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Looking for Gaming PC Ideas
« on: October 28, 2020, 02:05:51 pm »
It's been a few years now since I've had a good gaming PC, up to now I've been using a laptop that doesn't have much power for anything to flashy.  I'm just looking for good recommendations.  Ideally I'd like to build one myself, but I'm not in a good position budget wise for that right now. 

So something fairly priced, and that has the potential to last awhile, i.e. won't need to be replaced in a few years.


Re: Looking for Gaming PC Ideas
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Check out PcPartPicker. They have pre-build guides based off budgets and what not. You can also mix and match parts there to your liking, they have a pretty good compatibility listing/notification feature. I'd definitely build yourself over buying a prebuilt, much more fun and cost effective.

Re: Looking for Gaming PC Ideas
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If you're in the market for a desktop (what I recommend for gaming anyway as you can more easily upgrade parts as you need) I would recommend NZXT.  I know this is going to sound like an advertisement but it's not.

My friend who does TAS's was looking for something to help speed up the process as he was using an old, slow laptop and he was looking for top of the line but didn't feel like building it this time around.  He got what we have both nicknamed "The Beast" and it's great.  His TAS work sped up at least 20x and he's also thinking about gaming too since it's all set up for it.

You can 100% build your own model or pick from a prefab one, looking at their site they have some "Starter PC Series" starting at $700.  I myself plan to buy a dedicated gaming PC from them as soon as I get a job *fingers crossing, it's rough where I live*.

I would definitely look into them.


Re: Looking for Gaming PC Ideas
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New Ryzen 5000 series is pretty incredible, the $300 5600x outperforms Intel's $650 10900k with better thermals and lower power consumption.  I'm going team red for my next build and I'd suggest anyone building a PC within the next 6 months to do the same.

Building your own will ALWAYS be cheaper than a pre-built, and you'll have more room for expandability/upgrades in the future as pre-builts will sometimes use proprietary parts which aren't modular.
If you give me a budget and a sample of what games you'd like to play and your target framerate/resolution for said games I'd be more than happy to put together a few parts lists for you.

Re: Looking for Gaming PC Ideas
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Micro Center is a good discount source for everything PC. including Build kits, cases, hardware and more. They should have everything you need and with lower prices also

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Re: Looking for Gaming PC Ideas
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What kind of titles are you looking to play? You can break 100fps in a lot of games with a cheaper build.