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Classic Video Games / 2020 retro bubble finally popped?
« on: October 04, 2020, 04:50:57 pm »
So I've been on an e-bay spree over the past month and a half, and part of that has been a lot of price charting checks. I think its been enough time to finally make this statement definitively- 2020 bubble prices for most retro/last gen games peaked in August and have been declining since then. They are still well above Feb. prices but the first gen of new "buy at any price" owners have gone through their want list and might even start or have started reselling stuff or trading in to stores.

Caveat, I've mostly been looking at Nintendo stuff, did a little checking for PS2 but most of those games didn't have a bump (Vice City, which already had been trending upward for a year or so did get a bump but is still holding steady at around ten dollars complete with no downturn in sight) so no usable data there.

Here's hoping that this all leads to a whole new wave of garage sale finds in three to five years!

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