Author Topic: A Large Incoming PS3 Update May Have Disabled My SONY Wireless Controller?  (Read 206 times)

Console power button turned the console on but I could not get any controller to work because all my wireless controllers power buttons didn't work even when plugged in.

I originally thought my PlayStation 3's Super Slim had a broken controller or USB port because I could no longer use it  even with it inserted into either of my PS3's USB ports. So I bought a cheap wired controller recently and tested it only to find out that a PS3 software update was needed, and it was a huge update that must have just recently came out because last month my PS3 controller was working fine.

I mean my controller was completely unresponsive, even when it was plugged in. Even with the console powered on nothing was working. not even resetting the controller with the reset button.

 So I bought a new wired controller thinking my battery was shot. even the new controller didn't respond at first, so I thought it was  both of the USB ports.

 But after pressing random buttons on my newer wired controller I finally got the controller to turn on and to respond with my PlayStation 3 Super Slim

I am just giving everyone a heads up because I think that this was a SONY update for the PS3 that just now happened within weeks of my post today 3-8-2019
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I downloaded that update recently, and it made my PS3 work properly for the 1st time in 14 months. I haven't been able to synch my trophies since Dec 31, 2017 (Except the 1 day I installed a new HD...sometime in March) update allows me to synch up just fine. The update was pretty big.