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General / Re: The Top 14 Games You Think You Spent The Most Time Playing
« on: February 03, 2019, 07:29:18 pm »
Oblivion/Skyrim/Fallout 3/Fallout New Vegas
RuneScape (popular browser based MMORPG when I was early teen)
A MOBA game that will not be spoken of but has 3K hours in
Mount and Blade: Warband
PAYDAY The Heist / 2
Rainbow Six Siege
Forza Motorsport 5 (came with XB1 and was launch title so one of few things to play for like a year straight) and Forza Horizon 2 ... just got really into it at the time for some reason
Sniper Elite 3 authentic difficulty
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
Red Dead Redemption 2

A MOBA and MMO certainly got the most play. They may not have been most fun but were most addictive. Then stuff like Bethesda rpgs and multiplayer FPS games.

I played a ton of Mario on SNES and N64 but I was so young I have no comprehension of the actual time spent. I used to play 99 stock (lives) matches of Super Smash on N64 and GameCube endlessly that I can’t put an hour figure on either.

I was really into Left4Dead, that was so fun and novel when first out.

I’ve played a lot of dynasty warriors too.

My most played when I was younger was Super Mario 3 / World on SNES. It was basically the only game at the time. Super Mario 64 got a ton of play time too.

My most played ever is probably a MOBA at 3,000 hours (not a joke nor exaggeration).

Single player wise in recent times definitely Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3/NV.

When Xbox came out I compulsively played Halo 1 and 2 too.

A lot of stuff is kinda ‘one and done’ especially when I was too young to have a job and trading in each time to get something new.

I haven’t played a lot of multiplayer titles but that is where the big play time racks up because it’s different every time and infinitely replayable.

Some games I was extremely fond of I haven’t played more than once e.g. Bioshock.

I’m always hoping for something that I can play for a really long time because I love it and not because I’m addicted to it. HITMAN and Sniper Elite 3 authentic difficulty gave me that kind of feeling.

Off Topic / Re: Do you like collector's/limited/special editions of things?
« on: February 03, 2019, 01:05:47 pm »
I'm going to say that since this is a video game collector's website, the answer for most people is probably going to be... yeah?

But the focus is retro video games not manufactured plastic tchotchkes or alternative slip cases etc.

Off Topic / Do you like collector's/limited/special editions of things?
« on: February 03, 2019, 12:16:27 pm »
Isn't it kinda messed up that they are manufactured to be of appeal rather than organically being something desirable (i.e. old, out of print, rare, nostalgic with passage of time)?

Modern Video Games / Re: How do you feel about always online games?
« on: February 03, 2019, 12:10:32 pm »
It's quite the trend now that 'requires internet' features on boxes. Just remembered a few others:

Need for Speed (2015)
Metal Gear Survive
The Division 1
Fallout 76
Gran Turismo Sport
Call of Duty WWII
Call of Duty BLOPS4
Destiny 2

Modern Video Games / How do you feel about always online games?
« on: February 01, 2019, 07:11:25 pm »
You know the ones that say 'requires internet' or similar on the box.

I know it shouldn't bother me but it kinda does.

I just jump to 'so if my internet drops out I can't play this' - my internet almost never goes out but still - it's the principle.

My mind also jumps to 'so I'm always gonna have to give money to MS/Sony for Gold or PS+ just to run this thing'.

It puts me off.

Games like Anthem and Division 2 I'd probably enjoy playing as a single player experience but there's just something wrong about always online even for single player.

It hasn't stopped me always from playing something I was really interested in, I played HITMAN and paid full price for instance despite it being always online. But I do routinely rule always online games out just cause it kinda irks me if I wanted the game for single player.

I waited a super long time for a good racing game on PS4 and when I heard GT Sport was always online even to play what little single player content it had I didn't even bother with it even to this day when it's probably 10 bucks.

All the movies I had on there were digital codes contained in physical blu ray copies of movies.

I had like Man of Steel, Men & Black 3 and Despicable Me.

