Author Topic: -For Sale- DB: Kakarot, Nioh 2, Last of Us 1 & 2 PS4  (Read 970 times)

-For Sale- DB: Kakarot, Nioh 2, Last of Us 1 & 2 PS4
« on: July 28, 2020, 02:08:40 am »
Selling off a few PS4 games.  Everything priced is with shipping, nothing to add.  The Last of Us: Remastered case is cracked near the spine, happened in shipping when I ordered it on Amazon years ago (I only just unsealed it), but it didn't damage the disc at all, it opens perfectly fine, and it's easy to replace with a spare case if it bothers you at all.  Paypal only.  USA shipping only.  Send me a private message if you are interested.

Death Stranding - $30
DBZ: Kakarot - $45
Last of Us: Remastered/Last of Us 2 Combo - $50
Ghost of Tsushima (Code is still good for the DLC, never used it) - $50

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Re: -For Sale- Ghost of Tsushima, DB: Kakarot, Last of Us 1 & 2, Nioh 2 PS4
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Bumping with an added game, putting up Nioh 2.  Comes with the DLC insert, but the code is used.  Same as the others, the price includes shipping.  Paypal and USA shipping only.  Send PM if interested.

Nioh 2 - $30

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