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Playstation 4 1215a help.
« on: January 05, 2020, 05:27:00 pm »
So I had somebody come to me with the above mentioned model.  When you turned it on the fan would max rpm and the system would shut down.  Now I'm familiar with over heating issues on the PS4, so a simple cleaning and reapplication of thermal paste was in order.  Upon tearing it down I had noticed the CMOS battery on the board had leaked at some point.  So I removed it, cleaned the area and replaced with a fresh battery.

Now after the reassemble I was going through the tests and everything seems to work, except the disc drive.  There is no life in the thing.  Will not take, eject, or spin up a disc.  They had left one in when they brought it to me.  Now I didn't touch the drive except to remove it from the chassis.  After which I got back into it and took the drive apart and everything is as it should be.  So there shouldn't be any issues with the drive.

I don't have another unit to test parts with to narrow down the problem.  I'm thinking the battery leakage compromised something on the motherboard.

Unit was over heating
Found exploded CMOS battery
Drive does not function, eject button still beeps when pressed.
Will not keep date and time even with fresh lit-ion battery when main power is disconnected.


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Re: Playstation 4 1215a help.
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Sorry I don't have much to offer but I feel your biggest clue centers around the date/time.  There must either be some unseen damage around the battery or the stand by power cable socket.  Working in an auto service center in a past life we used to go through 2032's and such like candy and I do recall at least a doz times where a brand new battery out of the package simply did not work.  Make sure you test that.  That little bracket on the underside of the APU that kind of is shaped like the hurricane symbol must have a solid lock in place to keep the heat sink functioning properly.  These are all things you've prob already considered.  Good luck. 


Re: Playstation 4 1215a help.
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I'm thinking you're right about the unseen damage.  The individual isn't wanting to pay for a board replacement. 

At first I hadn't considered the battery being bad out of the package.  I did tear back into it remove it and test it with a battery tester that I have and again with a multi-meter.  It was fine.