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[My article or paranoid delusion depending on how you look at it]

I lived inside 2 adult group home for 4 years of my past, in most group homes you can only have the clothes on your back, as pretty much your only possessions. I was lucky, that I could have my own video games and a PC of my own. In which is vary unusual for group home regulations. After living in My first group home for about 1/2 or 2 years, it started to get robbed and stood up with people with guns. They never took anything from me, because they were after money.

I was thinking about American pandemics of the past century tonight, and how in the past people that were sick were sent to places like group homes or worse. I was thinking that they might eventually send people with Covid 19 symptoms to places like group homes. In group homes you can't even eat when and what you want, most people are forced to live with a small income based on circumstances.

 in most group homes you can't have video games or anything else of your own, and if you do, it could be stolen from you from other people in the facility or staff. In group homes, they usually force you to have a roommate, without choice. and sleep in the same room with him or her. Most group homes are segregated either with men or women in different homes.

Sometimes Staff will take advantage of people in the group homes. Chances are if this does happen to one of us or someone in our family, I can only imagine the worst. You might be able to have some other possession besides clothes. like maybe a small radio or tiny tv if you can find one, but 99% of your freedoms could be taken away. If you don't listen and do what the staff tells you, you can be restrained without a reason.  this is unsettling news that could happen not that it will but if it does.

In my local my local American state county, we have over 2000 Covid 19 victims and growing, what are your thoughts on this, it might never happen to any of you, but. it's just something to think about. Anyway if someone wants to send any of your family members to a nursing or group home tell not to. I've even seen people get seriously hurt in these homes, and staff is vary nasty in most of them.

If you have an group home or a nursing home story please share it here, if not then maybe you will just read this and think I'm delusional or something, this is an open discussion

I just recently have been playing a NA 1997 release PlayStation 1 game called Moto Racer, I think the game has some of the best PS1 graphics I've ever witnessed, I technically was playing it on a PlayStation 3 with AV-out but I don't have the graphic smoother on, so according to what I believe I think it would look the same on a real PS1 right?

1: Moto Racer for the playStation 1 is the first one on the list,

 because even though I am not playing the game on real PS1 hardware I am still using AV-out

1. Moto Racer

General / Fantasy Store Disscussion (Lets Name That Price)
« on: November 15, 2020, 04:52:42 am »
I AM NOT SELLING THESE GAMES. TO BE CLEAR. I REPEAT THIS IS ONLY A FANTASY THREAD. FOR EXAMPLE CHOOSE A GAME (not necessarily from my list) for example IF you were going to sell any video game. not that you are or will, but IF you were going to. or not

You can set a price for any game you choose,  it can be your own pretend lot or just a price you'd think a game deserves, anyway this is not a sales thread it's a thread where we can all discuss how much we think a certain game or lot of your own choosing could be.

Lets just pretend you are a seller and you were selling games in the future,  how much would you charge for certain games, here is my pretend lot. If I were to ever sell. all posts are open for both agreement and disagreement but not opened for toxicity.

(used games)
1. EA Sports PGA Tour (Sega Genesis) ($5 loose)
2. EA Sports PGA Tour II (Sega Genesis  ($5 loose)
2. EA Sports PGA Tour III (Sega Genesis) (5 loose)
3. EA Sports PGA Tour European Tour(Sega Genesis) ($5 loose)
4. EA Sports PGA Tour 96 (Sega Genesis) ($7)
5. EA Sports PGA Tour 96 (PS1) ($7)
6. EA Sports PGA Tour 97 (PS1)  ($7)
7.EA Sports PGA Tour 98 (PS1)   ($7)
8.Tiger Woods PGA Tour 99 (PS1) ($10)
9.Tiger Wood PGA Tour 2000 (PS1) ($10)
10.Tiger Woods PGA Tour (PS1) ($12)
11.Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001 (PS2) ($5)
12.Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2002 (PS2) ($10)
13.Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 (Xbox) ($10)
14.Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 (Xbox) ($10)
15.Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 (PS2) ($10)
16.Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 (PS2) ($10)
17.Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006 (PS2) ($10)
18.Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006 (Xbox) ($10)
19.Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006 (Xbox360) ($10)
20. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007 (PS2) ($10)
21.Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007 (Xbox) ($10)
22.Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007 (PS3) ($14)
23.Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008 (PS2) ($14)
24/Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2009 (PS2) ($14)
25.Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2009 (PS2) ($14)
26.Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2009 (PS3) ($14)
27.Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010 (PS2) ($14)
28.Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010 (PS3) ($14)
29.Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011 (PS3) ($14)
30.Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2012 "Collectors edition) (PS3) ($10)
31. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2012 "The Masters Xbox360" ($10)
32.Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2013 (PS3) ($10)

