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Modern Video Games / Re: Xbox One S is kinda underrated. [Opinion]
« on: April 05, 2021, 05:33:14 pm »
I never owned an Xbox One, but from what I heard, It's great that Microsoft is making an effort to preserve most of its 1st and 2nd  Xbox Generation games, that were released in physical copies. SONY is all digital now, when it comes to it's old stuff, as well as re-releasing everything and requiring to download 99% of it's games, instead of playing them off the disc.

I can see why Microsoft and SONY both ditched the full optical reading requirement for it's games but

I still can't get over the fact that most modern video games take up more than 50GB a piece, when the Xbox360 installed it's games they were a maximum of 7-10GB a piece hell I just installed Skyrim on my Xbox360's internal harddrive and it was under 10GB well under that mark, and although I haven't played that game yet, I heard it was an open world game with a chunk of exploring and things to do

Classic Video Games / Re: GBA turned 20 years old recently
« on: April 05, 2021, 04:43:10 pm »
When I had A Gameboy Advance SP, I was not too impressed by it, I just never got into it, I received mine as a gift from an old friend, I originally had 2 games for it, "Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King"

and another game that  I don't remember. and I later got Sonic for it, than I had a Hotwheels Racing game, and Duke Nukem Advance, but I was not having fun on this Handheld console. I was expecting it to be like at least like or similar to a portable Nintendo 64 or the Sony PlayStation Portable handheld. But nope, it's more like a year 1990 portable Super Nintendo instead. I'd rather play a SEGA Game Gear than any Gameboy Advance handheld, I just was not at all impressed with the Gameboy Advance SP. However I did like how it let me play all original Gameboy Games as well as all GameBoy Color games too. but that was the only thing that I liked about this handheld. 

My friend paid $250USD for this and almost $20USD a piece for the two games I originally had for this. (I am shaking my head writing this) I just don't understand why it didn't have 3D graphics

(edit) and this is comming from a guy that plays Atari 2600, it might just be that I was vary depressed at that time in my life, I even love my Atari 2600 portable but I don't want to spend the current asking price for a GameBoy Advance SP or the price of it's games on the current market

Looking back at PC gaming history, especially in the mid 1990's PC's were not that great for gaming on. not like today, now today you can buy or build a PC a cheaper PC and enjoy all the games you've missed earlier in life or time. But back in the early 1990's PC had some really great games, Has anyone ever played this early Polygon game called "Skyroads"? that was a game where you operated a spaceship and jumped onto platforms, or Jetpack, an early 1990's PC game the looked a lot like Donkey Kong where you try to avoid enemies and navigate through a one screen platform maze collecting gems and making way towards an exit.

 I grew up on PC gaming and still game on PC today. But back in the day then like @sworddude mentioned, PC's needed to be constantly upgraded and I don't mean a software download, back in the mid and late 1990's early 2000's if you wanted to play anything with N64 or PS1 PS2 or Saturn or Dreamcast or Xbox graphics you needed to pay through the nose on PC's and PC hardware to keep up with the times. Now for those of you who play modern games it's the same today but, I highly recommend any PC  high or low for playing retro games on

And for the record Steam is selling console ports like "Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire" and a nice "Doom 64" port both these games originally came out on the Nintendo 64.

And Doom 2 has had has a free fan made mod you can run with Zandronum. that has Doom 64 on it. It's been out for years for free on fan made sites as well as many other games. Even Mortal Kombat 2 has a doom 2 fan made port no joke.

no joke! ::)

 A ton of Doom 2 Mods are actually free fan made remakes of other games even games like a Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare weapon mod that changes all Doom 2's guns into guns found in the Call Of Duty Modern Warfare series on consoles

Hardware and Tech / Re: Looking for Xbox One Advice.
« on: April 03, 2021, 05:57:06 am »
My advice  is always use a surge protector for all electrical devices you care about. it's the safest option.

and if any of you reading this don't have a three prong outlet just buy a cheater plug, and use that to plug in a surge protector. you can find them at some dollar stores or a local or online hardware store. it's a small cube used to plug in a three pronged plug into a 2 prong outlet.

