Author Topic: Who would you rather hang out with. Kratos or Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars?  (Read 845 times)

One Bald Narcissist and another Bald Narcissist although one is a little more menacing. 

I'd have to go with Rick, because when you go shopping with him he'll help you to talk down game vendors.  And he'll call in a buddy.  Which is his signature move.  Unlimited PP. 

Kratos seems like the type who will beat you up for trivial things.  Like if you accidentally burn the pizza rolls he will rip your head off and floss with your spine or something.  It's not the type of atmosphere I want to raise a family around. 

That's pretty much my take- Kratos could damn well kill me. Rick could be a valuable hookup for getting ahold of hard-to-get games. And hey- maybe I could be the guy he calls in! I can impress strangers with my knowledge of Lunar game variants!


Rick, I guess. We could shoot the breeze and do that ridiculous winded laugh at every bad joke we could think of until it got old.

Gotta go with Rick.


Kratos definitely!

I dunno, hanging out with Rick will be a pretty average and normal day, I can do that now as it is.

Hanging out with Kratos will be full of fantasy and lore. I can have a conversation with the World Serpent if I hang out with Kratos! ;D

  l    l 

Neither. WTF is this?


Rick is insufferable and böring, so hanging out with him will be the same if not worse. Kratos, on the other hand, will offer a day of mythical glory and unbridled badassery, so I’d rather hang out with him. Back in high school I used to have a friend who I would be constantly butting heads with, there being times where we would actually come to blows, but we were hand in glove, so I'd make it work with the God of War; I’ll get used to Kratos’ outbursts and tantrums.


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