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General / How many of you use box protectors for your collection?
« on: June 15, 2019, 07:45:52 pm »
Seems a lot of resellers use them to trying and justify their jacked up asking prices on various things, but do you use them for your personal collection? I've begun the goal of acquiring box protectors for my entire collection, boxes, cases, and cart only. I really like the looks of them, and not just for particular games but for everything. I find it enhances the presentation and makes it look more like a proper collection, rather than just an accumulation of stuff. To me a box protector says "I care about this / this is important to me". It's not just another random thing in my house that's collecting dust.

Of course, not only do they preserve condition and protect against minor incidents that may occur, the high gloss finish just makes every game pop. Even if the game or box is not in great shape, a box protector makes them appear to be in better shape than they are. I find they're well worth the 75 cents to $1 they usually sell at. I'm going to be ordering hundreds more of these things. Right now I'm boxing up my DVD style case games and it's looking good. I would have to recommend them.

How many of you use box protectors for all of your collection, versus just using of them for particular games, or items that you sell or buy that came with one?

Site Feedback / Can the search bar be improved?
« on: May 28, 2017, 02:10:17 pm »
The biggest problem with the search function is that the box disappears if you move the mouse away from it. This makes it particularly hard, if not impossible on desktop to copy and paste text into the bar which is often necessary because the search engine doesn't typically recognize misspelled searches, or anything short of the exact entry for a title. It would be better if the box were disabled by clicking away from it.

Site Feedback / Possible malicious pop-ups/page hijacking?
« on: April 06, 2017, 06:07:27 pm »
So I was just browsing through my collection page when all of a sudden I was forwarded to (what I think) is a bogus Microsoft webpage claiming my computer is infected with viruses and that I need to call a 1-800 number and contact them.

This is the page that I was taken to -

[link redacted by admin]

General / DreamGear Retro Machine
« on: March 23, 2017, 02:06:04 pm »
So I recently got around to opening this thing up and trying it out. I got it for Christmas unexpectedly, and had no idea what to think of it. The Retro Machine I have has 200 built-in arcade games that are basically knock-offs of various arcade classics. I'm actually fairly impressed with it, it's valued at about $20, it's very portable, takes 3 AA batteries, has a bright and colorful LCD, and there's 200 games. It's crazy to think that back in the 90s, something like this would be Action 52. A $60 game cartridge for NES or Genesis that had 52 games on it - ranging from bad to ugly, and some of which didn't even work. The Retro Machine is a much better product, and for way less money. I'm not trying to say that the games are amazing or anything, but from what I've played so far, they're pretty darn good for $20. Of the 200 games, so far I've tried the first 8. Here are my thoughts on them.

"F-22" - You guessed it, a vertical shoot-em-up. You blast through patterns of enemies, collect power ups, and progress through the stages. A pretty good one.

"Racing Fighter" - This game is kind of bland. It don't get how it's a race if there are no positions. You just drive vertically and shoot other cars, or dodge them. You eventually run out of ammo and fuel and I can't figure out how to replenish either. I don't really get it. This one is not so good.

"Vanguard" - This is a tank game where you're going through levels, blasting enemy tanks and turrets, collecting health packs and better fire-power. Not bad.

"Animal Blockers" - A puzzle game with animal faces on blocks, stacked on multiple levels. You match the faces in the right order to clear each level of blocks. It's okay.

"Magic Jony" - A platform puzzler where you use a piranha plant to eat so many enemies until they drop keys and to open treasure chests. It's not bad.

"Aerial Warfare" - This is a diagonal shoot-em-up with an emphasis on the altitude of the enemies. It's hard to see what you're doing and the graphics don't help. Kinda crappy.

"Crystal Ball" - This game reminds me of Lolo. Your character sort of looks like him, and you go through boards collecting these stones while avoiding enemies that follow repeated paths, and some that just move around erratically. Probably the best one so far.

"Police Dog Lasy" - You watch a criminal bury his loot in a field, but he also buries bombs. Then you go out into the field and dig up the loot, while avoiding the bombs. It's okay I guess.

