather than make a new category just for it. It will end up going to a poll most likely, since if it is all treated like this, then MVS 1-slots would go into that section and not have their own MVS Hardware section. We'll see)

EDIT: there are not enough entries for Sega NAOMI Hardware (and likely NAOMI 2 among others) to warrant its own entry. They will be moved into Arcade Conversions category for now. Revised original name from Arcade PCBs to Arcade Boards, which will include all items without a category and that are not cabinets. May consider adding an Arcade Hardware category to have just PCBs in the Boards section, but non-game/non-cabinet items can go into there.
Post by: tripredacus on May 18, 2020, 12:16:04 pm
Still taking a break from the Sega Dreamcast section work, as it was what I was doing before I ran into the NAOMI dupe issue which led to fixing up the Arcade section (see post in News category)...

After that work on Arcade is done, and before going back to the Dreamcast stuff, I will work on creating a new forum section that serves two purposes. It will be a section dedicated to the Style Guide, the base post that is in VGDB (this section) will remian, but I will make a thread for each category as they are worked. This will handle any category specific style information, as well as serve as an identification guide regarding releases, where to find info, how things are rating, their construction etc. So as an example, for PS3 we can have information about which item number to use, its formatting, the other item numbers one the spine or back. What the item is like sealed, the font of the logo (old vs new), yellow dots, what regions got which ratings, etc. Basically, the Style Guide itself can be confusing, so if we can provide a breakdown of specific consoles or categories, with pictures explaining these things, I think it will do a lot of good.
Post by: tripredacus on May 19, 2020, 06:23:37 pm
Arcade section cleanup is done. See this thread in News for details:,10821.0.html

Now working on a bigger, better, style guide.
Post by: tripredacus on July 24, 2020, 11:50:20 am
Moved all games with accessories and accessories with games out of Wii Accessories and into the appropriate games categories.
Post by: tripredacus on July 28, 2020, 12:01:28 pm
De-duped Wii [NA] and Wii [JP]
Post by: tripredacus on August 03, 2020, 12:09:16 pm
War, war never changes. The war on...

- "variant" is complete
- "bundle" is complete [1]
- "reissue" is complete
- "reprint" is complete
- "alternate" is complete

[1]There are a lot of duplicate entries, especially in PS4 section where people have created listings for online package deals. Mostly seem to be these "Soundtrack Editions" from LRG and SLG. If found that these are not actually different releases, and in-fact online "bundles" they will be merged. I am not going about and adding the CDs into the swag category, but I am noting in desc on the game entry that they were also sold with a CD. If we want to be able to track these actual bundles, that contain the game and CD (and whatever else), then we'd be adding entries for shipping boxes.

Also in this run, fixed the box art for Gris, and a shame since the box is entirely black. And you'd never know what it was if the label on the side with the game name wasn't present.
Post by: tripredacus on August 27, 2020, 10:19:23 am
Taking a short break from working on the Advanced Style Guide to add my Steam games into my collection.
Which also means going through all 385 pages of the Steam category. x_x
Post by: tripredacus on September 09, 2020, 11:19:06 am
Steam section gone through. This side-action was caused by the fact there was a bunch of games with Japanese titles on the last page. I didn't look at each individual entry, so there are still going to be a ton that are missing item numbers, have wrong box text or have box text in description. I only focused on entries that had missing or wrong picture, or incorrectly formatted titles. All in all, there are now 380 pages instead of 385, to illustrate how many dupes were in there.

Games that couldn't be confirmed via the Steam Store, SteamDB, GameFAQs or Mobygames were deleted.
Soundtracks were deleted
Physical releases were moved to their appopriate category
Term "DLC" removed from titles
Renamed games got merged, for example:
- Next Car Game -> Wreckfest
- H1Z1: King of the Kill -> Z1 Battle Royale
- All of the Train Simulator 20XX entries -> Train Simulator

The next phase of cleanup for this category that is required is the merging of Store packages with games. There are a lot of entries made for store packages and these should not be present in the db, only the entries for games. For example, there are entries with names like "complete edition" which are not actually games, rather they are store bundles that include games.
Post by: tripredacus on November 18, 2020, 10:55:52 am
The Sega NAOMI carts and all Sega Dreamcast game categories have been updated.

NAOMI carts should be complete but may be missing item number variants.

DC [AU] has more but is still missing many releases due to no pictures or undocumented import versions.

DC [BR ] should be complete.

DC [EU] General releases should be complete, some import versions are still missing.

DC [JP] Should be complete but missing some Repeat-ban and Dorikore versions.

DC [NA] should be complete

Still waiting on getting the forum theme fixed before I can continue work on the Advanced Style Guide.
Still waiting on feedback regarding VTech categories.

Will look at Dreamcast accessories next.

Also considering my "todo" list is gargantuan, will listen to ideas on whether or not you'd like to see a public todo list that people can use to know what needs work in the db.
Post by: tripredacus on December 23, 2020, 12:08:36 pm
Dreamcast accessories section updated. I really hate working on accessories...

