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Off Topic / Where Do You Shop For Other Entertainments
« on: March 03, 2021, 08:52:46 pm »
The only other entertainment I shop for is music.

I like to buy Music CD's from Walmart, Value World and my Indoor Flea Market. Walmart has a surprisingly massive amount of products, and you can usually get new CD's for a great value. 98% of all my new music came from that store. just go to Walmart's website and make an account. You don't need one but I recommend getting an account with them if you plan on purchasing something from them

type in a musician or band then type in CD's after the name or just browse. they are especially good for common metal, rock and classic rock releases. as well as other great genres, they sell Vinyl's too but they cost more then CD's. Some of my music came from a record store  I used to live by.

General / How Many Collectors Only Collect What They Enjoy?
« on: February 28, 2021, 06:32:50 pm »
I do collect only what I enjoy having, I am probably one of the only few people that for one, does not have a display setup. and sorts all my games based on type or genre instead of A-Z  so I can find all games easier and play exactly what I'm in the mood for at that time. I don't know why so many collectors don't shelf their games by console than by what kind of game it is.

I don't like to have games as shelf fillers, I think it's a waste of money, if I want to display something then I would rather buy a video game statue of some kind instead of a game I don't want

General / Tips To Try To Avoid Video Game Freezes Discussion
« on: February 24, 2021, 10:24:33 pm »
I've been taking a few mental notes over the years and I want to share my experiences with everyone on here. first off you all are free to include your own tips and disagree with me

let me start.

(for disc based consoles of any generation)

1: many might not know this but if you are playing a game for a long play session. changing options in the in game option menu. Or doing multiple rounds of golf, in a golf game or? (Even) if you has no laser issues. Or scratches on your disc, or even disc rot? Some of game will freeze up for no apparent (random) reason. If you don't reset the console after doing a few rounds of golf sessions like on the game "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004" for the PlayStation 2 OR "Links 2004 for the original Xbox".

2: Make Sure that all consoles have proper ventilation, and a working fan inside of most disc based consoles. Or they will overheat and freeze your game. I am not sure if the Sega Saturn or the PlayStation 1 has a cooling system/ fan so maybe someone else could post about that?

3: keep your Consoles Clean and Disc Clean. free from dust, hair, bugs, dirt, and sticky substance, and any liquid spills or food.

4: Make Sure your Game Disc does not Have too many Scratches. especially round scratch marks. Because that can officially destroy any disc permanently.

5: don't change a games options in the menu after playing a long play session. Than start another game before restarting your console

6: Save your game often in games that have a save state system. Don't run long gaming sessions without saving your game progress along the way, it will eventually freeze if you don't. I know  something about the consoles memory system? I think? if you don't save often your console can get data backed up somehow? and your console will not take anymore temporary data or, something I don't know so could someone else explain? this better then I can?  :-\

7: try to remember to hit the reset button more often (Before it freezes), (on some games), to restart the console. After a long play session. on game like golf simulation games for example.

8: immediately turn off the controller vibration / force feedback.  If you are using a non official controller or, you might experience the freezing or even a shorted out controller itself.

1: Keep your computer free of any kind of Malware or, viruses, worms. spyware and take other security measures. to ensure you computer's recourses are not getting hogged by junk apps. you should not need something like Skype running unless you are using that app for whatever reason, otherwise it will hog your PC resources and slow down your framerate on some newer PC games.

2: Run all kinds of security checks often on your PC, also Defrag your hard drive once in a while check for disc errors as well

3: Save often, some games like The Sims series. All will crash if you don't save often even without malware on the system.

4: Make sure your PC is powerful enough to play the game you are choosing to play. Make sure it has enough RAM, disc space, and video card if you are running most modern games.
note: I never has a video card growing up with a PC. And I played all of my games off Integrated graphics. Most of them will run just fine. If you got enough RAM in your PC.

5: make sure you run some older PC games on newer Windows operating systems in Administrator mode.

