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Loose Cart Pics
« on: December 18, 2020, 11:18:52 am »
Hello, just joining. One of the things that I have noted with a lot of the collector sites is that the focus is on the box for the game and not the cart. I get some of the reasoning, but from a collector stand point I want to be able to id a loose cart even if it does not have a box. Case in point, I have some Atari carts that I came across that have CX numbers on them, etc. They are likely later releases or the like, but it would be nice to know that. If I run across that should I be pushing up images to add to the DB?   


Re: Loose Cart Pics
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Atari is a tough animal and we are nowhere near being complete on those categories. The amount of variations is insane and the other issue is that EU and NA are interchangable, and after all these years there still seems to be confusion as to what came out where. As a result, our VCS categories still have NA games in EU section and EU games in NA section. So be aware of that.

If you have a cart and cannot identify which release in the DB it goes to, it is best to ask in the forum for ID help for them.
Please be careful to not make dupes and to not try to convert existing entries to what you own.

As far as a resource goes, Atari Mania has the best resource regarding carts, variations, where they came out and what boxes they originally came in.