Author Topic: What Causes Physical PC Game Discs To Stop Installing?  (Read 775 times)

What Causes Physical PC Game Discs To Stop Installing?
« on: January 21, 2021, 10:18:15 am »
All My disc that were troubling me had not visible scratches and were vary clean

I've had multiple troubles on Windows XP back when I was using it. One thing I noticed was the CD/ROM drive was constantly running hard, for no reason that I could tell in the foreground. I assumed it was something in the background or back door. I once  had what I believed were hackers purposely burning over all my game discs. Of course everyone thought I was crazy and didn't believe me at the time. I swore every single game that I had in that one computers CD/ROM the discs eventually could never install ever again. they would go up to a point in installation then stop and post an error message on screen. I tried installing them on a different PC and the same thing happened I got an error message.

Every single game that I used on that Windows XP HP computer. stayed broken. I can't find anything on the internet about this so I need to know exactly why these game broke and would no longer install. During this time I was going to school and learning about computers. I had a PC that was always offline never connected to the internet, yet when I put a password into my Windows XP admin account to secure. Somehow the password changed and I got locked out of the Windows operating system, I wrote my password down but it changed autonomously and I could not log into this computer without re-installing Windows. And nobody ever used my PC but me, the password change was through the back door, or hacked wirelessly I assume.

Today I don't use Windows XP or leave any CD's in my PC's CD/ROM drive and I don't have this issue now, but I notice when I go online somethings my CD/ROM started running for no apparent reason.
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