Next I'll look at the SC-3000 games, but I think that it has finally gotten to the point where the Sega sections are done at least regarding official releases.
Post by: tripredacus on December 30, 2020, 11:14:32 am
Apparently I already did the SC-3000 games but didn't take it off my list.

Removed watermarked photos and corrected titles in Switch [NA]
Fixed names and images in Nintendo DS hardware section.

Now onto Amiga games.
Post by: tripredacus on March 19, 2021, 12:58:31 pm
After going through the Genesis/MD hardware category to make sure it complies with the Style Guide and to make sure that examples used in the ID post were as complete as possible, I found that there are 13 console releases missing. So I am going about and determining what is and what isn't the correct information for each of the US releases now, will do CA later. Also thinking of making a post that outlines which console came in which pack, to make it easier for people to determine which boxed entry to add to their collection if they just have a loose console.

I am open to suggestions on any ways we could handle adding loose consoles to the DB.
Post by: dhaabi on March 19, 2021, 01:52:54 pm
I am open to suggestions on any ways we could handle adding loose consoles to the DB.

Unique indicators such as FCC IDs?

Edit 1: From a quick inspection of some of my own consoles, not every console category could easily rely on other ID numbers besides the model number—which already is the database standard—such as PlayStation 2. For example, the PlayStation 2 has three separate ID sequences on the back of the console: a serial number, a barcode sequence, and an unspecified ID chain following a 0-000-000-00 format. However, only the third ID could be considered, as the former two are unique to each console. This ID chain differs only to determine where the hardware was manufactured in addition to what kind of data code the system has.

Example 1 ( Example 2 ( Example 3 ( These are but three examples of SCPH-39001 manufactured in China. That being said, my own SCPH-39001 was manufactured in Japan, so I'm sure there are plenty of variances within this specific manufactured model variant as well.

There are a lot of variables to consider for entries specific to loose consoles.

Edit 2: After looking at more eBay listings, I actually don't know what the third ID chain sequence is related to, as I've now found differing data codes with the same sequence as the ones in the above examples. At the same time, I've found another 2C data code console ( which is instead manufactured in Japan which, of course, has its own unique ID chain sequence.

With situations like this, it seems like allowing separate entries just for loose consoles would create not only a huge mess but a difficult challenge to correctly catalog.
Post by: tripredacus on March 22, 2021, 10:54:19 am
Nothing so complicated as to using FCC IDs.

Using US Sega Genesis for example, where there are (at least) 55 different boxed releases, there are only 11 consoles:
1601 China
1601 Japan
1601 Taiwan
MK-1631 China
MK-1631 Indonesia
MK-1631 Japan
MK-1631 Malayasia
MK-1631 Taiwan
MK-1631 Thailand
MK-1631A China
MK-1641 Mexico

I myself only have 1 boxed console, but have 5 loose consoles. They are model 1 and all 3 model 1 were available in a Core System pack. But the model 2 consoles were not all available in a Core System pack. Especially the Chinese Model 2 which is only in game packs like Garfield Caught in the Act. We can consider rarity of game packs, whereas Vectorman is slightly common vs Garfield. We can know this by the amount of NFR carts that are on the secondary market. Even Vectorman is "uncommon" IMO and is available in qualities 2-3x that of Garfield on average.

So it is one thing to expect people to add a core system pack to their collection if they have a loose console, but not a specific game pack, especially if it is rather rare. Gamecube probably will have a similar situation (telly would know better) since there are a butt-ton of releases but not a butt-ton of individual consoles.

Anyways, at this time this request for ideas is to be limited to within our current framework of the site and not about changing how things currently work. Perhaps we can even call a vote as to whether people would like to either see loose console entries in Hardware cats, or creating new cats just for loose consoles.
Post by: tripredacus on March 23, 2021, 10:40:07 am
Here's another thing, using the Genesis - 6-Pak release
There are actually 2 releases, but currently the description is "merged" on the entry.

Where it has includes "Sega Genesis MK-1631 (Made in China) or MK-1631A (Made in Thailand)"
Each of these releases are exactly the same besides what console is inside, with one exception. The barcode label totally covers the original barcode on the box (because it is using a Core System or Sonic 2 system box like many of the game packs) for the one that has the MK-1631A console in it. And for the one with the MK-1631 console, the barcode covers the original except for the part that says Made in China.

Here is a graphic I made regarding this

Should the entry be left as is (except to note the label situation in the description) or create a new entry so that there is a Made in China and Made in Thailand variation present? We would do this for games, should we also do it for consoles?
Post by: dhaabi on March 23, 2021, 11:54:57 am
Should the entry be left as is (except to note the label situation in the description) or create a new entry so that there is a Made in China and Made in Thailand variation present? We would do this for games, should we also do it for consoles?

