Author Topic: I have been a YouTuber for just shy of 500 days (497) & failed to reach 1K subs  (Read 1353 times)

Did you pay for subs? It says you have 1k now a day later..


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I remember when you announced to us you wanted to open your YouTube channel. I was super excited and was expecting you'd do something informative or at least vlogging videos about video games or any subject you enjoy. This would have probably worked. But then you sent us the link and I realised you were just uploading music compilations. There's nothing wrong with that but there's at least a million other channels that do the same, your channel just doesn't stand out in the crowd. If you do something more original then you'll eventually attract a niche, which could grow further over time.

My YouTube channel has few subscribers aswell but it's only due to the fact I don't upload regularly and that I never really tried to attract an audience. But the few subscribers I did get, pretty much only subscribed thanks to that one video I made which talked in-depth about the particularities of the retail video game market of my nation. Good editing, interesting subject, humor, those are the things that will make you stand out. That one video I made wasn't enough to attract 1k subs of course because I'm a nobody, so the video doesn't get recommended in the algorithm. But the viewer comment/likes ratio is insane compared to the small number of views, which means that the few people who did find the video LOVED it. If you do something similar, and keep it up video after video, you definetly have a chance to get something going. You just have to persevere in the beginning.

My video for reference (it's in French but I suppose you could still find inspiration by watching it's style and format)
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Did you pay for subs? It says you have 1k now a day later..
No. I posted on reddit about being on youtube for nearly 500 days and not making it and went viral.