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You may be complaining the other day 1000 but in my own opinion your doing a damn good job better than me and with my radio station for example I shoot out $30USD a month on Facebook ads, made my stream public on every platform I could on the internet, pay 16.50 a month to the host and $200-$300 a year and I only get maybe 1 listener every 11-12 hours if that,

Your lucky you got the followers in my own opinion you should not complain because you got more YouTube Subscribers than most YouTube channels out there to my knowledge given how much competition you have on YouTube,

My advise is work hard and don't give up at it, be funny, and try to express your maximum creativity on YouTube and don't be shy to run ads but I will tell you this my ads on Facebook are a complete failure

also keep an eye on your views because according to my experience with ads on Facebook a lot of people are click bots, or run fake accounts because turns out I get likes but no listeners. Most people just click (like) on my Facebook ads then never even tune into my radio station and it really pisses me off because I pay for those ads and all I get is lousy fake likes

(edit) I know your probably laughing at me but I just thought I'd cheer you up and give you some insights on running ads, looks like your getting the views as expected so whatever your doing it's working :)

Off Topic / Your Opinions Of Online Radio Broadcasters Or DJ's
« on: July 24, 2022, 04:10:07 pm »
Story goes I brought up this topic on a forum about only music after I registered and then the next time I logged in I get a banned message and also another message saying ban will NEVER be lifted and no reason was given so I am pissed about that so anyway on with the topic.

what is your opinion about online radio broadcasters, do they suck? do you hate them? why do you think I was banned for no reason and given the message my ban will never be lifted? I did introduce myself and told them I was a non profit Broadcaster so maybe they thought I was spamming the forum anyway I am pissed about it I can't even start a discussion as a forum newbie without someone slamming the hammer for no reason.

My opinion is simple I think it is wrong to rebroadcast someone else broadcast for financial benefit, I also think it is wrong to broadcast without at least a blanket license, I also think it is wrong for any DJ to broadcast bootleg recordings or some recordings he or she got from some burned disc but I didn't say these things in the post on that forum so I don't know what the fuck happened.

I broadcast my own radio station without commercials, but I do have a blanket license that I pay for, I am guessing it't that I can't afford to pay 9c a song airtime that pissed them off though

I've definitely killed some time with them old school free simple microsoft games way back

also some solitaire although I didn't really touch with superior options such as skifree

solitaire I'd maybe play as a time killer in those crappy screens on planes that got nothing way later but I'd lose interest quite quickly. and that's only if the lights are so terrible that I don't feel like using an actual handheld

skifree is something special though

I used to play SkiFree a lot but never could quite understand what to do when the beast came out and ate your man, although fun, I always wondered is that suppose to be the game, I mean ski until you ate ate by a beast? or was there something you needed to do to avoid the beast? like keep up your score or something? I mean I never figured out what to do once the beast came out, that seemed like it your dead, so start over what was the point? I loved ski free but somehow woundered was I missing something?

I feel I never was playing the game correctly, because once the beast came out I think I ran out him a couple of times without getting ate, but never knew exactly what to do once he came on the screen, I would be kinda dissappointed once he came on the screen because I wanted to ski more, but Activision's Skiing for the Atari 2600

I actually prefer skiing for the Atari 2600 without the beast eating your man do you remember

Breakout Arkanoid
 for the Windows OS here is a download link for it I actually played Breakout on windows 98 back in the day

Hell yes.
My parents got me my first very own PC when I went to college, and it was state of the art at the time with a CD-ROM drive :0

Played the hell out of 7th Guest, which was included, but also discovered Klondike and Minesweeper, which sucked up a number of hours I should have been studying.

Did it have a Pentium 1 or 2 Processer? I remember when CD-ROM's were a big thing too, now your lucky to find a PC with Any kind of physical Drive ::) and some PC cases don't even have room for a CD-ROM/DVD/Blu-Ray dive either

(edit) maybe a 386 Processor since the 7tyh guest came out in 1993?

Would you rather play a Slot machine video game on PC or Real Life Las Vegas, Personally I can't see the difference gameplay wise besides the REAL money part :-\

May 22, 1990

It's been on every single windows PC since the at least Windows 3.0 even before Windows 3.1 and even popular Windows 95 came out so how many of you played it. I just started to play it on Windows 10 with the hidden but built in Solitaire Collection, it's a fun game when you got nothing else better to do but Klondike it's called comes with ads in windows 10 though :-\

you can level up in windows 10 version and gain experience pointe just like in modern games how many of you played solitaire at work or school since this game has literally been on every single windows OS machine since May 22, 1990

Classic Video Games / Re: The Original Xbox Appreciation Thread
« on: June 04, 2022, 04:16:41 am »
I like the fact that it has built in 20gig hard drive, it makes it so I don't need memory cards and on some games saving the game is much much faster, I love the fact that it can support 4 players without additional hardware becasuse most PS2's will not work even with the adaptor. overall I like the Xbox more then the PlayStation 2. the racing games feel more arcade and because of the hard drive :)

