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E3 2021
« on: June 02, 2021, 04:09:52 am »
E3 is coming up next week and seems about the right time to start talking about what we are hoping to see show up. 

What I mostly just want to see out of Nintendo is a big Zelda presentation, a proper 35th anniversary blowout, because you wouldn't know it was the anniversary otherwise as I don't think Nintendo has done much of anything to bring attention to it, which is baffling, not even when they revealed Skyward Sword HD either.  Even if it was a marketing decision and it was so build to more of an actual thing at E3, it's weird that they've done almost nothing to really talk about the anniversary.  So a blowout for me would be the final updated details on Skyward Sword HD and I feel like they would put out the Wind Waker/Twilight Princess HD releases like the month or two after that, since it makes sense and it's easy. 

Then I see them doing a collection of some sort, either a batch of the old games from NES to GBA, or they do perhaps an updated version of Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask from the 3DS in a set.  I could also see them just rom dumping and tweaking the N64 releases, but I think it would be cool to get the 3DS stuff since that added a few things here and there and I believe had some updated textures though I might be remembering that wrong.  My only worry is that they pull a Super Mario 3D All Star and it's kind of a half-assed release with a time limit, which is super dumb.

Something that would be a wild card would be a new remake, like Link's Awakening, but maybe the original Zelda or even Zelda 2, but not with that awful Link's Awakening art style I hope.

And the finale would be a proper Breath of the Wild 2 reveal.  I'm keeping expectations low, so I don't believe we'll see a release date for this year, but I'd be happy with a story reveal and maybe gameplay.

I know there's other stuff from Nintendo to watch for like a possible Switch Pro, but the only other known thing I'm excited for is Bayonetta 3.  As long as the Zelda stuff is good, I'll be otherwise happy.

I'll post more on the other companies later, but this at least starts a convo.


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I'm interested to see what Sony plans to announce this month outside of E3. Third party studios will have some good announcements at E3 to be sure, but without Playstation there, the show has lost much of its appeal to me as I've been a Playstation gamer since '95. What I'm hoping to see from Playstation are at least one of the following:

  - Uncharted Continuation - This is the top of my wish list. It doesn't have to star Drake but that would be best so long as they don't mess up the ending of the 4th. It could be a prequel to one of the previous games. It could be that someone kidnapped his daughter to force him to help them find something. They could also use one of the other characters; continue with the Lost Legacy crew if they wanted.

 - Warhawk - In the vein of the PS3 game with the WW2 feel.
 - Twisted Metal - Make it as engaging as the 2nd or Black.
 - Jet Moto - I think this would be great to add in to modern gaming.

Now for what I can hope to see from E3 from third parties is basically my usual. I'm honestly not excited for much of anything that's been announced for the coming year or even years. Sure, there's a handful, but I've found that new ideas are generally not what I'm looking for anymore. Seems kinda strange that for the longest time, all I wanted was new ideas, new IPs to explore, and now... I'm over the idea of new. It's why I rather like that so many series are getting modern adaptations or remakes with modern graphics. An odd self reflection to start this with but oh well.

Unannounced games I really want to see:

 - Ninja Turtles - A dark and gritty game similar to the original comics. More realistic graphics. Keep the guys looking similar to their 1990 movie or comic iterations. Have violence, bad guy dismemberment; have them actually use their weapons. Different perceptions and more story revealed depending on which turtle you play as.

 - Dino Crisis reboot/remake - Use the RE engine like RE2 and 3 remake were done in. Keep third person. Keep the RE2/3 remake controls and camera. Mix the first two games into one to extend the game into a great story while ignoring that the third exists. Allow online co-op via Regina and Dylan.

 - Shenmue 4 - Keep it on PS4 and PC. Let Suzuki finish up his story using the same engine as the third game. Don't waste time bringing this to next gen systems with enhanced graphics... just push through and finish the story the way he was hoping so we get an ending. Seriously. Just finish it. The only thing I would critique is get rid of the stamina gauge from the third, but keep everything else the same. It felt like the Dreamcast games which was fantastic.

 - Witcher 4 - I really enjoyed the third and I was new to the series as of that title. I've heard murmurings that a 4th has started development but given the way things turned out for Cyberpunk... I'm not expecting this to release (if it does) until the Playstation 6 days.

