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Fae Farm

No pending physical release.

General / Re: Selling/Trading Games -- 2023
« on: May 10, 2023, 09:23:32 am »
I tried to downsize a week or so back, listing a bunch of stuff on offerup locally and got 2 responses over that time.  One asking if an item was still available with no response after I replied.  And another asking if I'd take $20.

Pretty much sums up my experience trying to downsize in the past.  I'll probably go to ebay or something eventually.

Chrono Sword

Game doesn't exist for Switch, it's not out on any platform, and there is no pending physical release in any region.

Cops 911
Game doesn't exist at all.  I confirmed with Toplitz Productions years ago that it was cancelled.

General / Re: 52 Games Challenge 2023!!!
« on: April 27, 2023, 08:47:05 pm »
Main List
Previous List

Quote from: Legend
bold games are games that have been beaten, previously beaten, or are unbeatable.
italicized games are in progress.
standard games are games I am not currently trying to beat.
strikethrough games are games that have been abandoned.

Rant about Round1
After taking my kid to Chuck E Cheese for his birthday, I had the intent of actually going to Chuck E Cheese and forking over $20 or something so I could play for an hour and just play TMNT, it's the only game there I cared to play, so I could play through the whole story.  I went to the mall with my kid the other day and found out about Round1, looked around and saw they had a handful of games available on Time Play that I wanted to play.  So my mindset was, I'd come back by myself one day, buy an hour or so playtime, and play 1 game start to finish.  Well today I happened to be in the area and had time, so I did it.  I read all the fine print, I ask specific questions, and I'm on my way.  Come to find out, you only get 3 consecutive plays on a given machine before you're blocked until you swap machines... so it's impossible to beat just about any game in the arcade using time play.  I asked employees about it and they were baffled and took pictures of the error message because they'd never seen it before.  I reached out to the company and complained, they offered me free play time and told them no I'm good, because that still doesn't let me do what I want to do, I spent more of my time chatting with staff and trying to find something to play that I wouldn't have to deal with the BS than actually playing games.  I get that I probably wouldn't go through that scenario again, but it still stands that I wouldn't get anything I want out of that, even for free.  It sounds like it's a new rule because I talked to someone else and they were like I've done the timed play and literally played Beatmania for an hour nonstop.  It sucks and upsets me, but like it's fine, I'll probably do like I originally planned and just go to Chuck E Cheese and drop $20 to try and beat TMNT inside an hour.  I'd call the situation a waste of time, which it was, because had I known, I wouldn't have gone in the first place, but I did at least beat Mario Kart Arcade GP DX while I was there.  I got to the end of level 5 (out of 6) of Halo Fireteam Raven's story mode right when my time ran out... which hurts too, because had I not wasted so much time, or had I known upfront, I would've had the time to finish the game, probably needed another 10-20 minutes.  So close to the end and if I ever tried again I'd have to start over completely.

63. Atelier Ryza 3 (NS)
So hyped to play this one and I've been playing it since release and am still playing it.  This game is huge in terms of size and content, it's staggering how much content is in this game compared to 1 and 2, but it's almost disappointing that you can't visit the Capitol like you can Kurken Island, the Mainland, and the various other regions introduced in this game.  So far this game is a fantastic end to the trilogy... it's also disappointing that tons of characters return from 1, but you don't see Serri or Clifford.  I might have read a spoiler regarding Fi, but it's just a bit disappointing in that regard and almost feels like they only barely want to acknowledge 2 whereas 1 they are fully embracing it.  Gameplay wise, I don't feel like this game introduces much in the way of new features per se, but the game was already pretty great as it is.  I will say, for some reason, this game has me yearning for an action RPG Dark Souls combat style, but with the synthesizing mechanics of Atelier.  Basically Atelier, but an Action RPG instead of semi-traditional RPG.  This game is fantastic, the only complaints I have after finishing the game are as follows 1) I hit the level cap before the end of the game and honestly I missed at least a little bit of content and wound up just skipping fights entirely where I could once I hit the cap. 2) No content in the Capitol, this would have really punctuated this as the end of the trilogy. 3) No Serri or Clifford, feels like a huge missed note not including these characters and including characters from the first game.  Relatively minor complaints though, still a fantastic game and best in the trilogy.
Rating: Solid recommendation

