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General / Re: Game Companies
« on: February 01, 2020, 10:41:51 pm »
Based on my collection, I think it must be pretty obvious that my favorite game companies are:

Sega (and its affiliated studios), (the old) SNK and the mighty Tectoy.

But there's also space in my heart for (in alphabetical order):

Activision (mainly in the 80's)
Bandai Namco (particularly Project Aces)
Bluepoint Games
Hudson Soft
Kojima Productions
Konami (up to the early 2010's)
Naughty Dog
Sony Computer Entertainment
SquareSoft (not SquareEnix)
Vanillaware (and all the other games developed by Jōji Kimatani before he established his own company)
To name a few...

General / Re: Games With The Same Name Different On Other Devices
« on: January 31, 2020, 05:57:52 pm »
For me, Aladdin is the first game that comes to mind when I think of games with the same name on different devices.
The SNES and Mega Drive versions are very different and than, you have the Game Boy version, which you'd expect to be a port of the SNES, but no! It is derived from the Mega Drive game. Finally, you have the Master System and Game Gear versions which, as one would expect, are basically the same game, but that happen to be yet a third approach on the same property, but sharing some similarities with the... SNES game!
It is all kinda messy, but I find the Mega Drive release to be the best by far and one of the most beautiful games of that generation.

Game Sack has two videos covering this subject:

And one of my favorite Youtube channels, Sega Lord X, also has a video on the differences between arcade and home releases of games that share the same name:

General / Re: Do you love every game in your collection?
« on: January 31, 2020, 05:33:25 pm »
Of course not!
C'mon! If I did love everygame I own, I wouldn't have anything made by Nintendo... Haha

Isn't nintendo stuff in japan pretty affordable? first party titles are plentyyfull in japan even cib making it say way cheaper than western stuff. sure prices got up a bit but it's still pretty cheap. Obviously rare stuff exists even in japan like rendering ranger but again you can say that for every console Isn't saturn and especially genesis more pricy in Japan? Genesis didnt do to hot in Japan. Pc engine etc while they did allot better the good stuff is also way more pricy than majority of super famicom.

super famicom has a ton of affordable cheap good stuff right compared to say for sega pc engine saturn in Japan.  Maybe with the exceptions for rpg's since all consoles had those in an abudance so maybe in that case it might be a bit more pricy on super famicom but again rpg's in japan are pretty cheap overall. Is super famicom that pricy compared to other consoles in your experience in Japan? its not dirt cheap like it used to be before tourists but that's not only with super famicom i'd imagine.

or is it more of a problem with say gamecube since ps2 era is overall dirt cheap in Japan. Also say gamecube are there actually rare games for that system on Japan. since aside from hyped stuff like fire emblem or the lower prices first party titles  i don't see it being that pricy. Japanese Ps2 on the other hand while a ton of stuff is dirt cheap has some sought after stuff that western people want.

I think it's the condition end of things- I'm not remotely fluent, but I know enough Japanese to poke around Amazon Japan & Yahoo Auctions. I recently got myself a small famicom collection, and opted to get Devil World CIB becuase I like to have at least one per system & it's so common it's even dirt cheap from US sources. It still took a week to find a box that wasn't falling apart or 10 times the cost of a cart. I guess nice cardboard is expensive no matter where you live.

On second thought. I think you're both right. Even though good (or interesting) CIB Famicom games tend to be more expensive than I'd like to pay for them around here, they are still way cheaper than their North American counterparts. I think it's more of a matter of preference than price, as I'd happily pay the equivalent to like US$100.00 for a Saturn or Dreamcast game I really wanted, but will very rarely pay over US$20.00 on any Nintendo stuff...

In the case of the Super Famicom (one of the few consoles I simply gave up on collecting CIB), common games can usually be found for dirt cheap. Around herem I don't think anyone in their right mind would pay over US$3.00 for a loose copy of The Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past, Super Metroid, Secret of Mana or Chrono Trigger, for example... However, once you enter the world of more interesting (according to my preference) games such as TMNT: Turtles in Time, Gundam Wing: Endless Duel, Super Castlevania IV and The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Scrambled Valkyrie, Super Famicom tends to be more expensive than the Saturn or the Dreamcast.

And I see two major problems in collecting GameCube stuff around here. First is the price as a GameCube game usually costs something around five times what it goes for on the PS2 or even on the original Xbox (albeit the later tends to be pretty rare to find). The second is the fact that, contrarily to how its games were released worldwide (that were sold in hard plastic cases similar to those of DVDs), in Japan, GameCube discs were sold inside small fragile semi-transparent plastic cases that were, in turn, placed inside a thin cardboard sleeve that are relatively rare to find in good condition...

