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These are great:

They haven't been made in years, but you can still find them pretty easily for a dollar or so at any thrift store. You can see the obvious advantage in being able to switch on and off each individual plug in the strip, and almost all of them are fused surge protectors.
Crazy!  I have this exact thing, though I use it for my office.


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See, that circuit tracing thing was already done... but it was never updated when things changed. I was told that the labelling was correct and trusted it. I'm going to get an electrician in to redo some of the circuits... and I suppose it is easy to figure out circuits on your own but I never had a reason to do it.

The only thing I did do was tag the cable vs old Satellite TV coax lines in my basement, because I needed to know which ones were for DECA and not and so if the cable company ever has to come over, they would know not to touch the DECA coax.

Well, the truth is we learned by turning them on and off and identifying each that way. It helps having them labeled; it's smart thinking.

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