Cartridges' Video games.

1:Keep all video game cartridges clean. If they are dirty you can use 91% isopropyl alcohol with cue tips never use round cotton balls

2: Never move or touch or remove any video game while it's currently on and running in the console

3: if you ever insert a game cartridge and see the game glitch, always turn off and re-insert the game cartridge don't just hit the reset button, because even if it appears to have no glitches on start up if you don't somehow reposition the game cartridge. it will freeze up when your playing it, it always did for me,

I'll leave more to the rest of this community.

Classic Video Games / Your Opinions Of The Nintendo GameCube Console
« on: February 17, 2021, 03:48:41 am »
In my opinion the Nintendo GameCube was Nintendo's the last normal gaming console, The next consoles following the GameCube were the Nintendo Wii then the Wii-U and now the Nintendo Switch. all 3 of these newer console generations are kind of separated from a normal more traditional video game console. The original Wii had a completely new style then the other Nintendo game consoles.

I have vary few GameCube Games, but when it was newer I had more GameCube Games and a black colored GameCube console. It was the first console I purchased on my own. I am not sure how many people still play or own a GameCube Console today. Sad thing about the Nintendo GameCube is the fact that most of it's games are also on the PS2 and Original Xbox console. and some GameCube games are backwards compatible with some Wii consoles. making the GameCube a somewhat pointless, itself but some of it's games were playable on the Wii.

If your looking for something like Mario Kart, or Metroid Prime, or Smash Bro Melee. these games were originally released on the GameCube. from what I know are Nintendo Exclusives not found on another non Nintendo game console.

Te biggest problem with the GameCube is the fact that a lot of it's games were also on the PlayStation 2 and the Original Xbox. therefore making the more expensive GameCube Disc kind of crazy to buy if you can find the same game on the PlayStation 2 or  the Original Xbox.

For a long time at GameStop from about 2005-2010 The GameCube was the cheapest console to collect for and the cheapest one for sale at GameStop's.

I discovered out that now a lot of GameCube games suffer a drifty analog stick, a lot of controllers have this problem where the game thinks you're moving to the right and it automatically moves your character to the right even when you are not pressing any buttion.

I just bought a copy of Mario Kart 64 off amazon, and the first thing I notice is that the cartridge tip is white instead of gold colored, I assume this is a fake game since it Most original N64 games are all bought up by people that got the games at an earlier time. All I want to do is play the game, but I'll be vary upset if this possible fake N64 cartridge has issues like freezing and not working properly. The label looks real, but I highly doubt this is an original copy. and yes it was sold as an original.

The cartridge's tip is not gold it's white and shows no usage. Will this game function correctly? is all I want to know, and I hope it does not break my console

General / 52 Game Challenge VG-Collect History From The Start - Discussion
« on: February 10, 2021, 01:09:37 am »
I made this thread for easy searching and to read all of them for myself and others. On these threads is a lot of information, including personal members old text reviews

I never participate in the now playing and 52 challenge because I don't want to feel like I need to complete 52 games every year, and the fact some games do not end, like sandbox titles. But I wanted to read all of these threads from the beginning, but I just don't want to have to search for all the older topics every single time, so I made a thread, and since these topics should not ever be bumped either I wanted them all in the same place.

also this thread could be another random thought thread, where some of our members can look back and discuss the past years of this challenge.

Again I am not trying to disobey the forum rules. but if any member or staff wants this thread deleted then anyone is free to do or say so. I hope this thread can be found easily in the future. Might as well make a discussion on here. while we read each others past years of reviews and thoughts, without needing to run a forum search every single time and without annoying the entire forum and admins by bumping these outdated threads.

While these threads are gracing in on the general forum I thought we could have a place where this thread could be found easily for those of you like myself.







