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Classic Video Games / Long Box PS1 games and reprints
« on: June 23, 2015, 10:02:16 pm »
This is something that occurred to me. I know there are a few PS1 games that were only ever sold in long box form. But, it intrigues me that so many of them were re-printed in jewel case form. Quite a few of them were not successful games to the point of gaining Platinum Hits status either.

So how far back did they go to reprint games into jewel cases? Some of them had to be out for a while, and why did they bother doing it? The games were already out, the initial sales were over, the jewel cases weren't going to boost further sales. So did they feel somehow obligated to reprint all of those games? Who paid for the reprint? The individual publishers, or Sony?

Another weird thing is why were there three long box versions? They couldn't decide which to go with? Personally I like the plastic one with the ridges on the spine. But it's strange, some games were made with all three versions of the long box. That's another mystery in itself.

Any former Sony employees here know why they made all of these weird packaging a re-printing choices?

Off Topic / Why is DVR such a confusing and obsure monopoly?
« on: June 10, 2015, 07:36:20 pm »
This is not my area of expertise, so I may sound like a fool. But back in the day, when you wanted to record something on TV, you put a cassette tape in and you pressed record. You could even program the VCR to record at the exact time and channel you wanted. It was simple. It was free.  ???

Now, you basically have TiVo, and TV provider equivalents which all charge you monthly rates to be able to record the shows you want digitally. ::) Yet, elsewhere on the market there are very, very few products which do the same without any call for subscriptions. In fact, the only thing I can find is a DVD recorder by Magnavox which also has an internal 500 GB HDD.

My question is why are there virtually no devices on the market where you can simply record from video-out and be able to at least manually program dates and times, and possibly be able to export or store the data on an external or thumbdrive? If this exists, I'd like to know about it.

I guess I was extremely lucky to have bought an Aiptek handycam several years ago that actually features a video in recording function. It is essentially a mini-DVR, just not the most convenient means of recording television. Yet, I see nothing else really to choose from, because I'm dead set against paying a monthly fee to be able to record stuff off TV.

Anyone here know more about this stuff than me? Maybe there is something I'm missing here?

I took a gamble, an inexpensive one with a Goodwill store recently. Still waiting on the package. They sell everything with generic descriptions and stock images. I know, I know, never buy a game with a stock image. :-\ But, when something pops up for a 1/3rd the average price from any seller and claims to be "very good" condition, it's hard to say no and opt for a more expensive listing with a picture.

I don't know how these GW stores operate, they seem to have their own idea of what condition is. Which is against eBay's policy. eBay defines "very good" as having the artwork and liner notes without much wear and tear. These GW stores on the other hand make no mention of completeness, but as far as I know are bound to the same policy as everyone else, or should be. I'm just hoping I get lucky enough to receive a complete game (PS1 game) that isn't too trashed up. I've bought a music CD from a GW seller, it turned out complete but kind of worse for the wear.  :-\

I know there are many sellers who disagree with that policy, who think as long as the disc or cart is good looking, it should be above acceptable. I disagree there, and side with eBay on that. Acceptable is the condition of an incomplete game, imo. Even if the game looks mint. In the description a seller can brag about cart or disc condition until their heart is content.

General / World of Nintendo
« on: May 10, 2015, 12:21:12 pm »
I figured this deserved it's own thread as opposed to recently added thread. So I was mowing a yard near the back side of this pawn shop, and I happened to look over and notice these two WoN display units just sitting outside. We called the guy up who runs the shop, and sure enough he was just going to junk them. One went to my bro, and one for me. Condition is a bit worn, most notably... both missing the WoN logo from the top. But, I think they will clean up well. These are the big models, 5 feet long by 6 feet tall. They're back-lit and feature a separate shelving area for consoles and accessories at the bottom. These units came from a Kmart store.

Never thought I'd stumble across one of these, let alone two of them, for free! The biggest problem for me right now, is figuring out where I'm going to fit mine in my home! I'd love to put my NES games in it. We are thinking about having a sign shop just repro the WoN logos for us, if possible. It's a thin plastic logo that screws over top of the clear.

FYI, Kmart is getting out of the games market, and there's a chance these things might turn up behind their stores, if they're not already gone. The last time I went in to their store, they had already taken their more modern game displays out. So you might go check, or ask around there if they have any of these left.

General / PS2 game price spike?
« on: May 07, 2015, 12:36:08 am »
Is this happening?

I don't have too many more PS2 games to get, but there are a few I held off last year and now they're double, if not triple what I remembered. Like, when did Dual Hearts become a $40 game? Last I checked it was like $15 on average. When Did Jade Cocoon 2 become a $25 game? It used to be like $5 - $8.