My pretend Bid would be $75-$100 even if I were to sell these chosen gams in a lot all together

General / The Doom Series Remake Topic
« on: November 11, 2020, 10:16:17 pm »
First off there might be an error on my end I could not necrobumb this topic for some reason, Not sure why it's still listed in the forum, unless the rules have changed I don't know. but it was a topic created in 2013 so maybe that is why?,3529.msg36512.html#msg36512

In case you never heard of or played any DOOM video game, the entire Doom Series is First Person Shooters originally on PC, and it was revolutionary for 1993. it's a game series where you are a soldier and you fight bad guys/demons all by yourself, it's not like Call Of Duty since you don't have any help shooting the bad guys.

Anyway, I been playing Doom BFG edition lately. And I think it's an awesome video game so far. But? damn I never played a game with a campaign this long in my entire life! and I highly recommend this version of DOOM 3. If you already have all or most of the DOOM games On the PC. I recommend playing the first campaign of Doom 3 BFG edition first because, to me that is how the game series story makes the most sense.

Doom 3 BFG edition had to have been a LONG game to design because every room is different. absolutely nothing in the first campaign is copied and pasted from other parts of the game. 12h 25m according to google is the average time for players to finish the 1st campaign on PC. If you like old first person shooters that you go rouge on, than I highly recommend the Doom series, but don't expects anything like Call Of Duty or Battlefield or Medal Of Honor. In doom you have no combat assistance in this game.


1:Doom 3
2:Doom 3 Resurrection Of Evil
3:Doom 3 Lost Missions
4:Ultimate DOOM I
5:Doom 2
6:Doom 2 No Rest for The Living
7:Final DOom Plutonia Experment (first)
8:FInal DOom TNT (Second)
9:Doom 64.

Not sure where Doom 2016 or Doom Eternal fits in though

This thread is about everything Doom Related, open discussion of the console games is also welcomed

For me I like both

but only Legit emulation. Sure it's tempting to download thousands of free ROMs, and play them on PC, or other devices, but it's just not for me. (except for Atari 2600 ROMs I have on a Portable device) As for emulation period, what is the difference between playing something on real hardware? compared to playing an emulated console or some kind of ROM? something like an official NES classic/Mini

I always wanted to know this. Because I play PlayStation 1 games on a PS3 and 99.9% of all my PlayStation 1 games play are fine. and no noticeable slowdown on most of them. Even though it's technically emulation. So do you think emulation better? or worse then playing most games on original hardware? I've never seen a difference, but I don't really know anything about computer chips and other hardware for consoles

General / Are There A Lot of Online Players That Will Mess Up Your Game?
« on: October 16, 2020, 08:15:18 am »
The last  online game I played was an original Doom Engine called Zandronum. It was a free online engine for PC that had a lot of players, and had almost no trolls that I could see, I used to host public games for strangers to log on and play with me, off my computer and running off a main universal monitored server from around the world. This was back in like 2012-2013. luckily the engine was great for hosting and playing online because it was actually hard to troll people other then the chat in which could easily be ignored. I mean I always checked the option in all of my games, that were coop to go through other players to prevent people from clogging the way, there was a ban switch in case I needed it, there was also a global ban list that included a list of all banned IP's from people that were caught doing something they shouldn't have been.

But I did encounter one nasty problem on my online journey with Zandronum it was in a live game I told other people I was using a gamepad, soon after that, the gamepad turned unresponsive and lagged till I could no longer enjoy my game. this was permanent and could not be resolved. and nobody said anything not even a lol or eat shit. It was just silent and then boom my controller was unresponsive. and even when I was offline it still appeared to be broken.

Another problem was someone put tons of bots in my server, but I played like every day and 99% of the time everything was fine. I also used other people servers too, but I loved making my own, and most of the time people seemed vary friendly and played the game instead of messing with things

My new question to this community is has anyone ever been trolled badly on an online video game, or maybe even to the point where it would effect the hardware or software of either a PC or modren console. I no longer play online games because from what I gather Zandronum is not as popular now than it was back in 2013- 2014                                                               

General / What Are Your Current Gaming Preference/Tastes
« on: October 16, 2020, 05:34:57 am »
My gamming and collecting tastes are mostly games that mostly appeal to an older audience. meaning retro Games that are usually first person shooters, or racing or sports video games. I  love The Sims 2 and
 The Sims 3 series on the PC. I also enjoy old arcade games on compilations, and hockey and basketball. many who follow me know I love golf games a lot. too  :)

I'm currently not much into 2D or 3D platformers. or puzzle games or RPG's or survival horror unless it's Doom. I am currently not into 3rd person shooters as much, but I'm sure as time goes on my gaming tastes might change. I am happy with my collection since what I have is what I like.

