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Hardware and Tech / Re: Sega Genesis/CD/32X All-in-one power cord?
« on: April 10, 2021, 02:53:34 pm »
Yes they do exist. I buy my PSUs from Retro Game Cave They are high quality and sometimes eliminate psu noise in the video and audio, depending upon the system and psu you are currently using.

The one you are looking for is called The Trio, but you have to know what model of genesis and model of Sega CD you have since different models take different power and plugs.  He has all of the different types to meet your setup.

Before the Switch took off I chose X1 over PS4 simply due to needing to keep my Rockband song licenses going into Rockband 4. I played Doom 2016 all the way through on the X1, otherwise I barely use it. I am now firmly in the Switch bandcamp.

TMNT, Rambo, and Total Recall for NES.  Why bother with the last 2?  Probably because I didn't get to choose my entire collection as a kid and the trade factor for these wasn't good.

Another one that comes to mind is Lufia II (the Ancient Cave portion).  The Ancient Cave basically requires you to keep your SNES on for at least 6-8 hours IF you want to get to the Cave's final level (99).  You can always leave, but have to start over at level 1.  One time I had played for 7 or so hours, was on a floor in the high 70s and got wiped out by a freak encounter with 2 wizard-like creatures.  I just stood there staring at my tube TV as all 7 hours of work got wiped away.  I never really cheated to get back down there and to level 99, but nowadays you could just keep save-stating at each level entrance which I would consider a cheat for sure.

It gets fairly intense once you get to the 70th level, trying to find the next staircase down without getting into too many encounters with the strong enemies there.

Thanks!  I was waiting for this to happen and wasn't checking as much lately.

Marketplace / Re: WTB Virtual boy
« on: January 05, 2016, 11:17:14 pm »
I've got one as well.  I only have the console, console stand and controller (no eye cover piece, ac adapter or battery cover for the controller).  I've attempted to test it using one of my SNES ac adapters, however people have mentioned that the system won't turn on without a game inserted (I don't have one to test with).  I can hear the fan turn on and there is a red light in the side of the eye piece that turns on.  Can't guarantee it works, but it sounds like it might work for what you need.

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