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Photo display options
« on: August 22, 2019, 11:32:15 am »
So, I've had a little goal for myself since I set up here- when someone scrolls through my list of stuff, they'll be a picture for each listing. I've added many photos to obscure listings to set this up- but there's two in my collection now that present a challenge: The Arduboy and Art Master for the Vectrex. Neither of these have boxes- Arduboys (at least mine) ship in clear/silver Ziploc pouches, and Art Master was packaged with the Lightpen. What this means is, while both items have media photos of the cart/console listed, they still show up as 'no art' in my collection.

Is it possible to make the listing default to any available photo? Or, given the unique situation for these two specifically, is it appropriate to list the media photo as the 'front box art' so something shows up in collection lists?


Re: Photo display options
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Ideally, there should be two options in category and search result view:
1. Site default: If front image exists, display front image. If front does not exist, show cart_art image. If front image does not exist and cart image does note exist, show No Art
2. User preference: Use Site default or choose priority. Then a user can choose to always show cart_art image as the default. Possibility exists to have this done by category type (hardware, games, accessory)

Currently the site default is to show the Front art, no matter what. There is no user preference.

Regarding these items specifically, Arduboy front image should be how it is sealed. So it would look like this with the "Nutrition Facts" label being the front, and the bare side as being the back:

Art Master is a pack-in cartridge. It is allowed to have the cartridge picture be the front art on its entry.

For example, pack-in cartridges from consoles are like this, such as this Vectorman 2:

Or even this example of Lethal Enforcers pack-in from the accessory
Which becomes a weird situation since the community voted on Accessories with games to be in the games category, and (FYI) it technically is not considered to be a dupe of this