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In a case where an item's box is known, it should be put as the front art. The only way it wouldn't was if the outer box is generic (say this guy sells many things and uses this one box size for multiple things) and the thing inside the box has some other packaging (such as a plastic bag) then the plastic bag is considered the container. Then an image of the item in its original bag can be the front art.

It is rare for this situation to occur. It is usually third-party or bootleg items, notably those generic controllers you can find on Ebay or Alibaba or wherever.


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Re: LeoneFamily's VGC Database Work
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Thanks both for your replies. Controller Adapter is actually that guy's registered company name. Therefore, I will list it under Controller Adapter SNES-2-3DO (Black/Gold). Since the controller adapter logo is on that "shipping box" I'll count it as the actual item's box.

There's 4 different color variants for this item. Should I add them all separately? I spoke with the guy who builds these accessories and he told me that all the color variants share the same shipping box, the only way to tell the variant without opening the box is to look at the shipping label where the color is indicated.
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You can add them if you want.
A note however. the colors should only be capitalised if those words appear on the box or some included thing like the paperwork. If there is no text on the physical item regarding the colors, you can still use them but should be in lowercase.