You might not see a full-on spike occuring, but I've noticed across many platforms lately not just PS2, there seems to be a scalping trend going on with obscure titles. Not really rare games, but games that are overlooked / obscure and look solid, are becoming the target of scalping. Doesn't seem to require any sort of demand for them, they're just sort picked at random - "this is worth a lot because most people haven't ever heard of it", I guess.

Gah, you can't escape this sort of thing with any platform nowadays. Seems like folks will pay about anything for a game, if it was $5 yesterday they'd buy it and if it's $50 the day after, they'd still buy it. At such a rate it'll always be a seller's market.

Marketplace / NES/SNES boxes on request
« on: March 30, 2015, 11:32:10 am »

I wanted to bump this again in order to plug our website, since it is somewhat off of the ground now. On the site you can find a pretty decent selection of boxes, but if you don't see something you'd like to have, we will take requests. Generally we prefer to stick NTSC region products, we don't do Famicom or Super Famicom right now. But if it's NTSC there's a good chance we can make it for you. Basically once a game is requested, it becomes added to our catalog. We just don't have pics of the ones we haven't actually made yet. Presently we do NES, SNES, N64, Gameboy/Color/GBA. We are looking to expand into more platforms eventually, like Sega 32x, Sega CD, Genesis, and possibly more later on.

Again, we mark our boxes as repro on the backs, and we do put a lot of care and attention to detail into these. Many hours spent on Photoshop and we literally hand make every single one that someone buys per order. We include cartridge trays and foam blocks inside as well. We ship FREE to anywhere in the USA, no minimum order. As of right now, no international orders are accepted, and Canadian orders have to be negotiated due to crazy shipping costs over the boarders. Basically we would need to get a shipping quote first, and then work something out if you are in Canada and are interested.

So guys if you're curious, head on over to and let me know what you think!


I thought I would try and plug this in case anyone was interested. I am currently up and ready with my hand made game boxes, that I've been working on for months. The boxes are like the originals, except these are made on a sturdy fine art paper, they also have a stamp of our project name in place of the bar code. The look and feel is pretty good, I think. They include inserts just as the originals did, for NES that is a Styrofoam block, and for SNES it is a cartridge tray. No manuals. Well, not yet anyways.

Almost any game can be made. Here are some examples of what we can do -

If anyone here is interested, PM me. Trying to get $13 shipped on each, there is actually a good bit of work and materials that go into hand making each one. And well, that's still better than what a lot of boxes go for. Since these are made on request, I will start building them after a buyer sends payment, and will ship as soon as it is done. I prefer/accept PayPal. Also, at this time I'd rather not ship over seas, and these are NA versions only.

Hardware and Tech / Xbox 360 hates DVDs all of a sudden
« on: February 19, 2015, 05:35:50 pm »
This is a spare 360 I pulled from the garbage one day, and to my surprise it worked. Just to make sure, I've been watching DVDs on it for over a week now. Issues started a few days ago, it would get an occasional freeze and "attempting to read media" message. Turn it on for some more DVDs today, hit play and the 360 logo screen pops up, as the video and audio signals begin flashing on and off, while the "secure HDCP link" message states that it is lost over and over.  ???

A bit coincidental that it worked for a bit, and then decided to pull this. Sounds like a laser issue, but the HDCP link message seems like the problem could be either my TV or even the HDMI cable. I really don't feel like cracking the console open.

Modern Video Games / Is Pikmin 3 already the hardest Wii U game to find?
« on: February 19, 2015, 02:07:08 am »
...and also the most costly standard edition game? My closest retail option is a Walmart, over an hour's drive out of my way. Although, I would love the opportunity to buy it from them, seeing as the pre-owned copies are only $30. Probably isn't going to happen.  :-\

This game really slipped through the cracks. It was there for a minute, and now gone. Destine to become another Pikmin 2 in terms of scarcity and value. That's how it seems, at least.

Off Topic / Anyone here filed a complain with their local post office?
« on: January 28, 2015, 01:04:41 am »
I've really, finally had enough this time. I can't recall how long ago it has been since I received a package from eBay where the game inside wasn't crushed. Every single one, and every type of game I order, crushed, crushed, and crushed. I've put up with it far too long, and I'm fairly confident in saying that it is my postman. The guy struggles to get in and out of his vehicle he's so overweight, and he breaks a sweat carrying a package 10 feet, I don't know how he has the job still. But it's got to stop.

Problem is, I don't know what to do exactly. Do I just go to the service desk and ask to file a complaint? There are many post offices near me, but the one my packages come to first before being delivered to me is actually not the post office for the town I live in which is confusing. I want to do this in person so that it actually counts for something. I've started taking pictures of every crushed item I retrieve so that when I go, I can show them what I'm putting up with.

