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Favorite Movies of 2019
« on: December 19, 2019, 04:31:05 pm »
The end of the year is here, the last big one is about to release with Star Wars, so figure its a good enough time to figure out our favorite flicks of the year.  No numbers, just the stuff you enjoyed the most.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters - My absolute favorite of the year, no contest.  It's what I wanted from the 2014 film.  It's kinda crazy that I got both my favorite Godzilla and what is one of my least favorite Godzilla movies (Godzilla: The Planet Eater) in the same year lol The fights are great, Mothra, Roda, Godzilla, and Mothra all look so good, and I'm so excited for Godzilla vs Kong next year.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly - I think this is easily the best Dragon Ball movie they've done.  Dragon Ball Z had a mixed history of movies, with some great stuff to not so great stuff, and while the previous two films of Gods and Z were good, this one has the best story.  They made Broly actually likable beyond just a super strong crazy guy and the animation is incredible.  I still don't like the multiple styles of animation in the fight, it was a bad decision, but it all looks good, so it doesn't bother me.

Avengers: Endgame - A great finale to the end of that era of Marvel films.  It's a great time and I really enjoyed it.

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Childs Play  -  Movie was awesome.   It was polarizing to some of the horror purists, but since I was never a huge fan of the franchise, I was able to come into it without expecting as much and enjoy it very much.  It was cute.  And I love the cast and how well they acted.

It Chapter 2  -  My favorite Horror Movie franchise.  Fantastic sequel to the revision.  Not quite as good as the 2017 one,  but a pretty great movie nonetheless.   I loved the animation,  the deadlights were beautiful.   The plot was thick  and surprisingly funny at times.   The ending is what left much to be desired imo. 

Godzilla: Monster of Monsters -  I am a huge fan of Millie Bobby Brown and have loved gozilla since a little kid.   So this was a culmination I loved very much.    One thing I was worried about coming in, was since I am such a huge fan of Stranger Things,  is if Millie could seperate herself from the role of eleven enough where I wouldn't be distracted by "oh this is Eleven beating up godzilla"  but it definitely never felt like that.   Due in part of how incredibly talented she is as an actress.   I'm extremely happy they booked her for Zilla vs Kong coming up. 

Godzilla was finally the majestic beast we wanted.   This movie is the best godzilla has looked and sounded in quite some time imo.   And the monster fights were gorgeous.  Mothra still gives me chills. :D

Joker  -  Joker might take it for me this year.  Joke was just an enthralling,  deep, psychological rollercoaster.   I watched it on halloween night and nothing was quite like it.  It was so dark,  loony,  zany,  off the wall,  off the cuff and actually thought provoking to a point where it became art.   It was an amazing movie.  And Pheonix did an amazing job.    Probably my favorite joker.

I also watched Zombieland 2,  which was a good movie.   Amazing actually.  But I don't feel it was as good as my golden 4 here.  So I left it out :D


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Re: Favorite Movies of 2019
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John Wick Chapter 3: Favorite movie of the year. best Modern day action flicks in my opinion it's very hard to choose a fight scene that is my favorite. I guess being as vague as possible the one with Halle Berry.

Alita: Battle Angel: I'm just glad that there is finally a good Anime adaptation. You can tell it was made with a passion for the source material.

Detective Pikachu: I can see this being a good family film if you grew up with pokemon and have kids of your own. Even so just as a pokemon boomer i had way more fun watching this than I expected. It was a great Idea to start with this than some form of an adaptation of the main series of games.

Shaft: No expectations, never saw any of the other movies in the series but this movie from beginning to end was a fun watch. Just the right mix of comedy and action and is all around unapologetic. Only complaint is that this is the 3rd movie in the series with the same name

Honorable mention because it came out last year but i saw it this year

Bumblebee:  I had completely sworn off the Transformers Movies years ago. Gave it a chance after a recommendation (also found it for cheap) and it is the best of the live action Transformers hands down.

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I didn't watch many movies that came out this year, but one movie absolutey stands out as one of the better movies I've seen in several years, and that was Alita: Battle Angel. I was somewhat iffy about it before it came out and because of the whole big anime eyes thing, but it actually ended up being a great flick! I sincerely hope it gets a sequel.

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Forgot to do my honorable mentions as I did watch a bunch of stuff this year.

John Wick 3 - Surprisingly good, like I was just alright with the sequel, but 3 had such good action scenes.  I don't know if this series can continue on for like...the 2 movies they've confirmed, but it is still doing enough to be good.

Joker - I thought this one was just okay, it's not a movie I really wanted to see, I don't particularly like the idea of a Joker movie without everything that makes the Joker good, particularly his interaction with Batman and others, but Phoenix did a good job with the character.

Alita: Battle Angel - I like this one from a general scifi sense, but much like Ghost in the Shell in that way, I didn't like the main characters much.  The world is cool though.

