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Site Feedback / Changes to Mac section
« on: April 22, 2018, 03:13:36 am »
Hello! It's been awhile since the Mac section of the site was updated. As you might know, a few years ago Apple changed the name of their current computer system from "Mac OS X" to "macOS". Here's what we currently have:

Apple Macintosh Classic [NA]
Apple Mac OS X (Intel) [EU]
Apple Mac OS X (Intel) [NA]
Apple Mac OS X (PowerPC) [NA]
Mac OS X [JP]

I think we should update by combining the Intel and PowerPC sections since the OS is still the same. Macintosh Classic is still perfect as it is, since it's a completely different OS from the current one. So it should look like:

Macintosh Classic [NA]
macOS [EU]
macOS [NA]
macOS [JP]

What do you think?

Video Game Database Discussion / Neo Geo MVS Thumbnail Images
« on: March 06, 2017, 06:46:00 pm »
This thread is in response to some of the rejections of edits I've been making to the Neo Geo MVS section. As you might know, MVS is the arcade version of the Neo Geo hardware. The games came in generic brown cardboard kit boxes, and therefore have no official "box art". However, they all came with "mini marquees", basically little artwork cards that slid into the top marquee of the arcade cabs. These mini marquees often had logos and images for the games, and usually a part that showed the game's controls.

Most of the MVS games in the database here use images of the mini marquees as the "box art" images, and I would like for that to become the official preferred standard. Some listings have the box art for the AES (Neo Geo home console) versions, but that wouldn't be correct for an MVS version. Not all MVS games came with artwork fliers either.

I know scans of the official mini marquees can be tough to find sometimes, but whenever possible it would make sense to use them as the standard MVS thumbnails.

Marketplace / Retro Equipment Sale
« on: April 30, 2015, 08:19:29 pm »
Here's some random things I have for sale at the moment. All prices include US shipping.

Super 8 NES Adapter for Super Nintendo
This is a vintage converter for the Super Nintendo that gives you backwards compatibility with original NES games. That would be cool enough by itself, but this also has a slot to play Japanese Famicom games, as well as a normal SNES slot that allows for Super Famicom games! Comes in its original (very 90s looking) box.

Honey Bee Famicom to NES Adapter
This allows you to play Japanese Famicom games in a US NES. Normally these come with a ribbon attached that allow for easier cartridge removal from your system. This is missing that ribbon, but it's fairly easy to simply reach inside the cartridge slot and pull it out.

Colecovision System with S-Video mod
The "Neo Geo" of the 2nd Generation, here's a full Colecovision system modified with an S-Video port. Colecovision systems originally come with only RF output, and the vast majority of Colecovision systems are modified with only Composite (yellow, red, white) video. S-Video mods are very much a rarity with this system, and it looks fantastic with it. To this day there's still big homebrew community dedicated to the CV, with new releases coming just about every year. Also comes with its vintage console cover.

Site Feedback / Personalized features
« on: September 10, 2013, 07:14:00 pm »
I think it would be amusing to have the ability to create personalized profiles with our own top 10 lists, favorite systems, etc. It's kinda fun to browse other people's collections, so being able to see personal details like that might be good. Then you could look up any random game and see how many favorite lists it's on for many people. Or use that data to create a section on the site that shows which game is on the most people's favorite lists, which games most people have, etc.

Or even a small comments board for each game could be fun too. All of us here love these games, and we like hearing about each other's experiences with them, right?

Site Feedback / Why no "Mac" category?
« on: November 07, 2012, 08:13:32 pm »
This site seems pretty meticulous about including all the versions and varieties of games, so why aren't there some categories dedicated to Mac games? I've got lots of old Mac games lying around, some of them exclusive to the platform.

There are three eras to Mac software:

Apple Macintosh Classic (1984-2000)
Apple Mac OS X (PowerPC) (2001-2007)
Apple Mac OS X (Intel) (2007-Present)

These could all be lumped together, or be kept separate since they're all mutually incompatible. What do you think?

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