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Hardware and Tech / Looking for Xbox One Advice.
« on: April 01, 2021, 07:35:57 pm »
I am having a bit of an issue with my Xbox One.  We had some linemen working on the electric pole by our house and we got hit by a massive power spike.  Now the system wasn't in operation but was plugged into the wall.  I do know that the power brick has a surge protector built in, that may not have worked.  It fried the brick, as in it caught fire and melted a hole into the top, inside the unit.

So I bought a new power supply, got it in yesterday got it hooked up, and next to nothing.  Pushing either the eject button or the power button and it will make the correct sounds, but you'll hear a faint whir then the system will power straight down again.
I've tried what fixes I could find online and have turned up nothing.  I figure maybe if somebody here has an idea, maybe I missed something, or maybe it just took the console out.  I don't know.   :-\

General / Sony license server is having problems.
« on: July 10, 2020, 05:55:09 pm »
I wasn't sure where to put this.  So I went with General Discussion.  Peeps you need to keep an eye on your digital purchases through Sony.  Apparently their licensing server is on the blink.  People are losing digital purchases be it full games or just dlc.  Not only are they losing the licence but the transaction history is being deleted too.

Sony's customer support has been less than helpful with this and even if you still have the conformation email verifying your purchase.  Sony is not restoring affected purchases and accounts.

This is affecting the PS4, PS3, PSVita, and PSP.  So check your purchases.

Hardware and Tech / Any PC enthusiasts? I need assistance.
« on: April 14, 2020, 04:33:14 pm »
So I've been in the process of building a new PC for my wife to get her away from two outdated and rather old laptops she has been using.  Since I abruptly now have a lot of free time on my hands I figured now is as good a time as any.  So I got it all together flipped the switch on the power supply.  The RGB around the chipset comes on for a second then switches color to a red that is holding a breathing pattern.  Push power button..., and nothing.  I haven't had any success with the screwdriver trick to short the board either.

 Asrock z270 Killer SLI/ac

 Intel Core I7 6700k Unlocked

 4x 8gb OLOy Warhawk 3600 DDR4

Video Card*
 msi Geforce GTX 1660 Ventus OC Edition

 Deepcool Gamer Storm Castle 240EX AIO liquid cooler

 Thermaltake Tough Power Grand RGB 750w

Now I have read online that particular motherboard has issues like this.  I do have another on order, an ASUS Prime z270 A.  Won't be here until the 22nd and was hoping somebody may have some idea as to what is going on.

Things I have tried;
Clearing CMOS, via jumper and battery removal.
Powering up without GPU
Booting with only 1 RAM stick in and cycling through the 4 stick. 
Trying 2 sticks in a A1-B1, or A2-B2 configuration.

All comes to the same conclusion it refuses to even start.  Now the PSU does work.  I jumped the pins on 4 and 5 to get it fired up.

Any and all help appreciated. 

*Edit; Forgot the GPU

Hardware and Tech / Playstation 4 1215a help.
« on: January 05, 2020, 05:27:00 pm »
So I had somebody come to me with the above mentioned model.  When you turned it on the fan would max rpm and the system would shut down.  Now I'm familiar with over heating issues on the PS4, so a simple cleaning and reapplication of thermal paste was in order.  Upon tearing it down I had noticed the CMOS battery on the board had leaked at some point.  So I removed it, cleaned the area and replaced with a fresh battery.

Now after the reassemble I was going through the tests and everything seems to work, except the disc drive.  There is no life in the thing.  Will not take, eject, or spin up a disc.  They had left one in when they brought it to me.  Now I didn't touch the drive except to remove it from the chassis.  After which I got back into it and took the drive apart and everything is as it should be.  So there shouldn't be any issues with the drive.

I don't have another unit to test parts with to narrow down the problem.  I'm thinking the battery leakage compromised something on the motherboard.

Unit was over heating
Found exploded CMOS battery
Drive does not function, eject button still beeps when pressed.
Will not keep date and time even with fresh lit-ion battery when main power is disconnected.

