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25 years ago! (US release)

I find it hard to wrap my mind around this wonderful game being released 25 years ago. Like many, I have so many great memories with this weird, immersive adventure. From new, original characters, to a unique story line, and the introduction of Mario into RPG genre, there are so many things that make this a standout titles on the Super Nintendo.

I was very young in 1996, but I have many fond memories of my Dad taking my brother and I to our local video rental store to rent video games (before the small town I grew up in got a Blockbuster). I remember seeing that strange looking box art on the shelf. Mario, + gang looked very different than they usually did. It was a brand  new adventure we were eager to play! We probably rented that game dozens of times to play it. My brother and I always made it pretty far, but never beat the game.

Back in 2011, after graduating High School, some part of me wanted to start collecting / playing many of these classic games from the 90's I played as a child. While I found my original N64 & Gameube (plus their games) in the basement, somehow my favorite console, the SNES was MIA. To this day, I still don't remmeber whatever happened to it. Maybe it was donated, or traded in sometime back in the day. So I created an ebay account to buy a Super Nintendo, along with a copy of Super Mario World - another childhood favorite. Of course, SMRPG was a purchase that shortly followed.

Needless to say, this wonderful game still holds up today. In fact, I have recently decided to acknowledge it as my favorite video game of all time.  About two years ago, I was lucky enough to buy an orignal box and manual for it for a reasonable price. Every-time I pick up the box, a big smile comes out of me, much like the smile of that kid who saw the box for the first time in that small town video rental store.

What are your first memories with this game? Are you in the camp that wants a sequel / and or remake? Or do you believe its legendary charm of remaining as it is, is what makes it so special?

Happy 25th, Super Mario RPG!

Classic Video Games / My SNES collection - June 2020
« on: June 10, 2020, 01:31:14 pm »

Thought I'd share a pic of my SNES collection before boxing it up for my move. A humble mix of original complete in box, custom game cases, and loose cartridges. I will admit, the Super Mario World box is not original. It was purchased from DangerousGames on etsy about 2 years ago.

Latest pickup: Original Mega Man X box!

Hope everyone is having a good and safe kickoff to summer so far.

Cheers!  8)

Classic Video Games / My "strange" copy of Mega Man X2
« on: May 29, 2020, 07:22:07 pm »
I have had my copy for quite some time now, and about 2 years ago, I posted in the r/snes reddit forums asking if this was a legit copy.

I asked because it took me a long time to realized that the cartridge shell was not period-appropriate (being the older front locking style, rather than the later style on snes cartridges, like this game should have. Its also obvious that the label has been messed with. When I finally got around to opening up the cartridge, it turns out it was an authentic copy, which was a big relief for me.

My only guess is that something happened to the original shell, and the previous owner very carefully removed the label somehow and transferred it (along with the board) to a different cartridge shell. I guess they didn't think choose the appropriate era?

In any case, just thought I would share this strange story / copy of my game. Anyone else happen to have a copy of Mega Man X2 like this, or a bandaged up "Frankenstein" copy of another game? I kinda like its weirdness.

Classic Video Games / Let's talk about collecting retro CIB
« on: May 26, 2020, 12:09:44 pm »
I am in a bit of dilemma since I started trying to collect complete in box, or what I consider to be (Cartridge, box, & manual). I understand many don't consider this to be complete, and I understand that since it is missing extra inserts, etc. For the sake of not listing here what I already have CIB, I will narrow down my scenario to my SNES games examples.
Back on track: Since I have started a new goal about a year ago (boxing up my cartridges with manual), I have been having a hard time doing so. As you could probably guess, its very challenging to find reasonable prices for this scenario of listings of "box & manual only". I have gotten lucky a few times, but in many cases, my only options are to buy a game that (that I already have) as a CIB listing, thus paying a higher price, and ending up with an extra copy of a game. Since I collect to play, this is somewhat of a burden. On the other hand, for games I don't have yet, this is completely fine, as long as the CIB prices are reasonable.

Again, with the cartridges I have without boxes..I think of a few scenarios on how to proceed:

-Only collect the original boxes for my favorite titles only

-Collect the boxes for my favorite titles, AND for third party / lower titles in my collection that are only really cheap (example: Fifa International Soccer , Suzuka 8 Hours, etc..)

-Keep trying to get the boxes for all of them (maybe hope the "bubble" will pop soon..  ???)

How would you personally go about this? Any tips or suggestions? How do you justify how much to spend for original boxes, especially in a scenario like this? Do you have a mix of CIB and loose, and have accepted that some of the really high boxed games are fine without the box?

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