Really sorry to hear this could happen to anyone, this can be annoying since you can almost never know when to prepare for a power spike or surge, this could happen at any time, as far as the built in surge protector on the power brick? I think is only useful  with once you have it plugged into an external surge protector, for an extra cushion incase you are playing on this or having this pugged in with a surge protector. and something like this occurs

This could have happen to me also when I was going to do the same thing with my computer. when my little sister screamed the word no. and luckily I was able to find and get a surge protector for my own devices

For games that are newer I would recommend a modern video game console, I assume it's cheaper and easier to play modern games on,

since a modern current gaming PC can cost $500-$1000 USD or more most times. Depending on if where you buy it and whether or not you build it yourself. Although I think it's illegal but you can also download 1000's of retro PC game exclusives for free on abandonware websites. the PC has more exclusives than any retro gaming console, in some cases. Windows PC computers can cost about the same as a modern video game consoles these days and if you like PC gaming, and don't have a lot of game nor the room I think it's the best way to go in my opinion.

(long post but please read before posting)

I wanted to chat about PC gaming without all the expensive bells and whistles. Basically does anyone else play retro PC games on a modern OS? As some of you probably already know I personally don't play modern video games.

So I want to recommend the gold mine of games and the possible options you have for a lot of retro video games. I didn't come to talk about ROM's or pirated software, but instead various retro game PC projects of billions of mods for (legal) retro PC video games. free to download. and with a community support behind them too. Did you know that games like Duke Nukem 3D and Doom have a massive amount of of free mods and custom and levels to enjoy? Mods for Doom and Duke Nukem 3D for example date back to the early 1990's and most of the better ones are free to download even today If you don't believe me just look it up yourselves.

But I will admit that you will need to know a little bit about the mods your downloading to get them to working properly, but I'm sure a lot of you guys might already know how to do some of those things, if not? maybe me or someone else could help? :)

A lot of common games both physical copies and digital copies can work on a Modern PC with a little workaround most times, but not all times.

(most of you will know this but I'll explain)

sometimes you  spend around $20USD on Steam for digital access to entire collections of retro video games on sale. And if you know what your doing, they can be played on a modern PC without much hassle. Has anyone ever heard of the Duke Nukem 3D High Resolution pack that has been available since 2009?. what that mod does is give Duke Nukem 3D an updated more modern outlook for low end or high end (depending on which release you get) graphic cards or even in onboard video, no video card needed.

Doom and Duke Nukem 3D as 2 examples of games have thousands of great free of charge, fan made content to make your gaming backlog on just one game alone almost endless.

Once you download a game off steam you can always navigate to your Steamapps folder inside of common Steam folder on your hard drive to back up your games that way even IF steam removes digital version if they ever decide to do so you will always have your purchased games playable on a backup hardrive.

General / Re: VGCollect's Big News
« on: April 01, 2021, 07:09:05 am »
That thing is HUGE!
My thanks to tpugmire and all of vgcollect staff!

That thing is awesome.  Congrats!

That a great game to own :)

I actually played Chex Quest before. using a Zdoom engine called Zandronum, if you want to play that on a modern windows PC I highly recommend going to Zanronum's website and download   Zandronum. once you download if you want to find the .WAD file on the Chex Quest Disc or CD. and and only copy and paste that file it into a  folder on your hardrive. than install Zandronum and tell the program where the Chex.WAD file. than you should be good to go, there is some newer blood and graphic options when using Zandronum you otherwise not have with just the standard game by itself.

From what I remember you can run the following games off the Zandronum engine.