I'm only a fraction of the way into these games, but so far I'm impressed I found anything that I actually liked. It's surprising that any effort actually went into this. No doubt that many, if not most of the games are direct knock-offs of something, but I don't mind. The music is pretty cool too, it's quite similar to NES music. I could just be really late to this boat, but I've not heard anyone mention this thing around here, so I thought I would. Apparently there's newer models, maybe better ones by now. I dunno. But I think this thing is worth picking up if you like classic arcade style games. For $20, why not?

Wanted to post this here, in case other might have the same luck. My local Walmart store has just put out one of those large bins full of clearance video games. Ranging all modern consoles, new and "Walmart pre-owned" and prices from $5 - $19.99. I was able to find Mega Man Collection (PS4) for only $5, and Super Smash Bros Brawl (Wii) for $15.

This is a "your mileage may vary" deal, it might not be occurring at all stores, and all stores might not have the same stock. But, it's worth a shot.

Off Topic / The Haunted VGCollect Thread
« on: October 26, 2016, 10:29:18 am »
So, actually I wanted to make this thread at the beginning of the month because the season is right, and I've put it off now until it's almost pointless, and it may be a stupid idea and will totally flop. But, I wanted to post this general "haunted" thread as a place where anyone can share their opinions and experiences with all things paranormal. Whether you think it's all a bunch of crap, or you are totally convinced.

Mostly, what it'd like to see here is if anyone has any personal stories about something possibly paranormal, or just weird and creepy. I doesn't necessarily have to be about yourself, but at least try and refrain from making up things, or posting about stuff that is known to be a hoax or not true. Discussion, or debate of any post is of course welcomed and encouraged, so that we can keep the thread interesting.

Myself, I'm not a hardcore believer, I think that a lot of people make things up for the entertainment value. Another part of me though, thinks that maybe some of it may have some truth behind it. I've never personally experienced anything that I would say is paranormal, although I've always wanted to. I've heard several stories before from friends and a few from family, and I actually do have one that I'll probably share in a bit, if the thread doesn't flop hard. It's a story about my great uncle who was involved in a mysterious incident in the 1960s, with police and medical records that actually back up the claims.

So, if anyone wants to jump in feel free to. It just seemed like the right time of year to be telling scary stories and giving one another the heebie-jeebies. Sometimes it can be fun, so I thought I'd see how this would go around here.

General / Buying the same series across multiple platforms, yay or nay?
« on: October 17, 2016, 12:49:35 pm »
Say that a multi-plat game comes out across several plaftorms. You go with the PlayStation version, does it bother you to then pick up the sequel or further installments for Xbox, or Nintendo, instead of the console you've started buying the series for? I'm sort of struggling with this, on occasion. Sometimes it's just easier to find stuff across platforms instead of all on one. But at the same time, you can't keep the games together because the unwritten rule is you must organize your games by console. It's a really petty thing, it annoys me a lot.

What do you say? Pick up whatever version is most convenient, or try to get the whole series all on the same platform?

This is a trend I have noticed across the internet the past could of years. Websites basically shutting down. In some cases, websites that have been online for past 10 years. This trend seems to be most heavily concentrated on websites of (anonymous) social networking, like forums. Forums like VGCollect, even. Heck, even 1-Up bit the dust. Yahoo is considering closing down some of their branches. I've even heard that Twitter is in a sharp decline and may eventually bomb.

I just heard that the website Experience Project is shutting down. I thought that was a really cool idea for a site. I worry about other sites like Last.FM, or Rate Your Music which is currently undergoing a transformation into a new brand and marketing strategy, could one day disappear. It seems like we're starting to see a lot of sites, ones that used to get many hits, basically drop off the map. It's not something that I'm used to, I guess. I've always taken for granted that once on the internet, it'll always be there. But that's not the case.

I'm sure Facebook has hurt a lot of website traffic, but can that really be the only reason for it?