Hardware and Tech / Xbox One networking help
« on: August 28, 2018, 09:05:33 pm »
Long story short I picked up an Xbox One from a friend for cheap who was needing some cash.  Now I know for a fact that this console was in complete working order, he used it daily.  So it sat at my place for 6-7 months and I finally decided to hook it up and see what's what.  As I'm going through the initial setup it runs a network diagnostic and then asks either "wired" or "wireless".

No biggie I choose wireless and input my SSID it does it's thing and then prompts that the consoles wireless hardware isn't working.  Huzzah...  Whatever, I can get around that by taking the ethernet cable out of my 360 and going wired.  That's what I do and am strangely met with same warning as before about the wireless hardware.  It won't even detect the fact I have an ethernet cable in the thing.

I have tried power cycling and all the other work-around's I could find online.  Nothing so far has worked and I cannot get it past that point in the setup.  I am beyond aggravated with the thing.  So any help would be appreciated. 

General / Storage failure.
« on: May 14, 2018, 12:16:15 am »
I guess this could happen to anybody.  The house has been tight as far as room goes so a few years ago. I put my video games and consoles in a pre-fabricated shed outside to free up some space, and I wasn't playing them anyway.  Fast forward to earlier this week when I am sorting and rearranging the storage shed and our utility shed.  My son got underfoot and as I was falling I reached out and slammed my hand into my original Xbox.  I didn't hit it hard enough to damage it but it was sticky and felt as if it had a thick coat of mud on it.

Upon inspection I realized it wasn't quite mud but that shed had become home to several large colonies of mice.  At that instant I realized I had a handful of mouse excrement.  So now I have to clean them all thoroughly and I figured I would take you all on that ride.  I got pictures of the Playstation and PSOne.  I had already cleaned the Xbox when I thought of this.  They are in various states as far as filth goes.  I'm hoping to catalog before and after shots just for the sake of it. 

What follows is marked D for disgusting.  Viewer discretion is advised.





Marketplace / looking for, Nyko PS3 charge base controller dongles
« on: July 21, 2017, 12:19:47 am »
Welp it happened my four year old broke my last one.  Needing to find a couple more, having very little luck in doing so.  If you have an extra one or few hit me up.  Thanks.   ;)

General / Need some insight into Pokemon DS games.
« on: April 01, 2017, 09:37:26 pm »
A friend of mine is eyeballing a Pokemon Soul Silver game with all pokemon unlocked, event, you name it.  Now I don't know a thing about Pokemon so I'm thinking it's kinda weird that this seller also has sold A LOT of these DS games with all event pokemon unlocked.  Is something fishy or am I being paranoid?

Marketplace / Games for sale
« on: April 29, 2016, 08:43:01 pm »

General / Ya know NISA has kinda gone to crap
« on: March 31, 2016, 06:14:15 pm »
Incoming Rant!!

I have "pre-order" currently still in processing for Nights of Azure LE.  I have sent emails, I have tried calling I just can't seem to get a hold of customer service.  They haven't bothered to reply to my emails.  I keep getting the same message when I call.  Sorry to have missed your call these are our office hours.  The thing is they shouldn't be closed It's 9-5 pst so that puts them 2 hours behind me.

I don't know.  It seems like mine isn't the only problem especially when it comes to the LE's they are releasing for Techmo/Koei.

I have never had a problem with NIS until recently.  WTF happened?   :(

Off Topic / A rock and a hard place.
« on: March 05, 2015, 05:40:42 pm »
This is going to be one of "those" posts.  So if you don't feel like reading I don't blame you.  I'm at an impasse and quite frankly I don't know what to do or how to proceed.  So I'm just basically venting here, trying to organize... trying to figure out the solution to my problem.

The long and short of it is.  In two short weeks my family and I are about to be homeless. 

