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Hello folks!

My question to ponder is who got better video games based on their likeness. Spider Daddy. Or Bat Papi.

For PS1 you had mostly dry outings for Batman. But Spiderman had an excellent activision game that I loved as a kid. Filled with nice level design. Awesome bosses and a feature from most prominent characters. It was good.

However on NES spiderman had sinister six. Which is good but not great while batman had batman the game. A verified classic.

Snes however. Spiderman had maximum carnage. And batman had adventures of batman and robin.

Modern era? Spiderman has been bullying. With spiderman 1, 2 and miles morales. By the insomniac developers.

However Batman had arkham knight, arkham city and batman telltale series in that time frame.

Batman has injustice 2

Spiderman has marvel vs capcom 3.

Its as much a debate in games as it is in comics. Who had the better outings?

Superman looks on in sadness. As his game legacy is worse than back wash Mr. Pibb on a hot summer day.

Thanks for sharing.

Hello folks.

Were talking mainline mario games only. You can separate 3D and 2D or go rogue lol. What are the hardest games and easiest in the lineup. In the age of babyfing and handholding. I kinda miss the days lost of true difficulty in a mario game.

3D Mario Games


1. Mario Odyssey - In Many ways Mario Odyssey stunned the masses with its visuals and beauty. Unique controls. Lavish color. But to me? It was a let down. It was about as challenging as beating a 3 year old at Trivial Pursuit. The game hand holds. It has moons that are as easy as jumpint from one tree to another. Some moons are even literally just there. Just placed in the grass like a news paper. The relics of the world. In arms reach. The whole point of the stars were they required skill only mario had. Otherwise couldn't Bowser just uber to the moons and stomp on them or put them in his backpack? Some of the moons are right there. Toad skill could get one. The boss pevels in mario 64. Werent necessarily dark souls. But they required some skill and timing. Nintendo underestimates the skill of kids. And thus the games suffer. It kinda sucks tbh.

2. Mario 3D Land - Relatively Easier and not as robust as 3D World. But still somewhat challenging on a small screen.

3. Super Mario Galaxy - Such fun and inventive game. Had its moments of challenge. I feel it balanced the right amount. The motion controls of wii made it difficult.

4. Mario Galaxy 2 - Same except slightly harder bosses and more to collect.

5. Mario 3D World - Easy up until champion levels. Then the game drags you over the coals. Stellar progression of level development.

6. Mario 64 - Had its brutality. The clock level with the cogs was a nightmare for young me. And the N64 controller was as precise as a drunk man throwing darts at a david cassidy poster. It was hard. Truly. But not hard enough where it was fathomable.

Mario Sunshine - Medium to beat. Brutal to 100 percent. Theirs side levels and those ones where its horizontally linear and you gotta time the jumps so perfectly. It made me feel challenged while being amazing.


2D Mario Games


1. Mario Wonder - switches biggest issue is difficulty. Not even worth playing. A game so linear and babysat that it is almost like watching someone else play a game.

2. New Super Mario Bros Wii

3. New Super Mario Bros DS

4. New super mario bros U

5. Super Mario World - Perfect difficulty. Stellar in every way.

6. Mario Bros U + Luigi

7. Mario 2

8. Mario 3

9. Mario 1 - Making you restart if you die is the hardest. Deluxe with save points is much easier.

10. Lost levels - like trying to paint the mona lisa using power glove and mario paint while wearing kilodscope glasses.


What was your hardest mario experiences? A game generally made to be easy. Any levels stand out as a kid?

The world of speedruns. A world of competivism personified. Radical. If you could be the speedrun record holder for any game. What would it be? On top of the world. The king. Studying every strat. Knowing a game inside and out better than it's own devs. What game would you most want to be known as the master of?

I personally think I pick super mario 64. Not only is it such a hugely recognizable game but it has extremely complex strats and I grew up with it since I was a kid. I'd like to be known as the king of Mario 64. But one has to devote years into even being top 25. These guys are talented.