No matter how stupid it might be, what are some moments while gaming that had you cracking up? Maybe a game glitch, or an unforeseen turn of events, etc. Some stories might not seem too funny to recount, they might be more of had to be there moment, but just give it a shot I guess.

I thought of this last night when I was playing more Alias. I started the whole game over on my 360 after my OG Xbox kicked the bucket.

I was on this level where you're supposed to sneak past like 7 armed guards in a warehouse. I was tired, so I just ran for it, they saw me and gave chase. So in desperation, I climbed up on a crate hoping they couldn't shoot me up there. This was futile as they were still filling me with lead. My character did the whole hunkering over animation from being shot, and I guess in a panic I had pressed some buttons, she did this odd looking spin around and then took a swan dive off the crate straight down onto the ground pretty much on her face, in the middle of the shark pit of guards. I swear it looked so deliberate, like someone diving into a pool. Of course, they immediately finished me off. For some reason, it was just hilarious to witness. I couldn't recreate that if I tried. It sounds really dumb, but I couldn't stop laughing about it.

Marketplace / Warmsig's bad stuff cheap
« on: January 14, 2016, 07:51:53 pm »
I've got a lot of junk I don't wanna just trash, so I'm hoping to find new homes for. Most of it is not that great, or not in great condition (none tested, all as is). Pretty much pricing this stuff to move. Any buyer must pay shipping costs. The only payment I accept is Paypal. There are a few items here marked as freebies, which you can have free if you buy at least one thing. I will be adding more games and stuff in the coming days and weeks for cheap prices, so check back. I won't have most of this stuff very long, some will go on eBay, the rest will be donated/dumped. Thanks for looking.

Dollars for discs - The following are disc only games, some of them are kinda scratched, all $1 each (honestly I'd prefer if someone would just make me an offer for all).

- The Sims (PS2)
- ATV Offroad Fury (PS2 GH)
- GTA III (XBOX) (scratches)
- Charlie and the Choco Factory (PS2) (scratches)
- Samurai Warriors (PS2)
- Ratchet and Clank (PSP GH) (cracks on plastic)
- Star Wars Force Unleashed (PSP GH)
- Puzzle Chronicles (PSP)
- Destroy All Humans (PS2)
- Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2x (XBOX) (scratches)
- Simpsons Road Rage (XBOX) (scratches)
- Secret Agent Clank (PSP)
- Death Smiles (360)
- Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron (PSP)
- Five (5) copies of Kinect Adventures for the price of one (360)
- Up (PSP)
- Endwar (PSP) (freebie, UMD damaged)
- Daxter (PSP) (freebie, UMD damaged)
- Transformers the Game Bonus disc (freebie)
- Deadliest Warrior bonus disc (freebie)
- Halo 3 (360)
- Battlefield 3 single player disc (360)
- Lost Planet (360)
- MotoGP 06 (360)
- Soldier of Fortune Payback (360)
- Kinect Game demos
- 007 Quantum of Solace (360)
- Enslaved (360)
- Fallout 3 (PS3)
- Fallout New Vegas (PS3, a lot of pin holes, freebie)
- Wii Play (scratched)
- Modern Warfare 2 (PS3)
- Battlefield Bad Company 2 (PS3)
- Mag (PS3, freebie)

Decent games for decent prices - the following are some more disc only games that I'd like to make something on.

- Tactics Ogre (PSP) $8
- Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP) $5
- Adventures To Go (PSP) $5
- Star Ocean Second Evolution (PSP) $10
- Growlanser Wayfarer of Time (PSP) $10

Books and guides -  everything must go.

- Pokemon White & Black ver 2 Offical Nation Pokedex Vol 2 (torn back cover) $1
- Epic Mickey 2 Collector's Guide hardback (new) $2
- Pokemon Black & White ver 2 Collector's Guide hardback (new) $2
- Battlefield 4 Guide hardback (new) $1
- COD Ghosts Guide hardback (new) $1

Boxes and various stuff for $3 each - everything must go.

