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I am proud Seether is succeeding with its YouTube channel.
I always had difficulties learning English but I still love to talk with people all the time, I like to have strong goodwill and be kind to everyone.

I am proud Seether is succeeding with its YouTube channel.
My next milestone is 350 subscribers and I’m currently 9 away from there.

Please subscribe and help me out;

UPDATE: I hit my next milestone, 350 subscribers.

If I can just keep pushing towards 1,000 I'll be able to monetize with ads!

UPDATE: I hit my next milestone, 400 subscribers.

UPDATE: I hit my next milestone, 450 subscribers.

Thank you very much to everybody who has supported me so far, it means a lot. I have hit a new milestone of 500 subscribers.
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UPDATE: 788 subs now.

Only 212 away from the dream.

Please subscribe and help me.

UPDATE: Over 1,000 subs, achieved my life dreams, quit my day job

You may be complaining the other day 1000 but in my own opinion your doing a damn good job better than me and with my radio station for example I shoot out $30USD a month on Facebook ads, made my stream public on every platform I could on the internet, pay 16.50 a month to the host and $200-$300 a year and I only get maybe 1 listener every 11-12 hours if that,

Your lucky you got the followers in my own opinion you should not complain because you got more YouTube Subscribers than most YouTube channels out there to my knowledge given how much competition you have on YouTube,

My advise is work hard and don't give up at it, be funny, and try to express your maximum creativity on YouTube and don't be shy to run ads but I will tell you this my ads on Facebook are a complete failure

also keep an eye on your views because according to my experience with ads on Facebook a lot of people are click bots, or run fake accounts because turns out I get likes but no listeners. Most people just click (like) on my Facebook ads then never even tune into my radio station and it really pisses me off because I pay for those ads and all I get is lousy fake likes

(edit) I know your probably laughing at me but I just thought I'd cheer you up and give you some insights on running ads, looks like your getting the views as expected so whatever your doing it's working :)
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My radio station

instructions click: link  using WITH (ANY) BROWSER
OR click on one of the 4 icons then save playlist to device.

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