What game would you most want to speed strat and be #1 at?

Modern Video Games / What are your thoughts on Simulator Games?
« on: February 18, 2024, 12:50:19 pm »
Hello everyone  :D

Farming simulator, Lawn Mowing Simulator, Bus Driver Simulator, VG Collect Moderator Simulator, Ripping the pages out of a 1976 sears roebuck catelog to show your dearest mother the fridge you want for your first apartment on your dads Amex he got from working steel trades for 17 years while saying "aint it a doozie folks?...... simulator, Grassy Gnowl simulator.

Point is it seems they have a simulator for everything. As I am typing this they probably have a simulator where you can play as me and partake in my thought proccess of making the post to begin with.

My main question. Is do you ever enjoy any of the simulation games?


Games that have you play the role of a minimum wage jon. Although Job Simulator is the popular one it is perhaps the least zaney. I'm talking bus simulator. I played for about 4 hours before realizing i'm paying to do something that a middle aged anglosaxon protestant grandfather dreads doing every day for work. Mowing lawns? The grind of these games is astronomical. When I say it takes 45 minutes to mow an old ladies lawn. I mean it.  So why not? Idk... go out and mow an old ladies lawn? I feel like yeah theirs some start up costs. But just for sanity sake.

I know some say these games are theraputic to them. I guess in the way crosswords or asmr can be. It's not so much to play a game but to zone out and live a double life.

But in general. What is your opinion on the simulator game genre?

Hello Everyone!

I was pondering what game requires the most intelligence to play or master? Which community have you encountered that just seems smarter. The game is just high in it's learning curve to a point where a less intelligent human would fail? At it's endeavors?

For this I exclude any games that originate outside of video gaming. Such as chess, chinese checkers and poker. I also ban trivia games because they solely exist to test intelligence. Only video games that are known as video games primarily :)

For me here are some


Easy to play. Difficult to master. Much like chess. Each move to a tetris expert is planned 10 or so turns ahead. It's like life in them rectangular prisms of passion. In a sense you don't break the blocks down. They break you down. Fortify your will. Intense hand eye cordination. Lots of on the fly problem solving. It requires some brain.

League Of Legends Or Most MMORPGS

I feel I have never met a dumb person who binges games like WOW, League, Dungeons and Dragons and folklore rpg games. They require knowing and memorizing an inventory to plan for future events much like geniuses do in real life. Elite players often are masterful in battle strategies. Gameplanning. Knowing different combinations to equal most efficient avenues to victory. A little math. Lots of problem solving. Plus a insatiable hunger for perfection. Index fingers like 87 Hulk Hogan. Space Bar that smells of Jobba The Hutt's Pitts. But a brain that operates on par with their system. Elite level.

Final Fantasy

Idk what it is. Ive just never met an unintelligent FF fan. Falls into the rpg area I guess. But it's just you gotta have the ability to plan. Potions, elixirs, strengths and weakness, follow plot, follow direction.

What fanbase of gamer packs the most IQ in your opinion?

You can also share your opinions on less smart playerbases. Or your iq below.

Don't read below unless project maine coon cat operative.

Jade, Limestone, and Uranium. Two magnetic slabs. 5 point axis of copper conduits. Acting as a center hub for a polarity inverter. You need a frame constructed of ancient amber stone. As it is the only rock in sync with the earth's core propulsion. This method can and will alter the time space continuum. But it's a matter of creating an expansion of energy strong enough to power it. The power to create the worm hole through all of time can be gained through harnassing the power of tectonic plate shifts or lightning.

Contact a Doctor Liepold Steiner. He'll take it from there. He and I have worked on the genome of virus that the bot fly uses to take control over dead brain cells. We have isolated it in it's purest form. Have had great success with Hares but less Success with monkeys. With your altering of time space, by now we should have perfected the virus strand due to scientific wonders beyond our knowlege and be capable of creating zombie hoardes to declare intergalactic war against the UN and take over Mars. We can conquer the world you and I. I will give you the Oceans my son. The Trees will seek their revenge.

