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Since your whole "collection" maybe takes up all of 16 inches horizontally, I imagine you could put them almost anywhere.

I just leave them in a pile on the floor and it doesn’t make too much mess. Especially the switch cases.

I really don't want a book shelf.

General / Re: Xbox game pass is pretty sick
« on: March 08, 2019, 04:41:52 pm »
Gonna come off sounding like an asshole but why use XBOX over Playstation?
I have both. But to the question - better controller, the amazing value proposition of game pass, the best racing games, friends being there, UI preference, Play Anywhere (buy on xbox also able to play on PC), backwards compatibility with xbox 360 titles (a big reason), xbox one X is more powerful than PS4 pro, xbox has a 4K blu ray drive, features like 'snap' to multitask playing a game and doing something else on the side and far superior controller battery life and more.

Honestly I've always found xbox to be better other than game library which admittedly is the main point of a console but for multiplats which is most games I'd rather be on my Xbox. I like the controller feel, features, battery life and UI all more on xbox.

General / Xbox game pass is pretty sick
« on: March 08, 2019, 04:23:14 pm »
They've just added Just Cause 4 to it.

A AAA game that came out on 4 December 2018, three months ago, retailing at 60 bucks. Now it's just part of the package. The same package you got to play Crackdown 3 day and date with, the same package you get to play Forza Horizon 4 anytime with.

Microsoft is going hard getting people into this.

I feel a lot better about this game pass thingy than I do about gold which always felt like paying to play online which is free on PC and I already pay my internet service provider so wtf and the 'free' games were never actually free because hey I paid for them.

Game pass is a pretty legit value. Even if you paid the highest price you could for a 12 month pass you could play multiple of the year's AAA releases right through to completion for a fraction of buying them 60 bucks a piece new and you'd get a bunch of older games to boot.

A blu ray of a new release costs £14.99 - for that single physical release.

A subscription to Netflix costs £5.99 for many, many movies and TV shows - AND you can watch on your phone, tablet or laptop as well as the TV.

A new CD album costs £10.00 - for that single physical release.

A subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited with access to 50 million songs (just about anything you could ever think of is on there) - costs £7.99 a month.

How long until we can say something like ...

A new video game e.g. Crackdown 3 costs £49.99 - for that single physical release.

A subscription to Xbox Game Pass with access to over 100 games and this new release costs £7.99 a month.

At some point you have to see that the value proposition of a streaming service is far far outweighing picking up a disc of something. I believe we're there with music, I believe millions of people think we're there with video, and I believe in the next generation or two we will be there with games. Mass market adoption of streaming services for all forms of entertainment. One fee for the lot and versatility across multiple devices as oppose to a chunk of money for one disc that you can use only in a specific disc drive and not on the go.

Music streaming is already everywhere - it just makes sense. You can even listen to the very latest new albums and singles, unlike with video streaming services that lack the latest movie and tv shows day and date.

Xbox game pass has been worth it multiple months just to play Forza Horizon 4 or Crackdown 3 or State of Decay 2. You could pay for one month and play one game to completion and feel you got your money worth. And this is just the infancy of game streaming as a service and value proposition.

General / Would you buy a next gen console without a disc drive?
« on: March 07, 2019, 03:55:35 pm »
Everything is moving away from physical.

Are you ready?

It's a lot more than just a few people

The Anthem EA help site is currently 146 pages long of people reporting their PS4 crash and brick issues.

Only reason I know this is because my colleague at work keeps complaining about it. I told him to just buy and play the new Resident Evil, better game, better experience.
Plot twist: I am that colleague

General / There are some real tragedies in the world (like Anthem!)
« on: March 05, 2019, 04:16:27 pm »
Somewhere, someone spent $60 on Anthem and then it bricked their PS4

If there were a god, he would not let this happen

Modern Video Games / Re: What are your fave games of this gen?
« on: March 05, 2019, 03:27:05 pm »
Sniper Elite 3 & 4
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
Injustice 2
Forza Horizon 4
Red Dead Redemption 2
Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee

I didn't much like Let's go Eevee. 
It's all about hunting the shiny pokemanz in the end game with shiny charm and catch combo.

General / How Much Is One Hour of Video Game Time Worth?
« on: March 04, 2019, 04:03:12 pm »

In other words, what to you is worth it?

I think £2/$2 per hour is good. If I spent $60 on a game I'd like to get 30 hours out of it, but even at 20 hours at 3 bucks per hour that's pretty sound value.

This thread was just entirely my impression of a video game reveal and somehow certain people here see this as an attack or ‘trolling’ against them.

