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VGCollect Forum Rules
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Over the years VGCollect has prided itself on having one of the most welcoming video game discussion communities on the internet.  As the site continues to grow, it is important that we manage to maintain this welcoming atmosphere.  It is for that reason that the staff has decided it is time we clearly defined the rules of conduct and guidelines of the VGCollect forum community. Administrators have the final word on what constitutes forum misconduct, and forum rules are subject to change and revision.

  • Treat Fellow Members with Respect
      a. Personal attacks and harassment are unacceptable under any circumstances.
      b. Criticizing members for their personal taste in games, consoles, etc. is not allowed.
      c. Offensive material (e.g. racism, pornography, profanity, excessive vulgarity, etc.), including usernames, signatures, avatars, and uploaded content, will not be tolerated anywhere on the site.
  • Low Quality Posts
      a. Posting a high volume of low quality posts is not allowed on VGCollect.  Spamming the forum, even in the Off Topic section, is not allowed.
  • Religion and Politics
      a. Discussion of these topics are not permitted.
  • Illegal Software
      a. Discussion of game emulation is completely allowed, but linking to ROMs, ISOs, etc. is not permitted.
  • Consequences
      a. Punishment for violating the rules is based on the severity of the violation and administrator discretion.  This can range from a warning, to possibly a temporary or permanent ban.
      b. If an administrator gives a warning in a thread, users should not continue in their conduct or directly engage the administrator publicly in the thread.  However, the user or users can message the administrative staff to further discuss the issue in private.
      c. Any attempts to circumvent a ban by creating new accounts will not be tolerated.
Additional rules specifically pertaining to the Marketplace will be found in the Marketplace subforum.
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