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Hardware and Tech / Sega Master No power but was working
« on: February 24, 2013, 02:09:37 pm »
I have the Sega Master System 3010 model and originally bought from some guy on e-bay for 20 dollars and he said it didn't work.. hooked it up and set it up and tried Miracle Warriors which I had bought because of the great deal I found it for at a flea Market. Well today I was playing Miracle Warriors (I haven't learned to save yet :( ) and all of a sudden the screen went black but the system was still on showing a green light. Thought it was the Video so I messed with the plug still nothing. So I tried the unplugging the power and the video and when I hooked it back up it would not start.

I read on a posted subject on this forum from Jobocan's that it could be a resistor but as I've never done this before how would I know which resister it is? I work at a valve and instrument repair shop so I know a good couple of people who are electronic repair/ soldering smart and savy and they have been meaning to show me the ropes. But just to make sure what would be the best approach to this?

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