1:Ultimate Doom
2: Doom 2
3: Final Doom Platunia Experment
4: Final Doom TNT
5:Chex Quest 1
6: Chex Quest 3
7: Freedoom
8: Strife
9: Heritic SW
10: Heretic Shadow Of The Serpent Riders(full version of game)
11: MegaMan 8-bit Deathmatch
12: Hexen
13: Hexen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel
14: Strife: Veteran Edition
15: Strife (Full)
16: Doom "BFG Edition"
17: French Doom II
and many more (free to play games) here is the link to all the games listed and free to play and download ones


according to IWad site in the first link what you have there @ferraroso is a rare PC game once sold inside Chex Cereal Boxes and is therefore no longer sold legally, good game hope I can help if you want to play that game. just so you know it's a first person shooter game like the original Doom games were

sorry to but in but I had to say something, because that is a great thing to have.

I don't think the basic rules of football that you so eloquently posted are what's stumping us, it's how the play-calling works and what appropriate strategies to take for a given situation. What the hell is a dime play, what's the difference between weak and strong I, what do you use the special teams playbook for, and how often should you run versus pass, etc. All those sorts of questions are what stumped me when playing Madden at first until I started watching how others played.

agree with this 100% :-\

When you play a game are you making sure you discover everything that game has to offer?

funny thing is I played a lot of games in my life but I not once played a game and seen and did everything, or feature that any game had to offer me.

(For example) Mortal Kombat Deception has an RPG like mode called Konquest. although I tried Konquest mode I never did complete it. Since I normally buy a Mortal Kombat for it's arcade fighting modes. Another example is. Mortal Kombat Armageddon also has a Mario Kart Style mode that lets you race go-karts with Mortal Kombat characters.

these 2 examples is an unusual feature to include in a side 2D/3D fighting game.

When I ask this question, it means any video game, it could be anything such as a simple unexplored Single Player Campaign, or perhaps an option in the options menu? OR an alternative control setting? or difficulty setting? that you've never tried to play or master before.

Or perhaps a Fighter in a fighting video game that you've never learned or mastered all the moves yet

Not only is it dumb, it encourages dumbness with all the injuries and concussions you're expected to take. All the tackling and hits to the head have turned many pro players' brains into mush after several seasons, it's really sad how many of them end up becoming destitute after retiring. I hope the game eventually turns into replacing the players with robots, but I don't think your average NFL fan would fly with that... humans gotta be suffering and pushing through for the game to matter to them, I guess.

I haven't watched any games on TV since I was like 14, I've never been to an NFL game, and I don't follow any of it at all. BUT I do like to play a round of Madden or two when the occasion arises. It's a male-bonding ritual for many, so I've just picked up on how to play the game "correctly" from watching or asking them. I really have no desire to type out how to be good at Madden, but I'm sure there's gotta be several YouTube videos that break down how to play the game.

My old friend Steve was such a hard core Madden NFL player when I known him, that he would play his game against the CPU with the expert/highest difficulty setting that one madden game had. and he also had the in-game injury setting turned up to the maximum. This guy knew the game's insides and outs. I've played a little Madden NFL myself against the CPU but I don't have fun with it that much .

you basically just pick coin side, then you pick a play by play strategy. And when you are on offence, you press a button to throw the ball backwards. Then try to throw the ball to one of your other players up front of you. or just take the football and run like hell, try to avoid getting tackled while getting as far forward down the field as possible. Before you are tackled by the other players. the hard part for me is knowing what to do when the players start saying. HUT HUT HUT, and if you don't press the correct button when you hear the players shouting Hut you can get a penalty.

the goal like someone else said, is to keep carrying the ball down as far down the field as possible, and when you are tackled on offence further down then you were before you gain ground. Then have less field to move to get a touchdown. when you are on defense you simply pick a  play by play Strategy. and just try to tackle the CPU player that has the ball before he gains ground on your own side of the field. I think a touchdown is one point, then you kick. That is the easy part of the game, it the ball was kicked between the goal posts than you get 7 more points I think.

however if you are tackled with the ball and are behind on your end of the field you lose ground and if you keep losing ground you eventually get scored on.