Already announced games I'd like more info on:
 - New Mass Effect
 - Ninja Turtles Shredder's Return
 - Tomb Raider continuation
 - Instinction (the only new IP on this entire list)
 - Indiana Jones (confirm if it has a chance in hell coming to PS5 - doubting atm)


Re: E3 2021
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Oracle of Ages / Oracle of Seasons remakes in the vein of Links awakening. I really want to know with the switch pro how they are going to continue making games that work on something like that as well as the switch lite. Obviously I want to see more Halo infinite gameplay.
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Re: E3 2021
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From Microsoft, I'm not expecting much, I'm already getting Halo Infinite since it'll be on PC, but all their big aquisitions aren't bringing too much anytime soon, but what I'm hoping for is either Rare Replay coming to Switch or PC, and for a big wishlist game, I want Banjo-Kazooie 3 finally.  Proper platformer, big hub world, the works, this would be nearly as big as when I got Banjo-Kazooie in Smash, which is a top E3 moment for me.

From Sony, I have a PS5, so just more PS5 games is general is fine, I'm not really expecting a ton of hype there for me personally, but I'm sure they could do a number of things to surprise me, like a return of a cool franchise.  Telekill brought up Twisted Metal and that would be cool to see, but there are others that would be fun. The one big game or update I want to see is for Bloodborne.  It's the last big game that hasn't seen a 60 fps update or PC port at this point.  I wouldn't be surprised if we get a remastered release for it, or a PS5 update and the big surprise is a Bloodborne 2 announcement, which would be amazing.

For general stuff, something on the next Resident Evil remake would be cool, I'm getting Battlefield 6 info before the show on the 9th, so I'm good there, and not sure what else right now that would be super big for me.

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I don't really have any expectations or wishes but hopefully Spyro 4 is a thing!

I'll be watching most if not every show. Looking forward to seeing whatever!


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I'll check back on this topic for the highlights/lowlights.
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Re: E3 2021
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Shenmue 4: I really hope this shows up, and while we probably wouldn't get any info on how much it advances the story from 3, my sincere hope is that it concludes the saga. I  always fear that the next Shenmue game might be the last, which is still even true after 3. But I would be ultra hyped if this even got a teaser trailer.

Breath of the Wild 2: I've heard various rumors that this is supposed to be at E3, which that alone would make me extremely happy. What would make me even happier is if it actually got a release date, even a vague one like "Fall 2022" or something like that.

Zelda "All Stars" Collection: As part of Zelda's 35th anniversary I really hope Nintendo gives some of their older Zelda titles the Mario 3D All Stars treatment and releases at least 3 of them on a compilation. Ideally, I'd love to see the two 3DS Remakes and either Windwaker HD or Twilight Princess HD included as well. I'd love to see all four on a single card, but this might be too optimistic.

Gran Turismo 7: I know Sony isn't going to be at E3, but I'm hoping they'll do.a State of Play that coincides with it, and this game is heavily showcased. I've been ultra hyped about GT7 ever since it was revealed about a year ago, and I desperately want more info! It honestly is looking like the best GT game since 4, and if it's even remotely that good I'll love it for sure. More details and maybe a release date would be nice.

Jedi Fallen Order 2: Jedi Fallen Order is my favorite piece of Star Wars media that's been released since Disney took ownership, and otherwise has wrecked the IP. But this game was incredible and I was shocked how much I loved it! This might be my number 1 pick it terms of what I'm most wanting to see and what would get me the most excited. I'm not counting on it, but we'll see I guess.

FF7 Remake Part 2: I doubt this one will get announced since they just released that DLC for the first one, but I'd still be super happy to see it make any sort of appearance no matter how small.

Final Fantasy XVI: I was surprised how good this looked when it was revealed, and I'm eagerly awaiting more info on it. It genuinely seems like FF is starting to rise to its former glory again slowly, an I really hope any additional info on this game makes me feel that way even more.

New Castlevania game: This is in the realm of probably not going to happen, but I would DIE if they announced another Castlevania game. i honestly don't care if it was a 2D metroidvania title or a full 3D AAA game like Lords of Shadow. I just want another release in this awesome series!

KOTOR Remake: This is also one I've heard rumors about, but as long as they don't screw with the story or overall formula of this game too much I'd literally leap out of my chair if this gets announced!


