Author Topic: Wolverine X Fruit Ninja X VR. Would you buy it? First person hack and slash?  (Read 178 times)

I think Wolverine would possibly dice a proper gentlemens slaw in about 5 seconds flat. And better than Kruger and with finer shreds. I feel he's versatile and his wife must love him in the kitchen :)  I think a first person hack and slash with say the dead by daylight idea but first person and for VR would be very fun. Or if fruit Ninja got Mulan and Wolverine DLC.

Do you think first person hack and slash is a good idea? Why is it rarely done? I can only think of a few. And most of those games also include melee and guns.

Thank you for sharing!

Who do you think dices onions faster Kruger or Wolverine? 
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Yup. Don't really play much VR these days but that seems like a cool concept I'd be willing to check out.