64. Call of Duty: Black Ops (360)
I've been slow playing this one for quite some time, so much so that I really don't recall much from this game to say anything good or bad.  What I do recall is that it exists in the same story world as World at War (I think) because it has some (if not only one) characters that are in both.  Story is a bit trippy and for the time at release it was probably edgy.  Ending is interesting, if not confusing.  I'm not saying these games are by any means bad, but I think peak modern FPS for me is Battlefield Hardline, that game was a tight experience.
Rating: Soft pass

65. Superliminal (XS)
Tried picking out a short game to start up while waiting for Tears of the Kingdom to come out, decided on this.  Very much a perception based puzzle game, it's very cool.  I got stuck 2 times I think where I had to watch a video to figure out what to do... the first video I watched, and it was Youtube's primary recommendation for what I wanted, the guy solved the puzzle by dumb luck of an item launching in the direction he needed and landing where he needed it.  Decided a day later to search again and found a different video where it showed the intended way to solve the puzzle, made me feel kinda dumb.  Game is very trippy with the perception based puzzles, story is mildly interesting, but I didn't quite follow what was going on for sure.  Feels very Portal in more ways than one, like a true successor to Portal as opposed to stuff like Pneuma and Quantum Conundrum.
Rating: Soft recommendation

66. Forza Horizon 2 (X1)
My annual time of playing a bunch of the Forza Horizon games and making progress on extra content.  Again, this game just has so many championships to do, but the problem lies that while the races might be different, I can't recall, you're doing the same 6 areas over and over just with different classes of cars.  It's a ton of content, but fairly limiting.  Additionally, there's no presentation of progression between you "beating" the game and you completing all championships... no achievements, no extra unlocks, it's just racing for racing or eventually getting that 10 gamerscore for beating every championship (I don't know how many actual points you get, but I doubt it's much).  I'm questioning my opinion of this being the best Horizon.  1 is great, but too short and too little content.  2 has tons of content, but maybe loses motivation.  3 has tons of content, but it's too buggy, too many achievements are impossible to earn due to bugs.  4 I'll have to think about once I get back into it.  5 has tons of content, but too much of it is locked behind services so once services go down you'll lose the majority of the game's content.
Rating: Soft recommendation

67. Forza Horizon 5 (XS)
MS Rewards on Xbox had a card for earning achievements in Forza Horizon 5, so I decided to spend some time in the game and try to earn some achievements.  I got 2 pretty quickly and wasn't an issue, but the 3rd achievement I decided to go for was the achievement for earning a manufacturer bonus for a collection of 25 or more cars.  Well I decided to go for BMW because I had the majority of the cars already and it'd be the cheapest to hit... the problem is that while it has nearly 30 cars, the bonus is for earning 24 cars because cars were added after release, so even though I had 25 cars, the achievement didn't unlock... so I had to go and do the progress all over again but this time with Chevrolet.  So I basically earned the achievement twice due to this overlooked issue.
Rating: Soft recommendation

68. Forza Horizon 3 (X1)
I had looked around for more games to play while waiting on TotK, and decided I'd just play Forza at this point because I can make progress and just stop when TotK comes out, no problem.  So I went through Blizzard Mountain and finished up stuff, finished up stuff in main game, and finished up stuff in Hot Wheels... the problem is that I drove all roads in Blizzard mountain but my progress on the achievement reads 98%, I grabbed all bonus boards in the main game, but it says I'm at 149/150, I sat and counted, I've got 150 boards marked as completed on the map, but status shows 149.  So it's not just Xbox's progression failing, but it's the game's internal progression failing too, it's absolutely wack.  It's very much discouraging me from even trying other stuff because what if it's a waste too.
Rating: Soft pass