- Conception II first print outer box (PS Vita, freebie)
- Kirbys 30th Anniversary (outer box only)
- PS Vita console box
- Nintendo 3DS console boxes, pink, blue, red, purple, blue Mario Kart 7 ver,
- Nintendo DSi black
- Nintendo 2DS Pink box (some damage) with Mickey Case
- Classic (fat) PS3 40gb and 80gb (some wear)
- 360 Kinect bundle
- Wii U Zelda bundle console box display (no inserts)
- Pokemon X/Y bundle (outer box only, have both blue and red)
- Luigi's Mansion 3DS bundle (outer box only)
- NES themed 3DS box
- Roll of Codename STEAM posters 12x18 (freebie)

Free standees (these are free as long as you pay shipping).

- Disney Infinity 2.0
- Hitman Absolution

As the title asks. I noticed you can buy them from Japan for a lot cheaper, but I have a NA Dreamcast.

Classic Video Games / Anyone else enjoy the Runabout series of games?
« on: July 06, 2015, 05:32:00 pm »
Runabout 2 was a game I enjoyed on the PS1 back in the day. For anyone who hasn't played it, it's a driving game where you are given several objectives to accomplish across a city landscape (usually smashing into and blowing stuff up) within a time limit. It's a pretty faced paced game, and has that arcade game feel, it's sort of along the lines of the Crazy Taxi series.

I just recently researched the series, because I only ever played part 2 and found out why that was. Apparently, the first game in the series was re-named for North America and they decided to call it "Felony 11 79". So they gave it probably the worst name in the history of PS1 games when they brought it over here, and the bland cover art is easily overlooked. However, Runabout 2 was brought as Runabout 2. Go figure?

Then apparently, another entry known as Super Runabout came out on the Dreamcast, which I didn't know about until recently. Then part 3 came out on PS2, but only in Europe for some reason. Lastly, there was a 4th Runabout that came out on 3DS and in North America no less, but they decided to call it "Crash City Meyhem" and give another sort of misleading cover art. What's the deal? Why didn't they just localize all of these games as Runabout?

I enjoyed part 2, and I'll be adding the rest to my wishlist in time. Anyone else ever play these games?

General / Price hike on Super Mario Bros?
« on: July 02, 2015, 10:36:39 pm »
Not the ultra common Super Mario Bros / Duck Hunt combo cartridge, but the lone Super Mario Bros cart. While there is evidence of it's value increasing online, I found it strange that a local store has just started pricing them at $26. Last week when I went they had about 5 copies, several were about $8 and a few were $26 which surprised me. I go back this week and all of them have been relegated to the "important game" shelf and now all of them at $26?

Doesn't make sense checking it against online prices, yeah there's a price increase, but not that much. Did I miss something? Was there some sort of hype going around the net about this version lately?

General / Will there ever be a "Retron" for portables?
« on: July 02, 2015, 12:56:24 pm »
That would be a machine I would actually buy. It would be so cool if they came out with a console that let you play classic portable games on your TV screen. GameBoy, GameBoy Color, Game Gear, Atari Lynx, Neo Geo Pocket, WonderSwan, etc. Image a console that could accept any of those carts and play them at home on the big screen.

I'd love just to be able to play my Game Gear games on something other than a half-broken Game Gear.  8)

So talking Mario today got me thinking about this. How do you order all of the main Mario entries from most favorite to least appreciated for you? Here is my list (and I do include Yoshi's Island because it's called SMW 2, and handheld entries that represent the main series).

1 - Super Mario 64
2 - Super Mario Galaxy
3 - Super Mario World
4 - Super Mario Bros. 2
5 - Super Mario Sunshine
6 - Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
7 - Super Mario Bros. 3
8 - Super Mario Galaxy 2
9 - Super Mario Bros.
10 - New Super Mario Bros. Wii
11 - New Super Mario Bros. Wii U / New Super Luigi
11 - Super Mario 3D World
12 - New Super Mario Bros. DS
13 - Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels
13 - Super Mario Land

As a fan I'm embarrassed to admit I've never played 3D Land, Land 2, Land 3, or New Super Mario Bros. 2, so I don't know where those would fit for me.

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