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Super Mario Galaxy Nintendo Select Item Numbers
« on: February 02, 2021, 08:36:14 am »
The item number for the Nintendo Selects edition of Super Mario Galaxy is listed as  RVL-RMG1-USZ. Based on its formatting, it would be the disc ID if it is correct. None of the serial numbers on my copy quite match it, so I would like to verify if my copy is original or piecemeal, and if it is original, whether it is a separate release to the existing entry, or if the existing entry is incorrect. I should also note that my disc artwork does not have a reflective background, which from what I could find is typical for a NS release.

Nintendo ID on rear of box: RVL P RMG1 USZ
Artwork ID? on rear of box: 75194A
Booklet ID: 64299C

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Re: Super Mario Galaxy Nintendo Select Item Numbers
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The one on the entry is the official Nintendo Product ID, but as you have noticed, this ID is not on the item. You can change it to RVL P RMG1 USZ.

As for where this ID is from, I'm not sure but I do know that this ID is on the GameFAQs list. Perhaps it comes from the Wii Shop?