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GAMES TM Magazine - Issue 197
« on: December 30, 2020, 04:18:38 am »

I've recently been working on major additions to the Shadow of Memories / Shadow of Destiny FANDOM page. It's a wonderful game and I wish more people knew about it so I've tried make a more comprehensible space full of media and fun details to explore.

I saw on Twitter and advertisement for GAMES TM magazine which has an interview with the games director Junko Kawano. I've tried eBaying the magazine for a while now with little success nor can I find scans of it online. So I'm wondering if anyone here collects these magazines or happens to have a copy of it they can scan so I can place on the website & have a good read of!

I'll give credit to whom ever manages this on the site and be very grateful.

For anyone that hasn't played Shadow of Memories, please look into it! It's a wonderful interactive narrative with a very compelling story where you have to travel back in time to change things to prevent your own death in the present. It's available on PS2, Xbox, PSP & Up to Windows 7 (Sadly no GOG or Steam release yet.)

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Re: GAMES TM Magazine - Issue 197 (Can anyone scan a few pages for me?)
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So weird that someone mention this game ! this is what I am currently playing as of yesterday lol. Love it so far ! Great Game !

Sorry I can't help but keep up the good work !

Re: GAMES TM Magazine - Issue 197
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Oh glad to hear your enjoying it! Yes, I have an unhealthy obsession with this game haha

It's got a very compelling concept and a game I love to explore and find different ways to do things or little interactions with the townsfolk that I can find.

As for the magazine scans, it seems I've come across them now and I'm very grateful for the help :)