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You want to hear something mind blowing. I remember buying the Matrix Trilogy box set and also buying the 4th Matrix movie to go with it called Matrix Resurrection. I remember being in Best Buy and seeing the Matrix Trilogy blu-ray box set and how nice it looked and picked it up to buy it. I saw Matrix 4 Resurrection next to it on blu-ray and was upset that the 4th Matrix didn't come in the nice looking box set and wondered how they would look next to each other in my blu-ray collection. I bought the box set and Matrix 4 and took them home and watched them all over again in series.

I remember watching all 4 of them but it's been years so my memory is fuzzy on it. I thought maybe it's me misremembering since now Matrix 4 is just now coming out this year. The 4th Matrix has just been announced as Matrix Resurrection as the title and that title was just leaked around January 2021 according to IGN. There are many tweets of people talking about how it was leaked and how they are glad to know the name of it now.

IGN: The Matrix 4 Full Title Reportedly Leaked (Feb 2, 2021)

But if you search  on twitter, there are tweets about it in 2010!

"Why am I seeing sites for Matrix Resurrection?" May 28, 2010

"OMG 'title' listed on imdb " May 28, 20120

Then again in 2017...
"I think it's now official!!! " Feb 16 2017

These people knew the name because this movie existed already and was released. This is a screenshot of the tweets, search for yourself though and take your own screenshot to verify:

I tweeted about it as well to see if anyone else remembers it on twitter. Please retweet it to see if any of your friends remember it.

I am posting this here to see if anyone else remembers ever hearing this title prior or seeing this movie?
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That is not a lot of tweets. It's a pretty easy title to come up with since two other movies in the franchise have subtitles that start with R.

The fourth movie you're thinking of is probably The Animatrix.

Anyway, this is a weird first post and in the wrong section.


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That forth movie you're thinking of might also be Matrix Revisited. A documentary about the first movie.

Also 2017 was when a relaunch/reboot was being talked about at Warner Bros. So calling it a "Matrix Resurrection" is a no brainer

Wouldn't be surprise if there were Rumors basically going back to... hell probably back to before Revolution was even released. You'd be surprised how many "leaks" and "intrest test" are constantly being put out there. And again Resurrection is just a no shit that would be used as the title kind of thing, especiallywith how the third one ended


I call bs
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Maybe it was The Animatrix. It was a collection of animated matrix shorts. It came out about the same time.


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