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Off Topic / TCG/CCG Thread
« on: June 04, 2017, 09:10:12 pm »
Not all games have to be Digital to be enjoyed.
I thought it would be nice to have a thread to post about Trading Card Games talk about things such as formats, Deck list, upcoming sets, Epic matches, Bad Beats ETC. Mainly I just want a place to place my decklist and I hope others do to.
I've been playing a lot of Magic the Gathering lately along with the occasional play session of the Pokemon TCG Online so those will be What I mainly focus on.

anyways Here is my MTG Modern Deck which I call the Izzet Glass Canon

for those who don't know Izzet is a MTG Term referring to the Color Combination of Red and Blue from the 5-colors of Red, Blue, Green, White, and Black.

I've got several other decks I'm going to post when I get them written up on Goldfish
4 commander decks - 3 still building
3 Standard Decks - 1 needs improvement

General / December 2015- Tis the Pickups thread
« on: December 02, 2015, 06:28:48 pm »
New Month expectations are high...maybe

anyways onto the pickups
New Super Mario Bros (DS) Via Leaptrade

and the big purchase on Black Friday that showed up Yesterday for me
Tales of Zesteria Collector's Edition - got it on Amazon for around $110 this is going to have to hold me off for a bit since it seems Gamestop won't be shipping my Xenoblade Chronicles X till after the release date

*EDIT: Xenoblade just Shipped ETA Dec 8th

Marketplace / Huge Sell List
« on: August 28, 2015, 04:57:25 pm »
hey guys I'm selling off a bunch of stuff
While I have prices there everythings Negotiable
I'll have Pictures soon, Either that or I'll do a few videos going over conditions
Paypal & trades only
Cartridges are Cart only unless noted
Disc are CIB unless noted
RPC=Replacement case
GH= Greatest Hits

-Missle Command

-Blades of Steel
-Operation Wolf
-Othello w/Manual
-Rock'n'Ball w/Manual
-Rush'n Attack
-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

-Missile Defense 3-D

-Mario Paint

-Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX
-Driver 2
-Namco Museum vol. 3 (GH)
-Point Blank 3
-Ready 2 Rumble Boxing
-Road Rash
-Skeleton Warriors
-Spawn the Eternal
-Spec Ops: Stealth Patrol
-Star Wars Episode 1: Jedi Power Battles
-Tenchu: Stealth Assassins
-Thrasher: Skate and Destroy
-Twisted Metal 4 (GH)
-Vigilante 8 2nd offense

-Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six

-The Lord of the Rings: the Return of the King
-TLOTR: the Third Age
-TLOTR: the Two Towers
-Phantasy Star Online Episode III C.A.R.D. Revolution
-Reign Of Fire
-Rocket Power Beach Bandits
-Tom Clancy's the Sum of all Fears

Playstation 2
-Dai Senryaku Exceed VII
-Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi
-Evil Dead: A fistful of Boomstick
-Prince of Persia Warrior Within (Disk only)
-Ratchet & Clank
-Ratchet & Clank Going Commando (RPC, Black Box, But GH Disc)
-Time Crisis 2
-Tony Hawk's Underground
-Vampire Night

-Ford Racing 2
-Star Wars Jedi Starfighter
-Star Wars Obi-wan
-Tetris Worlds
-Unreal Championship 2 the Liandri Complex

-Bleach Shattered Blade
-Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll
-Tenchu Shadow Assassins

-AC/DC track Pack
-Dead or Alive 5
-Fairy fencer F Limited Edition
-Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes

-Prince of Persia (has LE DVD)
-Saints Row the Third
-Sega Rally Revo
-Triple Pack (trials HD, Limbo, 'Splosion Man)

Monster Rancher Battle Card GB
the Sinister six- Spider-man 2

Strategy Guides
Borderlands 2 LE
Fable 3 LE

Anime DVDs
Devil May Cry Vols. 1-3
Full Metal Panic The second raid part 1 (will only sell to +16)
Ninja Scroll (will only sell to +18)

...I feel I need to apologize for such a long post but that's a lot I want to get rid of, mainly cause I don't have the space I know I'll never get around to playing them(some cases don't really want to) and honestly I'd rather have them go to people who will appreciate them.

General / It's finally Happening
« on: May 22, 2014, 08:45:43 pm »
in case you haven't heard

Retron 5 has a release date now and on June 6 Hell will freeze over

Modern Video Games / Super Smash Bros Nintendo Direct
« on: April 08, 2014, 08:14:34 pm »
basically if you haven't seen it or got something to say post here

Personally I think I'm more hyped for this than I was Brawl

Video Game Deals, Sales and Promotions / Atlus/Nintendo promotion
« on: July 09, 2013, 09:35:55 pm »
Basically register a copy Fire Emblem Awakening and Shin Megami Tensai IV to your Club Nintendo Account and you will get $30 credit for the 3DS Eshop the promotion will run until August 31

New Month, New look to the site, New games

Eternal Sonata -PS3
Vortex -SNES


"We have been very clear, we understand that used games are a way for some consumers to monetize their games," Fils-Aime said. "They will buy a game, play it, bring it back to their retailer to get credit for their next purchase. Certainly, that impacts games that are annualized and candidly also impacts games that are maybe undifferentiated much more than [it] impacts Nintendo content. Why is that? Because the replayability of our content is super strong. The consumer wants to keep playing Mario Kart. The consumer want to keep playing New Super Mario Bros. They want to keep playing Pikmin. So we see that the trade-in frequency on Nintendo content is much less than the industry average – much, much less. So for us, we have been able to step back and say that we are not taking any technological means to impact trade-in and we are confident that if we build great content, then the consumer will not want to trade in our games."

Modern Video Games / Sonic Lost Worlds
« on: May 28, 2013, 10:01:27 pm »

the game looks good, and it looks like the gave Sonic the ability to run on walls at will

I guess Since no one has started it yet

Heimdall- Sega CD
that's it...

...on a side note I should be getting my Doug Tenapel (Earthworm Jim,the  Neverhood, Skullmonkeys) Sketchbook archives book soon

I just thought I'd give everyone a heads up on this. the deal is until 12/29, also it's for pre-owned only.

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