CURRENT YEAR (2021),11230.0.html

Classic Video Games / The Xbox 360 Discussion Thread
« on: February 08, 2021, 09:05:33 am »

The black Xbox 360 Slim is the one I own thanks to my little grown sister, it still runs, and does not have the red ring of death known to plague this console yet. I got an internal 500GB hard drive as a gift from my grandmother. and I'm happy I did. For those who do not know. The XBox360 consoles have a special feature, that lets you install games right from the game discs. Even without an internet connection. (like a Windows PC). preserving the laser in it's disc drive, and possibly giving your Xbox360 a longer lifetime. But you cannot use any harddrive you NEED to buy a specific Xbox360 hard drive in order to work. Walmart I think still sells Xbox360 hard drives new, and for low cost last time I got one. the original Xbox360 and the Xbox360 Slim models take different hard drives too.

(things I've Noticed)

First off, when you insert a Xbox 360 game, into an Xbox360 disc drive, with a harddrive installed. You can select the game in a menu and press the X button on your controller. I think, for the option to install the game onto an internal or (correct format) external hardrive. Most 360 games take a maximum of only 8-10GB of hard drive space. By running any game off the hard drive, it puts less stress, on the hardware of the Xbox360,  and my own console does not have as much heat build-up in this process,

But you still need your game disc to play the game off the hard drive.

Also? if you really really want, you can also run any Xbox360 game off the optical laser. But you cannot install any Original Xbox games onto the Xbox360 hardrive normally. BUT you absolutely need a hardrive to play any backwards compatible Original Xbox games on the 360.

 all backwards compatibly games run off the 360's disc drive only. but you can still save your OG Xbox game progress on the harddrive. but If I were you guys I'd buy an original Xbox to play your original Xbox games on but have it checked out first.

Personal Cons

when I (first) got her Xbox 360 slim It had a few problems, uncommon issues for any console. It somehow caught a virus that caused the disc tray to close automatically whenever it was opened. I eventually found the fix when I deleted all her profiles and games. However it started all over again, as well as having some other software issues.
As Soon as I insert a Used Game Stop copy of Minecraft 360 edition, ever time I insert that disc my console starts acting strange I don't know why.

So what are some of your pros and cons with the Xbox360? Do You Have One? Does yours still work? or is it broken? All I hear is RROD issues with these things, but last time we discussed the Xbox360 somewhere only one or two people ever mentioned installing their games to the hard drive. Inserting an Internal hard drive into an Xbox360 slim is vary easy you just need to find the hidden slot on the case and insert it into it, no need to take it apart. just find the hidden compartment on the side.

I'm vary angry, because they stopped producing (no need for internet connection) retro games, and the cold hard fact that the supply I think will eventually be taken up quickly. People are smart since physical copies are now a thing in the past. Now for the most part game discs are just a license to play, instead of a game you can go back and play 20 years later. after you bought it. and the fact that none seem to care. Until let say something happens to our. stuff like if a house fire or a flood or a theft we may never see those games again

I know there is the Nintendo Switch with SD cards/cartridges but the system is more like a handheld then a powerful game console as far as I can tell.

One of the games with I think will be unavailable shortly if not already.

how many units sold of Conker's Bad Fur Day (according to google)

23,000 units (regions unspecified)
Sources close to Nintendo have told IGN64 that Rare's M-rated 3D platformer Conker's Bad Fur Day has sold impressively under expectations. The game, which released on March 5, debuted with slightly more than 23,000 units sold -- a laughable unveiling by Nintendo standards -- and quickly dropped off the list. Apr 6, 2001 data inquiry

Why is Conker's bad fur day so expensive?!

