Author Topic: Discussion About Both Good And Bad Downloadable (Older) PC games  (Read 366 times)

Even with modern PC apps like Steam, I will admit that the emulation on modern day PC's is not the best for some games (edit) I did complain before but I am over that now

Still I've noticed a few flaws as well as positives about the retro steam app and it's games, first off? I still recommend both downloading games off both Steam and GOG's online website anyway, instead of forking over any money on a modern day console in which on the consoles the games can be taken away from you in the future, by game companies forcing you to download patches AND closing down the game servers required for you to download the game OR the patch in order to play the game.

but in PC gamer's past the same exact thing happen, in fact that is where console industry I believe  got the idea from the PC game developers.

I wanted to talk about games that you can download off Steam or GOG that are older games, and you're own experiences with them, here is my list of recommendable games from the Steam App

1: Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition (genre) First and third person shooter *player can choose witch*
2: Duke Nukem 1 and 2
3: Raptor Call Of The Shadows
4: Strife
5: Quale 1 and Quake 2
6: Doom 64
7: Duke Nukem Manhattan Project 2D/3D Platformer
8: Death Rally
9: Heretic: Shadow Of The Serpent Riders
10: Hexen: Beyond Heretic
12: Hexen deathkings of the dark citadel
13: Hexen II
14: Blake Stone: Aliens Of Gold
15: Blake Stone: Planet Strike
16: Wolfenstein 3D

Bad Experiences

1: Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 Triple Thrill Pack (reason) stock steam version is prone to crashing at random

2: Sim City 4 Deluxe edition (reason) stock steam version is prone to crashing at random

3: Viet Cong (reason) it's not the original game at all it's an entire new game just with an older games same exact name on it
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