Meet at cordinates (32.579647, -97.073395)

Off Topic / Tetris Movie (Hype Or Unripe?) Apple TV+
« on: February 25, 2023, 06:50:34 am »

Omg woah. This movie looks so good. The borealis that glitter births from, it is the story of our beloved cult classic. The visual mind soup of geo genetically gymetrical puzzle shapes that interlock. The puzzle game of all puzzle games. Tetris! in your ear drum and they dont care about your consent to the matter. Break down the blocks. Uncompress the soul. The story is so dark and deep and fascinating that I am surprised it wasn't given a full fledge movie sooner. I am so pumped. I am so ready. Who else thinks this is gonna be a top 5 video game movie ever?

This also seems to not be a rushed comedian cash grab making fun of it but an actual full fledged drama filled action.

Hello everyone :)

I need a little bit of selling on next gen because I feel after getting a sizable work bonus my eyes were bigger than my wallet and I may have made a foolish expenditure.

This video shows a 10 year old xbox one with dust caked in it's vents from 2013 going toe to toe with a series X on performance mode and being almost indistinguishable. What am I missing?  This is like a 8 yr old beating Brock Lesnar in an arm wrestle? Almost 3 years in. Where is the fidelity?

With Forza 8 being exclusive to Series X and PC the writing was on the wall. I am curious about NFS unbound and I think having guardians on gamepass is cool. But the controller is the same. The UI is the same. Aside from being forced to buy one by my turn 10 overlords. Why would I buy one?

"This is the crusades, the second coming, an aurora borealis collapsing into itself forming a black hole that eats a white dwarf star. It's the pinnacle of human innovation"

How I referred to series x after it was announced.

Now PS5 is a sexier console. Better UI.  Beautiful controller. But my PS4 pro is my baby and I still use it for everything. I only got xbox because forza.

I feel like a spaghetti strand on a tin roof. I think they knew this.

General / What video game related job/profession would you most want?
« on: November 08, 2022, 08:32:56 pm »
Hello everyone :)

Lately I am trying to find my path, with that has come less video games and more studying the internals of growth, and sometimes happiness is an asset far greater than any ROI. Human kindness is the greatest dividend. But I did get to thinking the many avenues of our hobby that happen behind the scenes before we see that opening screen of our contra ridden dreams.

Which career path involving gaming would you most want to have if you had to pick one?

Voice Actor

First up you have the DNA of our childhood sounds, from that "wahaaa" of Mario diving through a painting in Mario 64, opening new worlds, to the gruffyness of Trevor from GTA as he stomps someone into the dirt. You are the voice, bringing to life an idea. Since video games are almost always CGI, voice is what seperates a lifeless animation and a tangible personality.  Some of the most loved voice actors make millions over their career. Voice Actors often clock in on their own accord, and usually smell like lost boys vhs tapes and leather. Like Brute colougne.  Most have actual followings outside of gaming unlike other professions that often times go unoticed.

Coders and Number Geeks

The numbers guys, the brave and noble soldiers on the front lines of binary D day who bring a designers ideas from a pad to a screen using 1s and 0s  The job is essentially the most important of making a video game but also perhaps the most tedious. Staring at walls of code that with no context looks like a bad acid trip with Neo from the matrix, like Doctor Strange grabbed your proverbial neck and said "see the future, make it be". Significently less cool than a voice actor, more stressful work conditions but the life line of gaming. Do you wanna be the architect or the pretty emote he wears?