Any ideas? Suggestions? Can I ask to have all packages addressed to me left at the post office so that I can come pick them up?

General / How trustworthy is LukieGames on condtion?
« on: January 22, 2015, 12:02:24 am »
They they are a huge online dealer, they of course use generic descriptions. But the fine print says basically, the game could be jacked up cosmetically and they only guarantee that it works.

When buying online, I almost always buy from the small sellers and people with actual photos. So I'm wondering, do they pedal any crap condition stuff at all? Anyone bought from them and got something less than decent?

Why does it seem like fewer people do this now? I go into retail stores and find an obliterated label on a cart, and they charge the same price as the good label. I've noticed there is no consideration for condition, at least not so much anymore. On eBay, if the game is not highly valuable or rare, then condition doesn't seem to effect value. The price difference is negligible. Even an Earthbound cart that has been thrashed is only $10 less on eBay than a good label cart.

I hate browsing eBay looking for a cart or disc only copy to complete a case that I have, only to find there is no discount for the incomplete ones. They're basically the same as buying a whole other complete game. So this idea I've always had about keeping cases around because I could save on getting the game only, I'm ready to throw out. Most of the time you can't save anything.  :'(

I dunno, I remember a time when condition seemed to matter more. If something was bad, or missing, the value was less. Not so much anymore. Maybe I'm ranting over isolated instances, but it really seems like something's different? :-\

Modern Video Games / Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia stealth reprint
« on: January 11, 2015, 01:59:47 am »
So following the influx of Calling for Wii that GameStop has seen in the past month, there's another title that should be popping up more and more at your location, Order of Ecclesia on the DS. This was the third installment in the DS trilogy, and is considered to be a sequel to Bloodlines, I believe.

I'm not sure if this is news or not, but I made the conclusion myself today after stopping by two GS locations and checking their dumpsters. What did I find? Two OoE cases and manuals, one at each location. Both appeared very fresh, except they that both had a slight blemish on the same exact area of the case. The manuals looked to be untouched, and had a freshly printed smell to them.

To be sure, the website now has pre-owned copies in stock. However, to most people it will be a "cart only" reprint, as reprints are designated as pre-owned and so being DS, that means chuck the case to save shelf room. So a lot of OoE cases and manuals will be hitting the landfill in the coming weeks. Nevertheless, it's an interesting choice for reprint, I didn't realize it was considered hard to find, although it does remain to be the last DS entry I need.

Classic Video Games / So, who is responsible for hyping up Punky Skunk?
« on: December 30, 2014, 02:16:42 am »
I was recently thinking about the phenomenon of games that have no value, suddenly being worth something over night. It led me back to thinking of the PS1, which is a console that still has a lot of cheap games on it.

One such cheap, rather obscure game is Punky Skunk. When I researched the PS1 library this year and drew up my battle plans, Punky Skunk was definitely a back burner title and I jotted down that the average value at the time was $5. Something happened around July and now this random obscure PS1 game is going for $25 - $30.  :o Something had to happen. People didn't just decide to start paying more for it overnight. Someone must have hyped it up. I suspect it was probably a popular YouTube channel, but I don't know which.

I present you with exhibit A from April of 2014 where a few vultures were seen duking it out over $5 -

Now I present you with exhibit B, a current auction where several vultures are now duking it out over $20 -

So why, I ask the jury of VG Collect... why, are five people currently duking it out to pay $20 for Punky Skunk? We simply don't have a legit reason, and that is why I ask you to find eBay sellers guilty. Guilty of shill bidding in the second degree!

I bothers me because I know this doesn't just decide to happen. Someone, or something, makes it happen. Now there is one less $5 game in PS1 the catalog. I just hope my local game store hasn't done inventory and updated their price, because I'm pretty sure they've had a copy for some time.

I couldn't remember. I see no physical off switch on it, just the power button which goes red once it powers down. I remember the Wii also had no switch, but it had two modes, one where it the disc drive would light up and the other was a power down with just the yellow light. I just feel weird about yanking the plug while the console is technically "on", even while off.

With consoles like PS2 and PS3, you have a physical switch that completely powers off before pulling the plug, and as for the Xbox and 360, while they don't have a power switch, at least they appear to completely shut off once you hit power. So Nintendo is the weird one, there is no switch, but the console stays lit and can still do things while in "off" mode.

I notice a lot of them where non-standard carts. The reason I ask, is because I'm interesting in knowing which ones to look out for just to rob the cases, so that I can box my loose Genesis. The problem is, of course, so many non-standard cartridges with sports.  :-\

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