Detective Pikachu - Way better than I was expecting, but unfortunately they showed basically the entire movie in the trailers.  Super annoying lol

Toy Story 4 - Classic Pixar in every way. 


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I've not see a lot of the year-end heavy hitters yet (The Irishman, Marriage Story), but right now I'd say it is over all a relatively weak year.  Not a lot that was terrible, but nothing that really really stands out.  The big exception would be Avengers: Endgame, which somehow managed to be a near perfect end to the first 10 years of the MCU.

Other than a lot of sequels that managed to be fine-to-good the main standouts so far have been Booksmart and Knives Out, and even then not quite living up the huge hype they had going in (Booksmart came close, though).

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I just noticed how I didn't watch many new films this year... and of the few I've watched, there aren't many I've really enjoyed, so I'll say that The Irishman and The Two Popes are definitely the best ones, while the worst ones, in my opinion, have to be Avengers: Endgame (that I feel to be extremely flawed) and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (which, I'm yet to see, but that is way too contaminated by the hate I feel towards The Last Jedi).
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Re: Favorite Movies of 2019
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Marriage Story - By fat the best film I have seen in years! It follows the breakdown of a marriage but isn't as bitter as something like Revolutionary Road. You can see that the lovers in question still care for each other despite the conflict. Well written and endearing performances, it's certainly worth the watch.

Toy Story 4 - Really Enjoyed it once again, I thought Feminist Bo-Peep would ruin the story but it was only a minor irritation.

Joker - Once again Brilliant performance piece. I felt the anarchy near the end was a little of the rails and  some of the ties to Batman a little too forced but I certainly enjoyed it.

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Rise of Skywalker - I feel this perfectly captures the feel of the Original Trilogy without feeling too derivative like Force Awakens did. I love that it's shot on 35mm as opposed to digital.

Detective Pikachu - Also shot on 35mm, this may very well be the Citizen Kane of video game movies. As a lifelong gamer and film buff, I loved how the two mediums came together in this one film.

I also went to reissues of The Wizard of Oz, My Fair Lady, To Kill a Mockingbird, Ben-Hur, Howl's Moving Castle, Nausicaa, My Neighbor Totoro, Alien and Meet Me in St. Louis. These reissues made up 70% of my moviegoing this year, and reminded me of how creatively and artistically bankrupt Hollywood is. I'm glad to have given up on the MCU after Black Panther.
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The only movie that I saw this year was Avengers: Endgame, which was a bittersweet letdown for me. Time travel stories are risky and I'm of the mindset that they usually feel like the "easy way out", plus I believe that concept should have been ignored completely the moment it reared its head; it wasn't needed, plain and simple. I agree with a post I read somewhere where the OP opines Marvel underestimated its audience by not trying to delve deeper into the cosmic aspect with this movie. In short, Thanos seized six gems of immeasurable power that should have undoubtedly alerted, at the very least, The Living Tribunal...or Death for the sake of keeping within the boundaries of what has been established so far, as well as trying to stay true to the comics. Thanos repeated the snap and "used the stones to destroy the stones", so that alone should've had the cosmic klaxon blaring. These cosmic beings were introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy, so we know they exist and are a fundamental part for the existence of these stones, so why not propel their inclusion within the MCU with this movie. I get they wanted to have an "earthly" story where the heroes save the day and are the focus, but the movie as a whole is no more than basically three hours of fan service. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but not so disparagingly. I mean, this is a three-hour long film where at times all we get is noise. For instance, we didn't need a scene at a diner where Prof. Hulk explained to us how he managed to merge his two halves while being so insufferable with the way he behaved. Too much exposition in this movie, quite frankly. The scale of what Thanos did was more than just snapping his fingers and getting his wish granted; he played God using instruments that weren't meant for him or anyone else, so the involvement of the Cosmic Entities should have been a given. It's cool that they apparently will explore this with Phase 4, but Avengers: Endgame was the perfect opportunity to do so, which is what this movie is for the most part: a case of missed opportunities. This movie was basically used as a promotional vehicle to push Disney+ shows.

Overall, when I watched the movie I felt as if they wrote the script the day before, or rather as they went along—like when you were at school and had to turn in an assignment and did it on the way there. They had an entire decade to perfect this movie, and, to me, they chose the easy way out. There's a little bit of truth to what Martin Scorsese said of Marvel movies not being cinematic given they don't bring anything new to the table or challenge the medium, they're more of a spectacle than anything else. I do believe Martin should watch some of those films, though, as I'm sure, taking their grandiosity away, he'll appreciate movies like Thor and Captain American: The Winter Soldier, and quite possibly The Avengers.

I've concluded that Far From Home will most likely be the last MCU film I watch; Phase 4 opens up with Black Widow, and I honestly think that movie is, at least, 4 years too late, and bringing in The Eternals seems great, but again, the opportunity to do so was missed a Phase, maybe two ago. There's definitely potential with what Phase 4 is offering, but overall I'm not particularly interested. I'm still quite bitter with the way they have treated the Hulk.