Gamestop "I put that game you wanted aside" manager. Aka emperor Geek

The staple of our community. We all know one, we all want to be one. The guy has the NES controller wallet on stand by for flexing on inferior geek plebs of varying quality at the many comic cons he attends. And when you are searching he parts the power up rewards sea like a master chief version of prophecy and gets you the best deals. Usually surrounded by other gamers who cling to his every word. And many girls who cosplay as Coco Bandicoot split pizzas with him.  When not showing off his ganondorf tattoo he is showing you the best deals. He is the Don Corleone of your city's local gaming scene and many know him on first name basis.  The draw back of this job is he doesn't make as much as the other two and probably doesn't have medical benefits. But he is cool. And you get to meet many other gamers here.

A professional gamer or streamer "The PewDiePie"

The guy every middle aged dad in 2009 mocked, "that isn't a real job". We all agreed until they made 50 million in net worth doing what we did for free in the late 80s. Love them or hate them the streamers and gamers are here to say. Are you a Mattpat? An AVGN. One of the new legends of the hit maker, influencer frontier?  The selling point? Typically being either wildly racist and obnoxious. Or being dumbly attractive and selling that factor to hormonal teens finding themselves via their favorite streamer. A profession that varies as some can do it morally and with actual love for games but i'd say the most profitable ones are selling an only fans experience and calling it gaming to have the best of both worlds. They know what their fans come to see and they intend to give it to them for "donations that support the channel".  But if you could would you? You get to sit there and play games and get paid to do it? Do you got what it takes :)

animation, graphic design and level design

The animators make the pretty worlds you explore from the colors of stardew valley to the darks of Bendy and the Ink Machine. The Stan Lees of gaming, the walt disney of block bashing bliss. You sit on your tablet, designing complex movements, animations for the coders to code. You give the recipe to the chefs essentially. Animators are the artists so if you are the drawer of your family, the sketcher, the one who loves cgi and graphic design was your major. You will shine here. Do you want to throw down in color town?

The investor CEO "Jim Walsh the loan shark"

When not cashing checks you are exclusively snapping necks. Don't pretend you're ok with the poland spring. We know you were drinking Evian before you got here. The type of high roller, shot caller, phone call maker, that the cusp of your jeans smells like office chair lamb skin interior. Your cuticles only touch imported kashmir. You smell like central air conditioning and stinky green cash.  With that comes power. If you want Arthur Morgan to be a western DJ and play pony by Genuwine. It will happen. But when 200,000 games refuse to buy it because the decision you chose or route you took. It's you carrying all the risk. Investors put their money into high stake projects, they usually give their workers creative freedom but if it all fails you take the heat of it all. You pay the price. You reap the rewards. A job mostly of hiring and firing. And being a boss of it all. Do you wanna be the Dan Houser?

The Tester

Sounds like peaches and cream but you are never testing complete or perfect games right away. Maybe towards the end when it comes together you get it in a playable state. But testers have to sift through games looking for bugs, looking for the juttery rock. Looking to be disappointed. They lose the love of actually gaming becasue gaming becomes work. I have heard many testers online who have dreamed of being a video game tester since a little kid like we all do but once they get in the chair and actually get to do it. It becomes work. You can't just try to beat a game, you gotta look at it the way a food critic looks at a whopper. You can't enjoy it's kingliness because it's so hard to not compare it to the ribeye you had 2 days ago.  Do you wanna be the fixer? The one to make sure everyone elses work is smooth as butter? Or would you rather game with the intent to have fun?

In terms of salary

Profession YouTube gamers - 20k to 2 million dollars per month
Voice Actors - 200k to 500k per project
Coders - 50k to 200k per year
Testers - 35k to 50k per year
Gamestop Employee - 22k to 35k per year no benefits
CEO - Depends on video game success and profit margins. 250k to 100,000,000

Which job would you most want to have?

Thanks for sharing

Hello Everyone

I know i'm late in the mourning of the great Ray Liotta but I was shocked to find that nobody here payed memorium to him so I decided that it's better late than never :)  But also I feel voice actors in gaming are underappreciate so wanted everyone to share their memories with their favorite voices of gaming memory.

