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Site Feedback / Suggestions
« on: October 09, 2011, 02:02:52 am »
(1)when you are submit a game you can add rating to it how about let us add official nintendo seal of quality  or the sega Seal of Quality
(2)i have a game compilation it has 3 game in it I would like if vgcollect could have way for me add it to my collection
(3)how about chat room for gamers

General / western outlaw: wanted dead or alive review
« on: February 25, 2012, 07:13:18 am »
developer jarhead games  publisher groove publishing

let's get straight to the review


with a game made in 2003 i cant expect 2012 graphics  but that's not the case here the graphics look bad for 2003
this game looks better than redneck rampage but worst than soldier of fortune and i think you can guess how bad the graphics are in this game

story and sound

the story is as generic as a western can get
how generic ??? you play as the stranger do i have say any more also music and sound is just generic western  


well this is an fps so not much to say about it

but will talk about th AI
the AI  so bad you can walk away from them and and I'm not joking  

the boss battles also have the bad AI  the first boss battle all you have to do is duck beside a crate and pick him off and than in level 6 you get to crazy eddie
and the game throws a f@^* you

let me tell you how to beat crazy eddie

crazy eddie has a gatling gun and you the player has TNT
the crates in the level do not protect you and crazy eddie can see you from a mile away and is hiding behind a armored wagon

so how do you kill him?? well thare is three wooden boxes behind him you have to toss the TNT at a pacific box and a pacific spot on that box
you get three sticks of TNT in the wagon and you killed him and here is a map of the level from a walkthrough

bugs and installing process

installing the game is vary easy and with no problems and now a three bugs in the game

the blood pooling in the game doesn't work i have shot the guy in the head and the blood came out his leg
in level 1 you are in a train and all the men in the train has thare chin in the walls in the roof and the floor
in level 2 thare is a spot ware you can spawn a tree in the path ware you have to go making it impossible to finish the level
and those are just three of the many many many bugs in the game


in contention it's bad bad game and its only for the people who love to exploit glitches


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