If separate entries like this were to be accepted, would this also mean that entries could be created for slight variances within an item such as other additional stickers that may or may not be present on an item's packaging?
Post by: tripredacus on March 23, 2021, 12:13:53 pm
It is already allowed, but the stickers must be official in some capacity.

And it is allowed for games also to have separate entries based on what is included in them, even if it is impossible to discern a difference between releases in sealed form, such as Travis Strikes Again on Switch where one comes with an autograph inside and the other doesn't.

And back on the Genesis console examples, there are 2 boxes for US release of Altered Beast pack. including 1 additional for "Value Pak" label. But disregarding the Value Pak (because we only know it exists due to a picture, but no details about what is inside), there are two boxes, one Made in Taiwan and one Made in Japan. But of these 2 boxes, there are 5 consoles of two types:
- No TMSS: Made in Taiwan, Made in Japan, Made in China
- TMSS: Made in Taiwan, Made in Japan
Currently unknown what box the no TMSS Made in China console came in, but it is accepted knowledge that the Altered Beast pack is the only one where you could get a non-TMSS console. The two Taiwan and Japan consoles are also in unknown, as while the old "match the country" does work out, it is not confirmed that they were sold this way or if they just put in whatever.
Post by: tripredacus on April 14, 2021, 12:02:27 pm
US Genesis Consoles now updated, there are 71 entries in the DB.

Left out is the lone 1601 non-TMSS Made in China console which I might add as a loose console only because it is not currently known where this console comes from. There was only one on US Ebay of this that I could find with no correlation of any other types of Altered Beast boxes. I will hold off on it for now because it may be something I can ID as being from a different country.

Up next are:
- update Gen NFR cart descriptions to match to packs
- add Value Pack/Pak label vars, newly discovered yellow sega label carts, including the SG ProPad 6.
- update the spreadsheet for Canadian releases
- then other countries

Also considering adding a "bounty board" type thread or so to assign things that need to be done on the db. That way if people want to help out the db but do not know where to start, they have a way to help. But this would have to be something only serious users would be allowed to do. We have far too many "I'm going to do this!" people who never do anything. Like the guy who said they would figure out the Lynx EU games (these are currently likely all dupes), or the V.Smile thing (jjfly disappeared shortly after creating all the EU entries), and there was another one that I recall but I forget what section it was supposed to be for (absolutely nothing was done other than the public announcement it would be done).
Post by: tripredacus on May 12, 2021, 10:05:49 am
Should put an update. I am still working on the Sega Gen/MD thread in the ID forum. Currently working on Sega Mega CD [EU] and going through each country to find bits of information that are handy to have. This usually means I make a skeleton post and then have to find examples from existing entries in the DB to refer to. And if those entries do not exist, then I have to search online to find them. Interesting thing is that even though I had previously figured those sections to be complete, there is still more that isn't yet documented.

I wil be working on finishing the Gen/MD thread, then will make the ID threads for the Saturn, Game Gear, Master System and Sega Computers category, before creating the skeleton post for PS2, of which I will focus on the Hardware category only.
Post by: tripredacus on July 09, 2021, 12:12:49 pm
Taking a break from the Gen/MD Hardware post in the Adv Guide because I think there is a better way of handling consoles on the DB while still being able to document all of the retail releases. Simply put, all of the retail releases (especially in Europe) make the Hardware section confusing or difficult to use for people without console boxes. My attempt to solve that issue by using the Adv Guide to link consoles to packs was a good idea (I think) at first, but it becomes an issue in regards to the consoles that are known to exist but cannot be connected to packs. Thoughts about this have been pushed along and if all goes well, I'll end up making a poll about it to see if the community would be interested in trying something else out.

I went through the Atari Lynx EU section and updated the entries that I could confirm got European imports and deleted/merged the ones that could not be confirmed. For that section going forward, only items with confirmed EU releases should be put into there. I know that there are lists on Lynx collector sites that list all of the games released in EU, but we should not add them unless something EU specific is present, something to differentiate them from US releases.

For the most part it there are only 3 differences I have found:
- some sold in blister packs in France
- has printed text of ATARI-FRANCE either on the top of the box, or on a label
- has printed text listing 6 of the European importers on the bottom of the box

If a Lynx EU game is to be added, the pictures should show either a label being present or the item in the blister pack. If an item is confirmed to exist like this but an image cannot be used (such as the case with text on the top of the box) or there is some insert that is unique to a EU release (so far I have seen that the manuals, carts, posters and the white text flyer is identical to US version but that doesn't mean some other type of insert doesn't exist) then an entry can be made, but it will need to have the contents put into the description so that it doesn't get merged/deleted later on.

For the moment I will be focusing on updating some categories to meet the naming or image requirements of the Style Guide. These include:
- Gamecube Accessory (in progress)
- Gamecube Hardware
- Switch Accessory
- Wii U Hardware
- Game Boy Hardware

So if there is something you own in one of those cats, and the entry is lacking info, make sure to put in an edit to add the barcode or correct pictures so when we get to that entry we don't change it into something you don't have or merge it with something, etc.