An Era Since Passed

This is Tommy Vercetti's reaction when he finds out that Rockstar will reduce themselves to selling shark cards to 12 year olds and only make 1 actual new entry every 2 decades because they don't value art or their legacy. But this wasn't the truth for the way we grew up with Rockstar. This wasn't our Rockstar. Our Rockstar was something special. Ray Liota defined our childhood and was cast during a time where Rockstar cared. Not only about the games but about those invloved in said games. It was the disney of bloody open world. It was a enterprise.

GTA 3 took the gaming world by storm like a big snow globe. Took it, shook it up and put it down for all of us to enjoy.  The 3rd person sandbox genre was maybe not born but mainstreamed, taking the ariel view of the 1st 2 games and just letting it blossom on the PS2 with better graphics.  It changed how we viewed gaming forever and the pressure was on Rockstar to follow it up. What could be done? Who could be casted? How can we take the voiceless Claude and make him even more cool?

And then it happened.

They made it sunsprawled, they redefined our childhood. The voice of Ray Liotta can still be rung through any gamers head with or without seeing his iconic movies which their are a lot to be had. They just did it all without even much time in between. They managed to get a new voice which actually gave the character depth.

The voice is distinctive so much so that watching goodfellas, I couldn't help but hear Tommy Vercetti.

With Ray Liotta's passing, I guess it didn't quite hit me that with him would go that chapter, the vice city memories that defined those days where the small city sun erupted like lotus plants over this Massachussetts sky. Rushing home to play vice city. The radio playing Toto's Affrica. 2000s becoming 80s.  This was gaming. And I want to thank Ray Liotta for making one of the best character voice overs in gaming. He didn't seem to half ass it because he was a big acclaimed actor dealing with video games. He sold it. And the character as well as the others was almost like a scarface type movie come to life.

Which leads to me my question.

Who is your video game voice actor Mt. Rushmore?

1. Charles Martinet voice of Mario - Goes Without Saying, He's literally Mario. I'm sure he's made more people smile than cheesecake and dentists.

2. Ray Liotta voice of Tommy Verceti - Just took the asignment and ran with it. You can feel the legendary 80s coke dealer vibe irradiate off the screen.

3. Nolan North Voice Of Many - Just for sheer scope. The man has voiced so much from uncharted to others.

4. Ikue Ōtani voice of pikachu - I'm not sure if she voices him in the video games like smash bros and modern pokemon games but her voice defined pokemon and who doesn't love pikachu?

Voice actors are often overlooked much more than regular actors even though we don't really have our favorite video game quotes, one liners or vibe without them. Who is your favorite VAs?

R.I.P Ray Liotta 1954-2022

Thanks for sharing

Hello everyone :)

As many of you know. Netflix has released a 10 part series regarding infamous canibal serial killer Jeffery Dahmer complete with severed heads, torture and gruesome content enough to make a Biker's skin crawl. Absolutely shocking accuracy and an actor look alike from your darkest nightmares.

Without getting too political or hung up on semantics. The victims have had to relive their trauma through this series. Relatives have come forward saying it is hurting them at the sake of making money. And their is a call to boycott Netflix until it is taken down.

On the flip side that same argument can be made for the 2,400 victims of 911 and their families having to see the netflix series "911 turning point" or the countless hollywood elite who have cashed in on the holocaust. The media profiting off mass murder and even leatherface who is clearly based off real life serial killer Ed Ganes.

The movie monster about Aileen Wournos. Infamous serial killer won an oscar in a time where people wouldn't cancel history but rather be educated by it.  And nobody cared about the families of her 7 victims. 

This quote is what I lean towards

"The sooner we forget history the more destined we are to repeat it"

I feel ive learned a lot not about glorifying dahmer but the predominantly black community that was sadly racially and systemically ignored and the woman who worked tirelessly to get him caught. The bravery of the survivors. And I feel those people deserve their voice to be heard.

How do you feel? Is this an unecessary tasteless cash grab or are their important stories left untold to the new generations?

