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Video Game Database Discussion / Re: Duplicate List 2018
« on: June 25, 2018, 12:14:59 pm »
These are the exact same game/ has a double sided cover...someone just flipped the cover and made it a new entry (Normal) (Cover just flipped over)

Also- these are the same (Top ones should be the real entries)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

No, the Mass Effect variation exists in sealed form, so it is allowed as a separate entry. This is only allowed for any game that was sold with an flippable cover showing the "other side" in the sealed package. You can see from the item image that it is a sealed game. I was able to confirm this existing at the time I updated that entry. There was one in Ebay sold at the time.

PS: those Pro Evolution Soccer dupes were created because none of the existing entries have the correct titles on them. ;)

You do realize how easy it is to re-seal a PS3 game, right? I'd be curious to see if any have ever been seen in retail stores.

Edit: If it's legit, there should be an Xbox 360 version as well. Those are a lot more difficult to fake a new/sealed copy of.

Video Game Database Discussion / Re: Duplicate List 2018
« on: June 23, 2018, 10:14:05 pm »
These are the exact same game/ has a double sided cover...someone just flipped the cover and made it a new entry (Normal) (Cover just flipped over)

Also- these are the same (Top ones should be the real entries)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2010




General / Re: What systems do you collect for?
« on: May 16, 2018, 06:48:16 pm »
The only system I truly "Collect" is Xbox 360, as far as trying to complete anything.

I have decent collections of PS3, PS4, XB1 and Wii-U as well. I have smaller collections of OG Xbox and Dreamcast games. I do have a physical collection of PC games (AKA cases with install discs....), but I'm only partially tracking them right now, as I've found quite a few not in the database....and I don't have time to enter them yet.
I have 100 or so NES games, and a bunch of Super Nintendo, but I don't consider those a collection so much (I don't even track them here)

Video Game Database Discussion / Re: How to list rental cases
« on: May 05, 2018, 08:10:52 pm »
I think adding rental/used game store covers/cases would be terrible, if that's what's being suggested. I consider things like that custom pieces, I collect 360 games, and I would leave if the lists were cluttered with the different gamestop covers, hastings, best buy, local places, etc.
I would just add them to my collection, and add what they are in the notes, unless it's something officially licensed.

Off Topic / Re: Top 5 Marvel Movies
« on: April 30, 2018, 07:20:47 pm »
Interesting topic. Im a geek for Marvel movies as comics were my #1 thing all growing up (at some point even more than gaming). So, with that being said, here's my choices (Btw, I have not seen Black Panther or Infinity War yet ... this could slightly change after) -

#1 : Dr Strange. I may be a bit biased because he's my boi but I loved the movie regardless.

#2 : Avengers: Age of Ultron

#3 : Thor: Ragnarok

#4 : X-men: Apocalypse

#5 : Ghost Rider

#6: Punisher: War zone

Doctor Strange was really good. Loved the travelling through dimensions scene, so cool. The ending was very clever. And Cumberbatch literally looked as if Dr. Strange just jumped out of the comic book and onto the big screen. So spot on.

I didn't even know there was a Dr Strange movie outside the 70's made for TV one (Which I....uh, liked a Being a marvel fan going way back, I like pretty much anything. I don't know if I could pinpoint 5 specifics, but the X-Men movies were awesome, as that was my favorite comic as a kid.

An interesting discussion, and as any reference of GameStop often brings out the hate of the company, it makes me wonder - will the general public be upset if GameStop went the way of Toys 'r' Us?

As much as everyone jokes and hates on GameStop for their trade in values and such, it's a convenience they provide and one of the main ways they make a profit. Selling you those $500 brand-new consoles? They get virtually nothing from that outside of having their inventory space taken up.

I worry that if anything happens to GS, the used games that would normally go to them might just go into the garbage. Not everyone has a Half Price Books or other good used goods store that would take back video games.

I think gamestop has gotten a lot better about a few things over the years, but their buy prices are still..ugh. However, they do usually run decent promotions once and awhile, if you follow what they are foing (I don't sell, so it doesn't effect me) I really would hate it if they went away, as gamestop is really the only used game store in my city. They go more spur of the moment used games.

Off Topic / Re: What's Your Favorite 80s Horror Movie?
« on: April 23, 2018, 10:10:23 pm »
Nekromantik (1987)

I grew up in the 80's....golden age of horror for sure. I particularly like John Carpenters eary stuff, like The Thing and Christine....apeaking of...anything Stephen King was gold at that time as well.

General / Re: Whiny ass gamers ....
« on: April 15, 2018, 01:02:56 pm »
Anyone else see the irony of whining about people whining too much?

IMO this thread is an embarrassment to this site....and it was started by a admin....I mean really? "Whiny ass gamers"?? Classless.

I've played a small amount of Fornite...I think just the tutorial, because it was free. I may or may not ever revisit it. Doesn't seem that special. I enjoy watching people play PUBG, but have no interest in playing it myself. I'd rather play Day-Z

For a couple games I only have a disc for, I note that it's disc only. 99% of my notes are me noting that the version I have doesn't match the version(s) available to choose from. I collect Xbox 360, and have 30 or 40 some-odd games/significant variations not in the I make notes to remind myself. I DO plan to add them all once I have time however, as It's a lot more reflective of my true collection :)

I found 7 different ones at my local gamestop today...97 cents each! Only 2 were sealed though. I came home, and one (Nuclear Throne) had already been redeemed, but the rest were good. Unfortunately that was the last copy of Nuclear Throne....but for 97 cents the steelbook and soundtrack are worth it. Game looks good, so I'll just pick it up during a steam sale.

Considering the code was stored with the disc, not on the looks like it was probably an employee who redeemed it :/

Edit: Just saw the game discs are DRM I can still play Nuclear Throne... Sweeeet. Would have been nice having it on Steam though.

General / Re: Who is your favorite girl video game character ever?
« on: March 31, 2018, 01:02:03 am »
Sean Devlin- hands down.

Modern Video Games / Re: Rare or uncommon Xbox 360 games
« on: March 28, 2018, 03:33:34 pm »
Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005) seems to be uncommon in CIB condition, which is strange given it's a launch title for the Xbox 360, and it's the best-selling NFS game by far (16 million), that's not for one system (it came out on a bunch), but still. Then again it's the best-looking version, even beating the PC version. It's something I need to grab before it starts going for like $50+.

I see this game all the time and for good reason; it was a launch title and given its success on the PS2 and XBOX they printed the hell out of this game. Hardly rare or even uncommon

I very rarely see it. At least around's not even close to common.

Modern Video Games / Re: Rare or uncommon Xbox 360 games
« on: March 27, 2018, 03:21:51 pm »
If you are going for a complete NA run, El Chavo Kart will be the toughest. It was a Mexico only release, and could run you a few hundred bucks.

F1 2013
Monster Jam
Cars Mater National Championship

are a few I've never seen

General / Re: Hard to find xbox360 games in your area
« on: March 06, 2018, 10:29:49 pm »
I'm still kicking myself over this one...Maybe a year, year and a half ago...the makers of El Chavo Cart had an Amazon store....and were selling new copies for $19.99. Right now there are only 2 copies on there.....and both are $250.00. That was a tough one since it's a Mexican Exclusive. Hell, I live right by Mexico and I've never seen a copy, lol.

I have a few other titles I've never seen, but are usually on Amazon for pricy amounts (I don't use Ebay).
Amazon tends to be more expensive than Ebay when it comes to games

I know, but I don't use ebay myself. That said, at least Amazon has the Xbox version...there are zero on ebay right now. Either way, kicking myself for not picking it up when I had the chance.

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