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Does the name of "Croc" ring any bells?
Maybe it should after all the development story of the game is kinda connected to Nintendo and some classic names that worked in the 90s making great games.

Anyway trying to summary, Croc was one of the first real attemps for making a 3D platformer title alongside the game of a Bobcat and a plumber, and playing a few hours of Croc it start to be pretty notable the early ideas for the concept.

First of all, Croc has tank controllers just like Resident Evil or Tomb Raider, and second you can start noting that all levels of the game are like small or medium rooms instead of just a huge level like it became pretty standard with games like Mario 64 or Banjo-Kazooie.

Overall I think Croc is a classic or at least is worthy play it a few hours just for take a look how were the first attemps making a genre that had such popularity in the late 90s and 2000s, the graphics looks pretty cute and some of the tunes are truly memorable like some of the ice world.

Maybe the worst problem of Croc is that sometimes the challenges that the game request to the player are just way too difficult to perform with the tank controllers and you can start feeling that indeed the game of the plumber had more luck with the platforming, and I can't stop feeling the game sometimes just like to cheat the player making not pretty clear that destroying a box stop the player from getting all collectables without restarting first or some minigames are just way too hard with once again the tank controllers making it harder it should be.

Just to finish, I think Croc is not perfect but is a classic, at least myself I don't consider that all classic must be perfect games, yes, you can make your own argument about my thought, I am kinda curious about what other people think, Croc is one of the pioneers for the 3D platforming genre and I think it is worthy at least a few hours of gameplay.

- You are welcome to disagree with me.
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Everything you stated about Croc is accurate. However, I should add that if anyone here wants to play Croc: Legend of the Gobbos, that they should go after the PS1 version and avoid the PC version at all costs, as that version is inferior to the PS1 version, as it's missing music. There is a fan-made port of Croc for PC that fixes that issue though, as well as adding modern controller support. Not sure about the Saturn version yet.


Croc is one of my favorite classic 3D platformers. I own the Saturn version, and it looks really good for a 3D title on the system. It's one of the prime examples IMO, of showing how the Saturn was more capable than what people generally thought. Controls are a little stiff, but workable. Not compatible with the 3D pad, sadly. The sequel was planned for a Saturn release as well, but obviously was cancelled when SEGA jumped ship. I own that one on PS1, but haven't tried it yet.

But yeah, Croc was a vastly overlooked platformer of it's time. Not a lot of marketing for it existed, otherwise it should have gotten a lot more recognition than it did on the PS1. Strangely never came to N64, probably due to the development history ties to Nintendo that were broken along the way.

Every time i talk to people about ps1 platformers they always mention croc

Brilliant game!

It's always been a surprise to me that it was never on the N64, the bulky aesthetic sure makes it look like an N64 title.

But I think it's one of the PS1's finest. Love the design and atmosphere.

I never got around to Croc 2, I think part of it is the more open world nature + the 'baby talk' during the dialogue is very grating.  Still, I do need to get around to it one day.


It was suppose to be Yoshi game originally but was rejected, until it became its own project.


It was suppose to be Yoshi game originally but was rejected, until it became its own project.

Some even speculate that without Croc there wouldn't been a Super Mario 64 given the relationship that Argonaut used to have with Nintendo back in the day.

As for the game itself, I've yet to play it, but the main reason I even bought it in the first place was because I watched gameplay footage of it years ago and really liked what I saw. I've been meaning to play it for the longest time now, as is the case with many PS1 games in my collection, but I always end up putting it off.
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