Because it's a classic N64 game and they haven't produced N64 games in like 15+ years so... High demand, low supply drives the price up. It came out pretty late in the N64's lifecycle, so not a lot of people picked it up back then. Apr 27, 2019 data inquiry

I'll tell you what I buy lots of Music CD's brand new and I'm thankful that movies and Music is still a thing being produced today on music CDs and and movie Blu-rays

I just thought about this since for example when I googled  in the following game I was easily able to get information on how many units this one PS1 game sold in the US and came out with the following results on google. It got me thinking that, how many people would be willing to do the same and add how many copy of some of the items, or games sold into the database? to see how rare a game really is.

this is only a thought since google instantly gave me these results below about the NA release of "Tony Hawk Pro Skater" for the PS1 (NA) and the fact of how easy it is for this sites both members and staff are allowed to edit the database

over 2 million units

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 is listed in the Guinness World Records as the best-selling action sports video game for selling over 2 million units in the United States.

Final Fantasy VII
over 10 million units

FF7 information from google
The second-best-selling game on the console is Final Fantasy VII (1997), which sold over 10 million units. The top five is rounded out by Gran Turismo 2 (1999) selling 9.37 million units, Final Fantasy VIII (1999) with 8.6 million units sold, and Tekken 3 (1998) with 8.3 million units sold.

Or maybe we could start an ongoing thread somewhere? before entering doing any changes? to the database, or maybe not? what do you all think about this?

Off Topic / I'm Banned From An Online Store (It can happen I did research)
« on: February 03, 2021, 03:51:09 pm »
For some reason I can no longer purchase from Lukie Games online store, for no reason. I can still put things into my cart and enter my information but I can't checkout, I bought with them before, I think I might be banned from ordering from them due to someone's personal reasons. Don't order from them, I might have also lost my money for nothing. I enter my name and address and then I can't get to checkout, the page just refreshes I click on the button to check out and the page just refreshes at the entering shipping method.

According to google this can happen to you. I might know the reason. But I never got an email. I never returned an order before, I always payed them on time and never complained. But I have a bad reputation because I hate cyber criminals, and they might know this by my name and address alone. So I think they banned me. Just hoping they could not get my credit information and charged me for noting like what happened to me before on Walmarts Website

According to google it might some kind site error, or cookies shit but all the other sites work fine I'm not worried about this because people say Lukie games sell broken video games to some of their current online reviews

I have been recently playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 for the PlayStation 1, and I find it to be a good game, it's fun because the tricks are easy 2 button combos and it's pretty much a pick up and play video game. (the kind of game I prefer.) games that are not too complicat3ed and I don't need a strategy guide to progress. I've already unlocked 1 skate park by completing this thing called "Tape Challenges" in which is certain challenges to you need to do to unlock more hidden content in the game

skate boarding is not as popular today as it was in the 1990's and 2000's. My little cousin close to 20 years old now. was probably the last known real life skateboarder I know as recent as
the year 2012.

The only other skate boarding game I can think of beside the Tony Hawk Pro Skater Series is an unrelated game called "Skate or Die" does anyone else know a skate boarding series video game similar to the tony hawk series or is that the only one if it's kind

Classic Video Games / The Nintendo 64 Appreciation Thread
« on: January 27, 2021, 03:41:05 pm »
Last year there was another thread called the original Xbox Appreciation thread. And it was a positive thread, for positive things about the original Xbox, I hope we can do something similar to that for the Nintendo 64. I'll get straight to what most people dislike about this console. first the fact that most of the game that came out for it were sports games, lack of RPG's and so on

But what re some positives about the system?

A lot of people dislike the shape of the original Nintendo 64's controller, and I can agree with them. but now there is other controllers (you can purchase) for the Nintendo 64 for a more comfortable gaming experience. for most of it's gaming releases. (For example) I use the Retro Fighters Brawler64 Controller for them,

Original Controller photo


and most games on the Nintendo 64 can be played with the comfort of a more modern video game controller. But most First and third Person Shooter Games are more difficult to ply with this newer controller. (for example) for me, games like Duke Nukem 64 I have an extremely hard time aiming my gun due to how sensitive the analog stick is in that game. if I move the joystick to the right or left the turning speed is way too high for my to accurately aim and I constantly overturn and can't aim straight without difficulty. same with the game called "Army Men Sarges Hero's" Yet all sports and racing games will play just fine with this controller no problem.