Never used it but still kind of a bummer.

You used to be able to sell your blu ray copy and still have this digital library.

It sounds like you can link your UV to something else and keep access to your library but I can’t be bothered.


We are writing to inform you that the UltraViolet service is planning to shut down on July 31, 2019. You are receiving this message because you signed up for an UltraViolet Library or for a service that created an UltraViolet Library for you.

What does this mean for you?

Between January 31 and July 31, 2019

You can continue to access your UltraViolet movies and TV shows through the retailer(s) linked to your UltraViolet Library.
You can also continue to purchase new movies and TV shows and redeem digital codes by following the redemption instructions. Depending on the retailer, these new purchases and redemptions may or may not be added to your UltraViolet Library.
Linking your UltraViolet Library to additional retailers can maximize your access to your Library and help avoid potential disruption.

After the shutdown date

Your UltraViolet Library will automatically close and, in the majority of cases, your movies and TV shows will remain accessible at previously-linked retailers.
You can continue to make online purchases and redeem codes, but these may only be available through that retailer, and will not be added to your UltraViolet Library.

What should you do now?

As soon as possible, login at and choose
Retailer Services to verify the retailers linked to your UltraViolet Library. If your Library is not currently linked to a retailer or if you would like to link to additional participating retailers, select one or more retailers to link to your UltraViolet
Don't unlink or close your UltraViolet Library, as UltraViolet and retailers will be working together to maximize your continued access to movies and TV shows.

Look for further communications from UltraViolet and your retailers over the coming months, as some retailers may disconnect from UltraViolet before July 31.

Some details may be updated, so visit often for the most current information and answers to frequently asked questions.

Thank you for making UltraViolet part of how you enjoy digital entertainment. Please do not hesitate to contact customer support at if you have additional questions.


The UltraViolet Team

Video games were better when every protagonist was a white straight male.

Don’t be a dick for the sake of being a dick.
Legitimate opinion about the topic at hand.

Video games were better when every protagonist was a white straight male.

General / Re: Which stereotypical gamer critique annoys you the most?
« on: January 29, 2019, 08:23:50 am »
Who tf is telling people they could have bought a Lamborghini instead of video games?

It depends on the game.

Does anyone have a cool light set up?  Thanks for sharing.
I have a single energy saving plain light bulb in the middle of the room with my computer in attached to the ceiling.

In recent months I bought both Red Dead Redemption 2 and Pokemon Let's Go Eevee day one with no regrets. I don't mind paying full retail on a game I'm excited about and think is worth it, but that is only a couple times a year. I can't justify full price on linear single player games that are over in a weekend with no post-game content and I'm not a big multiplayer guy so it's tough for me to want to shell out full retail.

General / Do you think common/non-sought-after titles are collectible?
« on: January 26, 2019, 06:49:10 pm »
adjective: collectible
(of an item) worth collecting; of interest to a collector.
"his books became increasingly collectible classics"

If you use the definition 'worth collecting' - I don't.

I don't think that things that are in abundance and not particularly desirable are worth collecting. Otherwise you just end up buying up whatever blu ray/book/video game you come into contact with.

The more common something is, in general, the less desirable or collectible it is - from the stand point of how interesting it is to have in the collection.

That's not to say that common titles aren't worth playing, that's something very different from worth collecting - but I can see how it could be argued that those two things (worth playing and worth collecting) are one in the same. I guess I mean you wouldn't put an average and common title in a glass display case as a centre piece to a collection or anything and wouldn't be excited to come across it, peaking your interest as a collector of that particular type of thing.

I place no value on common average to poor games. Obviously something can be very common and very desirable due to being good games such as Mario Bros 3 and Contra but I would say those are worth playing rather than worth collecting.

Modern Video Games / Re: How important are graphics to you?
« on: January 25, 2019, 03:35:44 pm »
Right now I'm playing through Pokemon Crystal via virtual console on my 2DS, which was originally a Gameboy Color game.

Sooo ... not important.

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