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Re: E3 2021
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Re: E3 2021
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Something I hope to see at E3, would be Marvel vs DC by NetherRealm.  This rumor popped up I think last week or the week before with some solid support behind it (Unlike the My Hero Academia fighter by ArcSys rumor which I found was a 4chan rumor, so guaranteed to be wrong, though them doing that or One Piece in the FighterZ style would be amazing), and it makes a lot of sense really.  WB Games has connections with Marvel through the Marvel games they've helped develop, NR already has the groundwork with DC through Injustice, and somethings caused NetherRealms to break their schedule of releasing, so something as massive as this would be a good reason for that.  I'm not exactly a big fighting game fan, I play them real casually, but I still love real cool game ideas like this and would just be amazing to finally get a Marvel vs DC game for the first time. 


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Re: E3 2021
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We already had a thread for this we posted in. So I guess I'll just copy and paste my reply from that:

My top announcements wishlist:

1. New 2D Metroid
2. New 2D Zelda
3. Shovel Knight 2
4. Elder Scrolls VI
5. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2
6. Dishonored 3
7. Resident Evil: Code Veronica Remake
8. New "Metroidvania" Castlevania
9. Metroid Prime 4

Lofty, probably never gonna happen announcements I'd like to see:

-King's Field IV
-Crystalis Sequel
-Mega Man Legends 3
-Bionic Commando sequel (2D or 3D)
-DuckTales 3 (if it was in the DuckTales Remastered style, that would be exquisite!)
-Chrono Trigger 2
-Universal console that plays all disc-based and flash-card games (DS, 3DS, Switch).


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2D Metroid would be awesome

2D Zelda would also be awesome

Granblue Fantasy Re;Link news

Diablo IV news

Anything Ys or Legend of Heroes related

Dragon Quest XII news

Anything Neppy related

Final fantasy VII remake part duo news

Im sure there is more but Im tired lol.


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What I wish from:

- Ubisoft.
Anything related to Rayman, even if it's just a port of Rayman Mini for console, hard to believe sometimes that Rayman used to be Ubisoft most profitable and famous franchise.

Also, if they confirm Beyond Good and Evil 2 will still happen or not.

- Nintendo.
Meh, I do want that new rumoured Donkey Kong game, regardless is 2D again, I just miss that silly gorila.

Whatever is the next fighter for Smash, please not another swordman or anime style character...

- Electronic Arts
New James Pond, it wont happen but one man can dream lol

They cancelled the mobile Commander Keen, that sincerely I wanted to play, so let's hope they cancelled it for make a proper 2D game... I hope...

- Microsoft
More backwards game for the console, a lot of good games feom Xbox 360 and Original Xbox are still MIA.
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Re: E3 2021
« Reply #12 on: June 09, 2021, 08:20:10 pm »
Things start tomorrow with the Summer Games Fest at 2pm EST.  This one will have a lot of variety, being run by Geoff Keighly, kind of an extension of The Game Awards, so people are thinking that games that have had connections to that, could happen here, like Elden Ring is a big one, some people are hoping that since WB Games is doing almost nothing this year other than Back 4 Blood, that the new NetherRealms game, rumored to be Marvel vs DC, might happen here if it's going to be shown off at all this year (A good chance it won't mostly because WB Games is in some serious flux right now).  The only thing I know of that is confirmed for it is that the new Evil Dead game is getting it's first gameplay reveal and I'm really hoping that's good.  I'm not super huge into asymmetrical multiplayer, but I love Evil Dead, so I'm very interested.

Re: E3 2021
« Reply #13 on: June 10, 2021, 03:53:10 pm »
Well the event didn't give me a lot personally, we did get the full reveal of Elden Ring and it of course looks fantastic, basically open world Dark Souls.  Evil Dead also looked fantastic, it's absolutely what I wanted, which is that kinda Dead by Daylight/Friday the 13th co-op game, but you aren't just running away from stuff, you can actually fight with guns and weapons, and there's one person that can play as a demon that possesses deadites, environments, and even players.  They showed off one demon and it looks like you play as Evil Ash from Army of Darkness.  Also the game looks real good visually too.  A smaller reveal was an enhanced version of Death Stranding, a PS5 port with extra content and likely enhancements, so I'll be buying Death Stranding for a third time lol

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Well, the Black Ops Cold War season four update is nice.

Borderlands fantasy spin-off is somewhat interesting.

The new developer Deviation Games from former Treyarch devs partnering with PlayStation could be good.

Plenty more shows to go!