Hockey is a better video game sport in my own opinion, and it's more violent and dangerous than football is in real life, I don't know which sport is more painful American Football or Major League Hockey ::)

I was re-reading this topic and had no idea that Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 had no single player campaign, that is unusual for Activision, most times Activision were always known for their game quality, well, looks like I won't be ever getting Black Ops 4. More recently I purchased Call Of Duty 2 for the Xbox360, and Call Of Duty Black Ops 2, and Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 for Xbox360, I however had a lot of copies of Black Ops 1 for the PlayStation 3 that had disc rot.

I still had not ever played an online COD match, and have no interest in doing so.

(somewhat off topic but)
There was a free program I forgot the name of. That I used once to connect my NA PS3 to my Windows 7 PC and install music directly from my PC to my PS3's harddrive

With something similar I could assume a program could be built so people can manually download the PS3 game patches when the official server has been closed. I hope so

the bad news is, the built in PS3 backup utility does not back up all the game patches so once your current PS3 dies you will no longer have some of the patches for a lot of the games.

Well whether true or not, only time can tell.

Good news is since the PlayStation 3 has an other online internet capability. the patches could at least (I hope) could come from a third party online fan made source in the future.

You can even run an online server with a PlayStation 3 console, if you know how. you can also create your own online game server online and connect other PS3's to it, although I never tried or never knew how to do this. But A long time ago I spoke to a SONY customer support member and he said that this is possible but he didn't recommend this however.

The PS3 has a lot of hidden abilities that could make it possible to get the patches downloaded directly to the PS3 off any online source.

Pokemon because in 1996 having an adventure across a region with multiple towns and routes and caves and bodies of water filled with NPCs and 151 different types of creatures, all in a game played on a handheld with a 2.6 inch screen, all experienced as a child - at the time - was mindmeltingly good and to this day the nostalgia is strong.

Unless you were living in Japan as a child at the time, you did not experience Pokemon in 1996. It came to the states two years later, but it wasn't even until around summer/fall 1999 that it became a mainstream phenomenon in the US.

October 5, 1999
Original release date:
NA: September 28, 1998. AU: October 23, 1998. EU: October 5, 1999.

make that 1999 since @Seether once claimed to be living in the United Kingdom,

anyway Pokémon is also my most favorite Turn Based RPG game, even though I don't have them in my collection. I love the Pokémon series but I don't like too many handhelds. for one they cost too much money, but I do have a high value used Pokémon game for GameCube but it has a drift problem.

General / What Is Your Favorite Video Game Series/Franchises And Why?
« on: March 27, 2021, 06:45:11 pm »
This is a link to a thread about your favorite games of all time, it's related but not exact.,1843.45.html

I have a bunch of game series that I enjoy, too many to list everything though

1: The Sims Series: (reason) fun life simulator create virtual people, live in a virtual world with other virtual people, and control what they do with their life. best explained as a girl playing with Barbie dolls in a computerized world.

2: Call Of Duty Series (reason) A bot coop single player or arena multiplayer first person shooter series,  where you fight along side other computer controlled bots or other players as soldiers in a war like setting. You use real life weapons in a re-enactment of real war battles in history in some games. and in others? in a make believe war that never happened. but was a scare of the time the game was made up.

3: EA Sports PGA Tour Series (reason) damn I love this series, it's a relaxing golf simulation series, but vary challenging for new players, hard to master, but once you are hooked you are hooked for life, I prefer the games for the PS2 PS3 and Xbox and Xbox360, but I also have and enjoy the PlayStation 1 games as well and least the SEGA genesis games.

4: EA Sports NHL series (reason) primarily any NHL game made in the 5th and 6th generation fun hockey simulation game series

5: Doom series (reason) Great FPS series where you fight hordes of monsters and other demons in a quest all alone to destroy them and save the world.

6: Duke Nukem games (reason) Most of the games in this franchise are platforming games, but my favorite is Duke Nukem 3D.

7: Gran Turismo series (reason) Fun Racing simulation that has tons or real life cars to buy more than any other racing sim I know of on the video game market today

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