I was going to address each of your points, but you are obviously just trolling and baiting people with your dumbass nit picks of the trailer and very limited info we got. "Oh, the map us too vertical! Oh, oh, the starters are fire, water, and grass again! Oh, why is it a kids game again!!!"

Jesus christ, what did you expect from a main Pokemon game? This isn't GTA or Farcry for $#@! sake. It's obvious aren't a Pokemon fan so quit pretending you are. Of course, knowing your reputation, you very well might be and decided you just want to start shit with people on here again.

This post is the most triggered thing I have ever seen on the internet.


1) The graphics are poor, like a bad cel-shaded chibi style. I wasn't expecting ultra realistic but I was expecting them to have nailed a pleasing art style by now. There are many, many bad/flat/bland textures in this.

2) Old pokemon returning. Do we really need to see Pikachu again in the 8th generation of pokemon?

3) It's very cutesy. It's abundantly clear that this is targeted to children. Now I know it has always been a kids game but gens 1 through say 4 weren't like this. Gen 1 had bikers and gamblers and an evil organisation, a game corner with slot machines and eerie music in Lavender town, Gen 2 had a person steal a pokemon from the lab in the starting town and an evil organisation cutting tails off of Slowpoke pokemon. They weren't overtly games for children.

4) It looks real samey to Sun and Moon not like the next evolution (no pun intended) in pokemon.

5) None of the starters speak to me. They have awful names, they look like they're from a different franchise and they're Fire/Water/Grass AGAIN.

6) It's not in the short trailer but in the full pokemon direct they showed off the world map. And I hate it. It's totally unrealistic it goes straight vertical up basically and there looks like only one town in the whole region and then just a bunch of token biomes (desert, snow, jungle). Watch this video (the nintendo direct) from 4 mins 44 seconds in here:
Look at that crap. It doesn't look like a place people live. The first game was like a bunch of inter-connected towns and cities, a world like our own, only with these fascinating creatures that people trade and battle. This game's region looks like a couple of castles surrounded by lakes, mountains and snow, it's like the world of Final Fantasy. 

7) The titles for the games suck.

Everything about this is disappointing to me. And I recently bought a 2DS and binged Crystal, Alpha Sapphire, X, Sun and Ultra Moon. I've really enjoyed pokemon a lot all the way from Red and Blue so this should be an easy thing to please me with. I've never had a feeling of 'this is just the same damn thing' between any generation of pokemon but this looks like the same damn thing as last gen if not worse.

Super bummed. I was really excited for this (the next generation of pokemon) prior to having any sight or knowledge of it. I'll probably still buy it because hey new pokemon ... but god I'm so disappointed. I don't know what exactly I wanted I just know that this isn't it.

Maybe it's because Pokemon is traditionally a handheld game and as a console game this looks very poor, like a budget title. A lot of the flooring reminds me of old Dynasty Warriors titles that looked that way because hundreds of soldiers were on screen at once, extremely low poly textures that look like the texture hasn't even popped in yet.

What do you think?

General / Re: I actually don’t like waiting for price drops on games
« on: February 24, 2019, 02:06:33 pm »
There’s nothing I want to get with a Jan, Feb or March release date in 2019. In late April I’ll probably pick up Days Gone and it will have taken 4 months into the year before a game came out I wanted to play.

General / I actually don’t like waiting for price drops on games
« on: February 24, 2019, 01:12:28 pm »
There’s only a certain number of AAA games released each year to pick from. Of those only a certain few appeal to me.

I’m very intentional with what I play so when I want to play something, I really want to play it. I don’t have that “I’m interested in this but only when it hits this price” mentality.

If I’m interested in a game it’s very valuable/enticing to me and when I’m not interested in a game it’s worthless to me.

There are many games that I could scoop up very cheaply at $10-15 but even at those prices I have no inclination to want to play them.

The scarcity of games I really want to play makes them a very easy sale to me even at $60. I could (and likely would) be waiting months until another new game rolls around that peaks my interest.

If a game doesn’t excite me enough to play on day one, I likely don’t care about playing it at all.

There was a time I wanted to budget to buy a new game every month but then I looked at the release date schedule and there wasn’t a game released every month that I cared enough about to play.

I can usually count the games I get really excited about in a year on one hand, at best they roll around once every 3 month, so why deprive myself to save a little money. If I didn’t buy the games I love day one I would go for months and months without a new game. I’m so selective that even being a willing day one buyer I do go for months and months without a new game anyway.

It just doesn’t make sense to pass up on games I want to play until they drop in price. There isn’t enough to play.

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