Thanks for sharing.

General / Silica Packets For Moisture Prevention. Is my idea worth it?
« on: September 29, 2022, 04:27:05 pm »
Hello everyone :)

I live in New England and it can get as moist as a yellow cake mix with humidity always near 98 percent index. I don't know if it's part paranoia but I have been worried about the integrity of my boxes, arts and games. I feel it's something hard to prevent. My room is always climate controlled. Heater in the winter. AC in the summer. It floats at lowest around 65 and highest 75. I don't think it leaves that window open.

But I had the idea for added security to put one 2g silica packet in every single rare game insert and manual to retain invading moisture. And also line my windows and shelves with them. Trying my best to make them less visible.

Google says the life expectancy of them is 3 years. And by them they are only 11 dollars for 100 long ones. Is it worth it? Or am I just being overly protective? Will they have any lasting effect on preservation. What do you do to protect your ganes that others might find overkill? Like protectors and air multipliers.

Thanks for reading.

Hello everyone

One of the many intriguing things about my brother's collection is the seemingly endless chapters of his life he lives through gaming. Some of which involve failed friendships and relationships. One time I asked him if he ever taught about selling the things that came from his exes, and he said just because a book closes doesn't mean you have to forget the text. Since then my brother has grown astray so I have found myself needing to do the same with the gifts he got for me. It's hard to seperate the good from the bad. The memory from the present reality.

If your ex girlfriend or boyfriends bought you some adorable Kirby plush or that sick black label Klonoa 2 you loved. The smells of transparent scotch tape flying as you open the paper wrapped moment in a lifetime not just a mere lifetime in a moment.  Would you be able to keep that plush on your bed knowing the gifter flirted with your 2nd cousin? The gifter preferred fanta to sunkist? Knowing that unlike the fabric and stichings of it's origin that the relationship has since fallen apart while the gaming gifts stand the test of time. Would it be a constant reminder or a game you love?

Can you seperate a gift from the gifter?  Would you sell or give back your exes gifts or just keep them?

For those of you who don't have exes or have exes that exited on good terms you can answer in hypothetical.

Thank you for sharing :) 

Off Topic / Johnny Depp Or Leonardo Dicaprio?
« on: April 23, 2022, 08:33:04 pm »
Hello Everyone :)

I will leave Johnny Depp's trial semantics out of this, even if it is the current hot button topic, but this is the battle of titans, the two greatest actors of the 21st century, both with 10 epic movies or more under their belts facing off in the battle of the oscar snubbed legends of the big screen. 

Johnny Depp's body of work

Pirates Of The Carribean - A multi Billion dollar franchise with pokey bois with rum habits who love to sail the high seas in mission of obtaining badassery. Johnny Depp is charismatic, eccentric, and debatebly at his finest in these movies in terms of acting prowess.

Edward Scissorhands - To sell the meloncholy wholesale in a way the view can find palpable is difficult but the man is almost a living Tim Burton illustration, he fills the part but the part merely fills him. It becomes him. It is like art in motion.

Donnie Brasco - Proving Johnny can step out into a more serious and held back role, someone more real to life, obtainable and realistic to a real world. Proving that he can act more than just eccentric characticutures. 

Leonardo's body of work

Titanic - Daveeer, elegant, the only actor who can make poor look so classy, that can make gutter rats look like pedigree pomeranian dog, he captures the artist love story in ways only he could and he was so young and in his acting infancy while he was doing it.  It is obvious a classic.

Django Unchained - Taking the role of a racist enslaver can't be easy but to make it believable? It is one of his best acting achivements.

Romeo And Juliet - His command of Shakespear dialogue, giving a story that is historic a twist without breaking it's literary pelvis is something he handles well. Probably the greatest on screen Romeo of all time.


I feel Johnny Depp could stretch himself to play Jack Dawson, maybe young Depp especially, but can I see Leonardo stretching himself to play the mad hatter or literally a british carmeleon?  Between accents and range, he covers so much. I feel he might be just a bit more versatile as an actor :)

Who do you think is better. Johnny Depp Or Leonardo Dicaprio?

