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Ongoing Arcade category re-work
« on: May 15, 2020, 11:37:55 am »
The Arcade section of the database is getting a rework. The three main sections for arcade hardware are as follows:
Arcade Boards (was Arcade Conversion) :
This section is for arcade game PCBs and system boards such as Sega NAOMI or Neo Geo MVS, etc.
Items should be named according to official documentation. For example, the Sega NAOMI mainboard is called the Sega NAOMI Shield Case.

Arcade Cabinets (was Arcade Dedicated) :
This is for all cabinets, either originally dedicated or converted.
Dedicated or retail cabinets should be named as they are on the game's manual.
Example: The House of the Dead 2 (U/R Type)

Arcade Hardware (new category) :
This is for all non-game, non-mainboard items. Be it converters, add-on devices, power supplies, or parts from cabinets, etc.
Items should be named as they are in the relevant official documentation, as best as it can be done.
Examples, at the time of writing this post, this category has the Sega NAOMI Communication Board and Net Dimm, these are components that are part of a Sega NAOMI or NAOMI 2 mainboard, or included within a conversion kit.

Each of the cartridge or disc based games will have their own categories, and these categories are just for those components. There should be no cabinet listings in these sections.

We are considering creating additional categories for:
- arcade marquees (for marquees, bezels and pinball backglass/translites)
- arcade manuals
- pinball hardware (for non-machine parts)

Currently, a marquee or flyer should not be used in any of the art slots for an item in the arcade category.


Re: Ongoing Arcade category re-work
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Thanks :)


Re: Ongoing Arcade category re-work
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All flyer, marquee and screenshots removed from listings in PCB and Cabinet sections. Put items into correct categories where needed.

Games in PCB section with no cab pics were left in PCB section.
Games in Cabinets section with no cab pics were left in Cab section. If there was a flyer and a PCB picture, PCB was put to primary and put into the PCB category.
Atomiswave carts were moved into new Sammy Atomiswave category. Also made categories for Sega Mega Play and Sega Mega-Tech system. May potentially make a category for PGM, but there is only one entry for a PGM cart.


Re: Ongoing Arcade category re-work
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Capcom CPS-1 categories will be removed, these are arcade PCBs and will go into the Arcade Boards section. Same with Nintendo Vs. System boards. CPS Dash being an outlier, there are only 5 releases, not enough to warrant a category so they go into Arcade Boards as well.

Capcom CPS-2 removed EU and NA sections, will just have one category. Games without TLD will be presumed NA/EU. A Boards go into Arcade Boards category. CPS-2 case colors define region:
Blue: US/EU
Green/Black: JP
Grey: Asian/CN
Yellow: region free/rental
Orange: South America
Note that currently only blue and green B boards are currently in the db.

Capcom CPS-3 removed EU and JP sub-cat. Remaining will be for the carts only. Other parts of the CPS-3 setup such as the mainboard go into Arcade Boards category. Other parts go into Arcade Hardware category such as the CD-drive or memory.

Playchoice 10 EU and JP removed, only will use one category for all PlayChoice 10 releases. Those cats were empty anyways.
Same for SNK Hyper Neo Geo 64.

Neo Geo MVS will be tackled at a later date. EU category likely has NA carts in it.
For legit titles, all carts are the same, only the labels are different between US, EU, JP and Korean releases.
Korean category currently does not exist
Would make new category for boots, it would be [CN] like for consoles, where all boots would be put into that category.