69. There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension (NS)
I think I was in a flustering situation of trying to hurry up and pick a game to play because my kid had an appointment where I'd just be sitting around doing nothing in the lobby for an hour, so I quickly grabbed this because I figured it'd be fun... my wife saw what I was going to play and went and bought the game on the play store and played it on her phone while I was playing on Switch, she also wound up beating it a few hours before me because she played it while waiting at a doctor's appointment.  I tried to insist on playing without using the hint system or looking anything up, I'll need to see if she did the same.  I only googled at the part where I lost my save data, I'm not a fan of that concept even as a joke, but in my case I accidentally picked the wrong answer on the first question so I wasn't convinced that it was supposed to happen regardless.  Googled a guide and read that one part and was like ok, cool, because it did legit look like it deleted my save and I wasn't about starting over, again, not a fan of that, even as a joke.
Rating: Soft pass

WWE '12 (360)
I actually skipped this game back in the day.  I fell out of interest with wrestling way back when, but the games were still enjoyable to me because the gameplay was fun enough, but around this time I just wasn't even playing the games either.  As such, I missed the terrible WWE '# games and then revamping the controls entirely, which made the transition to 2K pretty easy in that I had to relearn anyway because it had been years since I played.  But also, that means I don't know a lot of these folks who are showing up in the these games.  Right now I'm doing the Sheamus Villain Road to Wrestlemania thing... which so far is very disappointing, instead of doing matches you've got these scenarios where it's like hit the enemy a bunch and then press Y to win... ok, yeah, real fun.  It's like they are trying to make it more story oriented, which I can see the appeal, but unless this stuff is what happened back in 2011/2012, why do it.

I'm sure it's just going to be repros of the originals and maybe individual $40-50 copies of the roms running on Carbon for Switch/PS4.

General / Re: Selling/Trading Games -- 2023
« on: April 25, 2023, 08:59:16 am »
I definitely slowed down and stopped purchasing a lot of stuff, but I've yet to get to the point of selling stuff.  Trading I haven't done in years, I find trading too tedious.

General / Re: VGC's Anonymous/"General" Topic:
« on: April 24, 2023, 09:53:45 am »
I'm not sure why per se, but the game is referred to as void terrarium, I think the main character technically being a robot, so it's supposed to be like a "programming" version of void terrarium.

Additionally htol#NIQ is a translation thing, in japan the game is called Hotaru no Nikki, thus htol#NIQ I guess.  It's generally NIS being weird when localizing games.

Epic Games has acquired Horizon Chase series developer Aquiris

Video Game Database Discussion / Re: How to add this things?
« on: April 18, 2023, 08:04:52 am »
Official Style Guide

Right towards the top, under "Collector's/Special/Limited Edition Box Art:", there are examples listed under "Example of Controller/ Accessory Packs:".  You list them as PS2 games for their appropriate region and notate that the game comes with accessories.

From what Ive heard the rumors are baseless, but we'll see.

News / Re: New Sidebar with Game Anniversaries
« on: April 14, 2023, 11:13:36 am »
It would be good to add platform if it's going to link to specific entries, like we see for new submittals.

Why isn't this a situation where we would leverage the TLD [MX]?  Is this specifically because it isn't ESRB?  Like you would only do [MX] if it were ESRB?

Video Game Database Discussion / Re: Duplicate List 2023
« on: April 12, 2023, 03:34:51 pm »
NFL Street 3

I've updated the front and back entry art, as both were watermarked. When gathering images, I noticed there are two versions: one with a round hologram label and another with a square hologram label. An entry for the square hologram label variant has been created, whereas the existing one now represents the round hologram label variant.

Thanks! :)
You can copy the Metacritic info from one to the other, it was missed because the record was created after you gave me the list.  You also might be able to leverage the "same item, different category" thing to copy the metacritic ratings to PSP [other regions] and PSN PSP digital listings.

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