My favorite consoles to play on

Nintendo 64, PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2 PlayStation 3 Xbox original, Xbox 360, and plug in play consoles like the minis

General / Mods Or Custom Content For Games Discussion
« on: October 03, 2020, 07:07:16 pm »
To  avoid confusion I am referring to mostly free, fan made or company made free downloadable content.

This thread is for discussion of everything mods, or custom levels in a video game. andd/or  where to find some,  and your stories of mods, or maybe mods you've made or level editors you have used. All of the above, a fun thread to discuss a favorite mod. As I said below a mod is only legal to use if you have a real copy of the game, and your using that legit copy of your video game.,

 (if I'm wrong please feel free to correct me) Doom needs a .wad File and Duke Nukem 3D needs a .grp files as some examples.

I am prepared to take heat for another topic creation, but... To get started

do any of you download and play custom levels? or custom mods? or custom content for some of your favorite video games?

A mod is usually a name for some custom content for a video game. Or fan made content and/or fan made stages or levels. for a video game. (edit) a mod/modification is sometimes usually a game that has been modified to be or even act like a whole another video game, within a video game.

for the most part downloading and or creating mods and custom content. is legal as long as you have, and are also running a legit real copy of the original games. As for creating a mod? I do think it is illegal to sell custom content for a video game, without rights to that particular video game.

Games for PC as an example. Like Doom and Duke Nukem 3D have a ton of custom levels and mods to choose from, So far in my life I only made custom levels for myself and 2 unfinished mod's I made on the internet, but there not really that great since I never finished them like i wanted to.

I use mods from this trusted source below, according to what I read the site in the link below is one such place to find the best mods for your PC games, but you may have to read up on how to install them.

here is the link to a more popular PC mod site

I am concerned that both me and others are making low quality post, so I think you should all vote on removal of all, posts that most of the community does not want taking up space in the forum.

I am not going to vote since a lot of the topics are mine and I don't want to interfere, this is not my community but since someone complained I think it is fair to whoever is upset should post all topics that are of low quality including by myself.

We are a good community here and we all want to keep everyone happy,

Classic Video Games / Your Opinions Of The Police Quest Games
« on: September 06, 2020, 02:14:49 pm »
This is a series I would like to look back on and play now that I'm no longer a kid and now that I'm grown up.

My opinion was this is not really a great series but the forth one was likable

Police Quest was a series for the PC that started in (1987) for the MS/DOS PC. In the

first game NOT VGA BUT THE ORIGINAL GAME you would use the arrow keys to walk around. And type in words on the keyboard to interact with game actions. For example if you said something gross like typing in (blow fart) you would get a message saying "My what a sick mind you have". In which this game actually was limited to typing into a text box and guessing what you had to do in this game.

for example the game came with an instruction manual the size of a bible. And you would need to type in the correct command in order to play, like walking up to a car (the correct car) and typing in the worlds "Get In" "Close Door" but first you needed to walk up to a small bulletin board and type in "Get Keys" if you walked outside without your car keys and, going to your briefing, and taking a shower after. you would get a game over.

you'd need to drive without crashing and without brakes to a cafe, then once your are their I think you would need to type in  "park""get out of car" "close door" "walk into cafe". than walk over to a table and type something like,  "Sit down"  "talk" " "Drink coffee" "get up" "answer phone" and if you did not type those to things in sequence or too slow you get a game over also.

(you need to know exactly what to type in and exactly those words in sequence or you could get a game over screen)

 driving in the first game was miserable, your car would not stop and you needed to be careful not to turn too fast.

second game I had but never knew how to play it at all.

third game As far as I got was into an office but then I got game over when I got killed outside of the building if I remember correctly. The game also gave you game over if you walked into the wrong locker room 2 times while you play.

(ON 11/24/2018)
I used to enjoy Police Quest IV/4 and Police Quest V/5.

Forth game
None seem to talk about any of the "Police Quest" Series on the PC. I can tell you I really liked the 4th one, but my disc was scratched and I never finished Police Quest IV because of it.  In Police Quest 4 you walk around as a crime scene investigator  clicking on everything waiting if what you click on would actually trigger an event. It's got some RPG elements where you occasionally meet and talk to people, but I think if you do the wrong thing "just like in all Police Quest series games for PC" you get Game Over events and forces you to start over to the beginning of the game.