Thanks for sharing

Hello Everyone

Normally I don't get invested in he said she said drama among the hollywood elite but after dozens of gaming posts I figured id dabble for anyone interested. You can't turn on a TV without hearing about this mess. It's honestly sickening. I wanted to see where you guys stand with what happened :)   Do you think talk smack get smacked holds true? Do you think comedian freedom of speech is fragile and must be protected or do you simply not care either way?  I don't care either way honestly.

Note: Please keep this respectful. Their are no rights and wrongs here. This is discussion and this isn't a time to be mean towards one another. I know we can keep it civil. Even if it is a very divisive topic.

My main gripes with what happened is the hypocrisy of Will Smith. He shys away from his obvious marital issues when pressed by men who would most likely swing back like 50 cent. But Chris Rock was an easy target and it's this type of violence aimed at comedy that I don't think society should tolerate.

Their is freedom of speech. But their isn't freedom of slap.

Was Chris Rock out of line? Yes. It's the oscars not the roast of Jada Pinkett. But he's a comedian. He's paid to make people laugh. And it could have been handled with wit and not violence. I think we need less of this.

For example. You can disgrace me right now but I can't fly to your house and smack you for it. Their is etiquitte and Will is losing points for me as one of my favorite actors of all time. This was tough to see.

However comedians do think they can say what they want and be protected by a veil of satire and comedy. It doesn't work for the other celebrities being canceled for distasteful jokes. And I do think they push that line too far.

I think Will Smith and the hate coming against him is justified.

Do you think Chris Rock should press charges? Do you think it was staged for Oscar publicity?

Thanks for sharing

Hello everyone

The emblem only few wear with pride, the badge of badassery that takes an otherwise unassuming piece of mass produced plastic to a realm of 80s lore, 90s nifty, or all around in your face hair band, nosebleeds, feeling like coming off a rollercoaster and saying "again" video game marketing. The Sega Game Console doesn't have the same feeling as say the Sega Megadrive, or the sega dreamcast. One feels like you are buying a kids toy or a plug and play. One feels like you are entering another world of gaming. Like entering the cockpit of a fighter jet. Entire teams put their lives into naming these consoles. What console do you think had the all around most radical name?

Turbografx 16

Turbografx with an X? They were so cool they had a prejudice against using the letters I, C and S together when the much cooler and sexier letter X exists. When you hear Turbografx you just think of leather. You think of Jackie Chan. You think of the destination where you mere mortals seek to be but they are never satisfied so a new chase begins. Like gripping that little samson of your dreams just a mere 5 feet from the stadium events that is worth even more. It's the circle of life, it's the wanting to be somewhere so much you forget the enjoy where you are.  Mixed with an 89 C4 Corvette, a lost boys VHS and lots of coolness. Turbografx just smells of time travel.  It makes it seem like what you are about to experience will change your gaming life forever. And at the time the turbografx had a lot to offer. It's name might be one of the best ever.

Imagine thinking you have drive and someone comes along and tells you that you could have had mega drive? I feel the PAL naming is much better and smoother sounding than genesis.  I don't know why they changed the name for American markets when Mega Drive sounds pretty cool. I love the logo. I love the name.  One thing Sega did better than almost anyone was make things badass. The whole "genesis does what nintendon't" campaigns with "blast processing" and other phrases that even if they held no merit at all, they were just cool as the other side of the pillow and people gravitated towards that.

Almost as cool as this guy. The power glove. Yet another name that makes the wearer of one feel like Rocky Balboa. They say puberty accelerated among power glove owners. But it was probably radiation. 

What is your pick for the most badass console name of all time?  Gamecube? Fitting.  Which console do you feels just rolls off the tongue perfectly and sounds like your wallet opening? 

Thanks for sharing :)

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