Then there is the Hori pad but it feels cheap to me and I prefer the brawler one better today.

All My disc that were troubling me had not visible scratches and were vary clean

I've had multiple troubles on Windows XP back when I was using it. One thing I noticed was the CD/ROM drive was constantly running hard, for no reason that I could tell in the foreground. I assumed it was something in the background or back door. I once  had what I believed were hackers purposely burning over all my game discs. Of course everyone thought I was crazy and didn't believe me at the time. I swore every single game that I had in that one computers CD/ROM the discs eventually could never install ever again. they would go up to a point in installation then stop and post an error message on screen. I tried installing them on a different PC and the same thing happened I got an error message.

Every single game that I used on that Windows XP HP computer. stayed broken. I can't find anything on the internet about this so I need to know exactly why these game broke and would no longer install. During this time I was going to school and learning about computers. I had a PC that was always offline never connected to the internet, yet when I put a password into my Windows XP admin account to secure. Somehow the password changed and I got locked out of the Windows operating system, I wrote my password down but it changed autonomously and I could not log into this computer without re-installing Windows. And nobody ever used my PC but me, the password change was through the back door, or hacked wirelessly I assume.

Today I don't use Windows XP or leave any CD's in my PC's CD/ROM drive and I don't have this issue now, but I notice when I go online somethings my CD/ROM started running for no apparent reason.

General / Your Thoughts About Educational Video Games For Child & Teens
« on: January 15, 2021, 04:53:24 pm »
I think  that education games could really benefit some of our children today since schools seem to be not active as they were before COVID 19

Even though I had other games growing up sometimes I would play educational video games. The kind that were my favorite were were 2 Vtech Laptops one had a like a Gameboy color-like screen. and the older, red one had an original Gameboy like screen, they were both like simple computers and I even remember one even having a phone jack for online play,  this was back in the early 1990's. They had games built into them and the older one I think even had a cartridge slot, Not all the games were educational games in both of these laptops.

I learned how to spell and read from them, and do simple math. each game had 6 levels of difficulty. but I only played them when I was vary young.

 now I don't bother but I will admit I feel like I want to play those Vtech laptops again, since the ones I had were not kiddy like, they even had a 2 player option for couch coop or competition. and they were also meant for older kids as well. they were powered by huge batteries, and lasted a long time too.

One of them had red, and white plastic. And the other was black and white plastic, I can't find any photo on the internet for them but I'd show them to you if I could.

 here is the 1st one I had that was red and white

Here is my 2nd toy I got when I was older only I had the black and white plastic on the outside not red white and blue

Here is something different to add to the forum

how do you remember culture change things when you were 10, 20, 30, or 40 years younger then today? and how you seen things change over the year?

I grew up in the 1990's. according to what I remember, that I no longer see, or have not seen in many many years, is stuff like, people Roller Blading, watching Monster Truck shows and rodeos. people going to circuses. and sporting events there were a lot more sports, and more adult themed (according to todays standards) cartoons aimed at younger audiences on the television.

Most of my oldest memories involve watching the television and how I remember there was a lot of different tv in the shows back then and less documentaries and no ghost hunting shows. Movie theaters were still popular where seeing the newest film on the big screen before it came out on VHS tape was a big deal. How do you remember things?

in the 1990's arcades were still around most urban places and even in remote locations as well.

One funny thing I don't know much about is what was all those Got Milk? Commercials and school lunch boxes all about? I never know why they were a thing, then and also I remember going to Car Shows and Drag Racing and NASCAR and Indy Car Racing was considered cool. Still remember those heavy engine grinds on cars of the 1980's and 1990's and engine and burning rubber was also cool back then. Then there was laser tag and laser tag arenas and family fun centers lots of children went to like Chucky Cheeses And Cesar Land.

What are some of your memories that you no longer see today? or what changes have you seen before COVID not after March 2020?

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