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Your Opinions Of Online Radio Broadcasters Or DJ's
« on: July 24, 2022, 04:10:07 pm »
Story goes I brought up this topic on a forum about only music after I registered and then the next time I logged in I get a banned message and also another message saying ban will NEVER be lifted and no reason was given so I am pissed about that so anyway on with the topic.

what is your opinion about online radio broadcasters, do they suck? do you hate them? why do you think I was banned for no reason and given the message my ban will never be lifted? I did introduce myself and told them I was a non profit Broadcaster so maybe they thought I was spamming the forum anyway I am pissed about it I can't even start a discussion as a forum newbie without someone slamming the hammer for no reason.

My opinion is simple I think it is wrong to rebroadcast someone else broadcast for financial benefit, I also think it is wrong to broadcast without at least a blanket license, I also think it is wrong for any DJ to broadcast bootleg recordings or some recordings he or she got from some burned disc but I didn't say these things in the post on that forum so I don't know what the fuck happened.

I broadcast my own radio station without commercials, but I do have a blanket license that I pay for, I am guessing it't that I can't afford to pay 9c a song airtime that pissed them off though

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My radio station

instructions click: link  using WITH FIREFOX BROWSER
OR click on one of the 4 icons then save playlist to device.

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Re: Your Opinions Of Online Radio Broadcasters Or DJ's
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I have no opinion about online broadcasters.  I mostly listen to my own library or podcasts.

As for the rest of what you said, it has been covered before.  You have a license that protects you, but does not cover any services that you may use to broadcast.  You were banned because they were legally liable for what you were broadcasting.,11607.0.html#msg192214