Author Topic: PvZ Battle for Neighborville (Garden Warfare 3) available now for just $30!  (Read 136 times)

So Battle for Neighborville leaked a few months back and today it was finally officially announced.. and released?!

If you're familiar with the Garden Warfare series this is basically the third installment but a slight reboot of it.

This is digital only for now. Six weeks of being able to play the game early before it is released physically for an extra $10 at $40.

If you buy this $30 Founder's Edition you will receive the full $40 standard edition at no additional cost.

The reason they are launching it six weeks early is because they will be rolling all the modes out week by week so they do not have any issues at the actual launch date.

Here's the website where you can read all about it:

Be sure to add to your wish list or collection here:
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