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N-GAGE Item Numbers
« on: November 09, 2020, 11:43:03 am »
I have just added alot of fields to the N-Gage Videogame database and all edits were accepted except the 'Item Number'. Im confused as to why.

I literally took the numbers direct from the spine of the game case, where almost all Videogame Catalogue numbers are located.  Below is an example of where the Item/Catalogue numbers are located on N-Gage games.

There is another (different) unique identifying number located on the cart itself, as shown in the image below.  But this number would not be used as a catalogue number by the fact that the cart lives inside of the game case, therefore its impossible to use this number in the industry, as an identifier, due to the fact you cannot see this number when its 'on the shelf'.  Its my understanding that all 'item numbers' are codes used in the games industry for stock identification purposes. 

Can someone at VGCollect please confirm which catalogue/item/identifying number is the one you find acceptable on N-Gage games please.


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It is too much information. For situations where multiple sets of numbers appear on the spine, we just use one set not all of them.

Spine numbers on N-Gage games are:
7 + 2 + 1/6/2
In this example the 7 digit number on the EU release of Virtua Tennis is different than the US release.

So we can use the 7 digit number in the item number field.
The rest can be put into description using this example:

other spine item numbers: 01, 1/200295/03
Cart item number: 0630720


Thanks for doing updates to the N-Gage section. Also be aware that 54979 is currently being determined whether or not to change it to the UK version or keep it the Spanish import.

Re: N-GAGE Item Numbers
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Thanks for that i think that makes sense.

There was a smaller issue with you not accepting the Bar Codes displayed on the game artwork in favor of the barcode that appears on the wrapper.  Obviously its harder to find N-Gage games with the wrapper still on the box as the vast majority of games out in the wild the wrapper has been removed.  I guess unopened games are the main source for those.


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99.9% of the time someone tried to change a barcode on the entry, it will get rejected. Not because we actually went and looked up the item or anything. If there is a specific issue where a barcode is wrong on an entry, post about it in the Listing Errors thread.