I really like owning re-releases of games I enjoy. For me, it works like this: If I already own the game in an older console, I will buy the re-release and keep both editions, if I don't own it yet, I'll usually purchase the new version and stop searching actively for the original release (but I'll still get it if I happen to find it for cheap). The same goes for games re-released in compilation discs or mini consoles.

Well, I don't think there's any game or console I don't want to have in my collection. As a collector, If I had the time, the money, the space and the overall power to do so, of course I'd like to own a copy of every video game ever released... Haha

But there are some items I don't care to have on my collection... In my case, that's mostly Nintendo stuff. I've never been particularly fond of the company and, until the release of the Wii, most of their games were released in some sort of cardboard box (at least in Japan) making it extremely rare to find good CIB games for the prices I'd like to pay for them...

General / Re: What is the rarest game you own?
« on: January 21, 2020, 03:57:06 am »
Well, excluding games with limited online retail (such as those by Limited Run Games), re-releases by Tectoy (like 2017's Turma da Mônica na Terra dos Monstros) and cartridges that were never sold to the public (as the Game Processor RAM Cassette, I'd say that the rarest games I own (although not necessarily the most expensive) are probably Gundam Tactics: Mobility Fleet 0079 ( for the Apple Pippin and Virtual Cameraman 2 for the Pioneer LaserActive ( Two crappy games released for two failed consoles...

Apparently, the most expensive game I own (although far from being the rarest... it is actually pretty common around here) according to eBay seems to be The King of Fighters '98 for the Neo Geo AES.

Well, I see myself as more of a collector than a gamer, so maybe I am qualified to answer to this question.
In my case, games have alway been something I was interested in. In the 90's, I used to have a lot of fun just by looking at those old gaming magazines and reading about games and consoles that I would never have the money to buy.
Now, as an adult, even though I have almost no time (or even interest) to play video games anymore, I finally have the opportunity to own some of those things that seemed to be unreachable over two decades ago...
Everytime I buy a Neo Geo, Saturn or Dreamcast game, for example, I feel like I am back to a childhood that, in fact, was never mine...

I find most games in the Makaimura (Ghouls 'n Ghosts 'n Goblins 'n whatever) series to be extremely difficult, yet rewarding. The 2D graphics of most of the entries in this series still hold up and the gameplay is very well done.
It may appeal to someone who wishes to try hard games. I, however, am yet to see the ending of any game of this series... Haha

Off Topic / Re: How will you celebrate your birthday this year?
« on: January 12, 2020, 03:13:03 am »
After Junior High School, I don't think I've ever had a birthday party anymore.
In fact, I really don't think there's much to commemorate about being older than 25 or so, so birthdays are no special dates for me...

Considering that my birthday will be on the Vernal Equinox Day (which is a national holiday here in Japan) this year, if the weather is good, I'll probably go for a motorcycle ride around the mountains of Gifu or something like that.

Well, I have no appreciation for Nintendo and the Xbox series never appealed to me (I've never owned a video game from Microsoft during the console's life-cycle), so it is definitely the PlayStation 5 for me.

Well, considering my collection of stuff related to video games, I think my Pikachu VCR is probably the most random thing I own:

Actually, I'm no Pokémon fan (I've never played a game) and I find it to be pretty crappy for a VCR, but it is a very interesting novelty and definitely stands out in my collection room.

Site Feedback / Re: Question about mobile games
« on: January 10, 2020, 08:43:42 am »
Mobile games are heresy anyway.

Also, if you ask me, I think that not even Steam nor any form of downloadable content should be included in this website... or, at least, they should not be counted as a valid numbered entry on someone's collection should a person add them to their lists.
But since I don't buy any DLC myself and never include the ones I get through my PlayStation Plus subscription to the database, I don't think my opinion should be taken into consideration... Haha

Classic Video Games / Re: Game that Never Released that You Wish Had?
« on: January 06, 2020, 05:41:27 pm »
Silent Hills...

Classic Video Games / Re: 25th anniversary of SEGA Saturn
« on: December 21, 2019, 12:06:52 am »
I remember this guy in the neighborhood, Roberto, who bought a Japanese Saturn back in early 1995. Even though he was much older than us, we used to go to his place almost on a daily basis to see him playing Sakura Taisen and, once in a while, he would allow us to play some Capcom or SNK fighting games with him.
In 1996 he moved away from the town and shortly after that I got my PlayStation, but as a devoted Sega fan (and Nintendo hater), I vowed to myself that I'd own a Saturn someday.

I got my first Saturn console almost 20 years after that, when I moved to Japan and I've been in love with it ever since! Even though the Master System continues to be my favorite console ever and I have to admit that the PS1's library has much more plurality in its titles, the Saturn is easily my favorite console to collect for due mostly by the low price of its games around here and the huge quantity of obscure releases that I didn't know existed and I keep finding once in a while.

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