I've been renting this trailer for the last twelve years.  Thanks to the real estate conditions in the town I live in I haven't been able to find a house.  Well not one where they didn't request your first born and a blood oath for a two room shack.  While living at my current location the landlord isn't interested in the upkeep of the property.  Everything that needs repaired has come out of my pocket, while paying this guy rent.

So a house came up.  Three bedroom, single bath.  I figured I would try to get a loan through the USDA for low income families.  We're a family of four, I'm the only one working and I barely make a buck over minimum wage.  So I just got off the phone with the person at the USDA and was pretty much denied.  The problem is that I have accrued 16k in debt trying to keep this place cobbled together and with mom passing a few months back, no insurance, my dad and brother aren't employed.  So it fell to me to foot the doctors and funeral costs.

My landlord informed me a few days ago that he is selling the business.  Since it's on the same property that we're renting.  The new owner doesn't want this eyesore of a residence behind his business.  We've been given the boot. 

What I do know is that this will not be simple to resolve.

My dad would gladly take us in.  Problem there is that he lives in a one bedroom shack with my brother. 

My wife's relatives are out as they like having the grand kids over but they don't want to be around them more than they have to be.  They're strapped for room too.

I can't apply for the apartments here in town since I got on the landlords bad side when he decided to screw over my friend that was renting from him.  He broke the contract and I advised my friend to take him to court.  So I burnt that bridge.

I can't turn my video game collection fast enough to get the money to help.  I would try if it wasn't for it being two weeks, two very short weeks.  I would have to sell the entire thing to even come close to my goal.  I know a small fraction of it would go fairly quickly.  The larger portion of it wouldn't.

I'm sitting here in a daze.  My mind is going ninety miles an hour and getting nowhere.  I'm sorry for dropping this here.  I just needed to vent a little.   

General / Oh Capcom. Really?!
« on: August 30, 2014, 10:07:44 pm »

Read that article, it's worthy of a good round of face palming.

My take.  I know they are strapped for cash but this is asinine.  It reads like they are literally grasping at anything to remain solvent. I don't really see it going in their favor either.  Which would more than likely be the death knell for the beleaguered company. Especially if Koei/Tecmo counter sue for Capcom rather blatantly ripping of one of their franchises. 

I'm at that point that they should sell their franchises and just dry up and die.  We remember this company for what they were, not what they have become.  We don't need the present incarnation anymore.

Marketplace / Looking for
« on: June 12, 2014, 08:09:43 am »
This will be a rather odd request.  I'm in the market for the 4 units

Xbox 360 Slim
Xbox 360 E
Playstation 3 Slim
Playstation 3 Super Slim

Here's the oddities

Physical Condition:  Very Good (no cracks or missing pieces, I can live with scuffs).  With all internal components, minus the HD

Peripherals:  Cables, controllers, etc.  Not needed.  Would prefer none actually.

Console Function: Not necessary  RROD, YOLD, even better.

Quantity: One of each.

The reason
Selfish.  Pure and simple.  I like to tinker, and I really want to get into the alt. 7th gen systems without fear of damaging a working one.  Non functioning consoles are pretty rare in our area.  They usually get destroyed, and I don't find out about it until after the fact.  That doesn't mean I'm not actively looking though and will edit this to reflect that.  So if you have one of the aforementioned and it's defunct or you know somebody that has one that isn't being used as a doorstop or paperweight, especially if it's just going to be thrown out.  Keep me in mind.

Oh and I'm not really in a massive hurry.  Money's tight. 

Thanks for reading.  ;D

Hardware and Tech / Rust
« on: April 06, 2014, 03:32:17 am »
Ok I got curious and started inspecting my Intellivision games.  I have dealt with quite a few things with cartridge contacts, rust however isn't one of them.   Some have it pretty bad.  Any ideas on how to remove it? 

Modern Video Games / Depending on how you look at it....Shaq Fu
« on: March 08, 2014, 05:15:56 am »
Here's the article.  I can honestly say I'm surprised, very surprised actually.   I don't really want to discuss it in the opening post.  Namely I want everybody to just take it in.

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