I don't know how many times I've said this but my personal radio station has no talking and no commercials, so if your looking for flawless music listening experience without interruption my station is the way to go I make no money off of it and I pay to run it. nobody tunes in

 with VLC and that playlist above

(even works with PC) it takes one button press on the go plus you can hook up your cell phones to your car and listen if you have a cord I play Classic Rock, Pop, Metal, Country. R&B, Soul, and more genres but mostly Classic Rock

I broadcast (live) from my basement, if you click on the playlist and cannot connect then I'm having technical difficulty and keep the playlist and try opening it later. I highly recommend you stop paying Pandora and Sirius and give me a try guys ;)

I'm at a 20,000 song playlist and growing with 60 days worth of music so far guys, I DON't play the same songs over and over again either :-\

General / Re: Does Anyone Else Sort Their Games By Genre?
« on: April 03, 2022, 08:47:23 pm »
Again I highly recommend this for all collectors who want to play their games and know exactly what they are in the mood for instantly. Since I don't have a proper display I sort by genre instead technically you could sort alphabetically and also by genre as well

How many of you are willing to sort by genre and stick a paper to your shelves telling you what genre a specific section of your collection is?

General / Let's Talk About Your On Site Collection Status
« on: April 01, 2022, 09:39:39 am »
ok you probably don't know what I'm talking about or? what this is going to be about at this point?

 Let's talk about your Backlog, your Currently Played Status, as Well as Your On Site Wish Lists, and your Finished list. I'll post mine to start out this thread,

My current untouched games/backlog of my collection I know nothing or little about these games or I have not made it off the first 5 levels yet

My current finished meaning I played these games before and pretty much know what they are about already.

My Currently playing or played before list this includes games I have played before but mostly not beaten for the most part OR games have beaten but have not put them down yet


 I wanted us to first make our lists in our collection status than talk about what we played and have not got around to playing and maybe some of us could recommend playing a game to someone even me, that has listed in their collection or wish list and talk about that game and maybe get hyped about actually playing that said game another has played and recommends :-\

Site Feedback / Re: How Do I Add To Backlog List?
« on: March 31, 2022, 09:24:30 pm »
thanks :)

Site Feedback / How Do I Add To Backlog List?
« on: March 30, 2022, 03:20:47 pm »
saw it was a new option but don't know how to do it, I really want to love this new feature suggestion :-\

Off Topic / Re: YouTube channel hackings!
« on: March 30, 2022, 04:40:27 am »
sounds to me like Dead cow organization also known as DCO or someone similar is back at their old games again, DCO hacks for fun and they choose their victims at random, they are cyber bully experts, and once they choose someone they won't quit either I was hacked by them for over 15 years to life. they only stopped because I got the police and FBI involved. I turned their fun into shit, as payback for turning my life into shit just so they could have a good time picking on me.

True story now I'm 24/7 surveillance on my PC and the powers that be call me today whenever someone tries to hack me now they gave me back my freedom to do whatever I want to with my PC I can now play games without needing to worry about crashing due to constant malware and cyberbullying

I know MOST you think I ware a tin foil hat and am paranoid but I don't lie, I was hacked for over 16 years to life, and even used to work overtime at submitting lots of undetectable malware to Microsoft and therefore probably contributed to the design of Windows 10 security features. during the windows 7 days.

But unfortunaly I am not a programmer I don't know how to design or fix code, but I do know how to pry files off my PC that don't belong there and edit code to something random.

Classic Video Games / What is the hardest RPG you Ever Completed?
« on: March 29, 2022, 06:48:43 pm »
If Pokémon is considered the easiest thing in RPG form what is considered a REALLY REALLY hard RPG Me? I choose Final Fantasy 7, it throws a difficult boss fight right in the beginning AND tells you the wrong way how to defeat it according to someone on here before. As a result I never looked up a guide for final fantasy 7 and still have no way to know how to complete the boss fight in the beginning of it, WTF

I like Pokémon because you've AND Earthbound because you've got unlimited lives to screw up before starting over from the beginning and? what other games are like this?

Yeah, I played the game for the first time via emulation many years ago, then found it in the wild for cheap and got it—it's a good RPG without a doubt. Now, I know you've stated in the past that RPGs aren't exactly your forte, but Pokémon is at its core the easiest and straight up simplest game there is in the genre, so you getting by EarthBound and yet apparently having problems with Pokémon somewhat baffles me.

I never completed  any RPG in my life before, I remember I got stuck on Pokémon but I am continuing to try to beat Earthbound because I know it's just as easy and with the hints and talking to the NPC's I don't think I;ll need the stratagy guide I'm hoping sp :-\

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