"fifth game"

Police Quest 5 is a SWAT simulator, with vary strict rules and stupid random deaths. With cut scenes that make absolute NO sense as the game goes on, sometimes if you shoot a wall or use a wrong object in any of the missions somehow you die, or someone else dies and you get game over though. I remember shooting any random wall and all of a sudden I killed an elder women in a living room. but the cut scene made no sense at all to me because. if you do the right thing the women is actually in the bathroom not the living room . It comes with a HUGE manual. If you don't read it you won't know how To play. Police Quest 5 is being a SWAT simulator. you will need real life proper procedure in everything you do. or else you have to start from the beginning

General / Frustration Of Saving A Game At The Wrong Time
« on: August 29, 2020, 03:56:30 pm »
There are certain games that have where you can accidentally save before a game over screen, meaning if you die in that type of game, you need to wait for the entire game to re-load again each and every single time you die.

One of those games is Spyro the Dragon, for the PlayStation 1 or 2 where it is possible to have this happen you. It happened to my cousin who didn't even have a memory card to save it on. And after 3 hours of play. this one Spyro the Dragon game went into game over and he had to redo the entire game over again from the beginning.

Have you ever encountered this kind of flaw in a video game before. where you might accidentally save your game on the last life then die in the game.

before you realize that you are stuck waiting for the game, to go into an unstoppable cut-scene and then wait for the game to load the main menu? and then have to wait more time for the game to re-load your last save point?

But maybe if my cousin had a memory card would this still happen in Spyro? I hesitate to play this game because of that.

This question is about technology getting so good in the graphics department. that do you think it could no longer improve or get better? If some video games looked the same way it does in possible human vision of real life.

I personally really don't care about how realistic a game looks but I'm curious.

For example the 7th generation games like Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare PlayStation 3 had almost movie like graphics, but even then things still looked to shiny to be exactly like things do in real life vision. I remember thinking that the graphics could not get better then the PlayStation 2.

But I have to consider that if things were too real lifelike 99% of all games would be so violent that I don't think it would be fun at all to play.

I don't think it will happen. But if it did

Who do you think would fill their shoes if this did happen? this is only a thought discussion.

Personally I don't think it would affect Microsoft much, since Microsoft makes other types of advanced technology. Like computers/PC windows operating systems. and even my moms car has a Microsoft dash logo stating that it contains Microsoft technology, but I don't know the details on that entirely.

However SONY might suffer a lot more, if they decide to no longer make consoles. But similar to Microsoft SONY makes other things in technology. I think? like music stereos, and other electronics.

However I can't say the same about Nintendo, As far as I know Nintendo only makes consoles and if they stopped making consoles then they would only be stuck with making games.

And who do you think would take over if this did happen?

I can't answer this question for everyone. Because I don't know what it takes for everyone to be satisfied. If were talking money, Does expensive and exotic food really taste that much better then lets say cheaper food? Has anyone ever heard of a dollar store like Dollar Tree? where they have quality groceries and every item including king sized boxes of brand name cereal is only $1USD each?

why spend $1000 USD On a new suit when you can go somewhere else and get the same suit at Macy's for less.

why spend $1000 on A 2nd hand PlayStation 2 just because you have that much when someone else is selling the same one for $80, this is regarding a list price for one PS2 on Amazon a few years ago.

One of my relatives is vary frugal she finds all the best deals manually sometimes on the internet, sometimes from actually going places to find food and clothes. She managed to find a jacket $100USD on sale for a $20. at a store called Macy's

I found out the issue :)

(edit) the reason why some thread pages are marked as Unsecured by some browsers. Might be because of some of our signatures, I noticed right away that as soon as I added my own collection banner link to my collection below. That every single thread I posted in was unsecured according to my browser.

It was because of the following, I did an experiment on this thread and with adding an S on the end of the http URL, when adding the banner link into my signature. my browser now then says the this thread and every thread I posted in is ok and secure. Some people are causing some of our forum pages to not be fully secured.

I've reported this before but I have to but in and know why this is happening to other peoples accounts every time they make a post, This happen just recently to my signature ever since I've added my collection banner. today

According to admin @tripredacus told me that someone else's signature was also causing this  and now mine was as well, because everywhere I posted had an unsecured connection.

What I could not figure out. Is first off why is my own signature might be causing the same result? when I know for a fact I have no code at all in my signature that would contribute towards this.

I use Google chrome, and I don't know why this is happening.

this is all the text included in my signature

Code: [Select]
(I fixed it) by adding an the letter S after http to the URL, thank God
Code: [Select]
is the fix

here is the instructions I followed and others have as well,,6835.msg107061.html#msg107061

without adding the letter S after http 
Code: [Select]
might be causing an error. I't not a good thing to have holes in security, with all the problems servers have these days it's good to keep them running smoothly as possible :-\

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