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Rate the Smash DLC
« on: October 13, 2021, 04:26:21 pm »
With Sora's announcement last week Super Smash Bros Ultimate has wrapped up its development. With that said, looking back how would you rate the DLC characters we got (Piranha Plant-Sora) who were your favorites and least favorites ETC.

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« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2021, 05:42:24 pm »
I didn't play with everyone as I'm not a huge solo Smash player, it's a party game for me, but going on just general interest, this is how I'd rate them.

12. Byleth - Not a Fire Emblem fan at all, so all additions of this series has always been very underwhelming.
11. Hero - Another series I was never into, though I appreciate this one abit more than Fire Emblem for its history.
10. Pirahna Plant - It's a random and very goofy addition, but I think it's kinda fun to add an enemy from Mario that isn't your established boss characters and has an interesting moveset.
9. Min Min - I was more interested in seeing Twintelle show up over Min Min, because it was guaranteed this game would show up in Smash and is a fun addition.
8. Steve/Alex - While I think Minecraft is a very weird addition to the game, I understand why it is here, and they do have an interesting move set.
7. Joker -  I may have dropped the game, but Persona 5 has a great style and look to it, so Joker makes a fun addition to the game.
6. Kazyua - This is where I think the additions start to get more meaningful in general, introducing a classic fighting game character alongside other ones so that you can have a game that has Street Fighter, Tekken, and King of Fighters all in one.
5. Terry - Same for Kazuya, I just find Terry a cooler character.
4. Sora - Sora was never a pick I really wanted, but is a really fun addition to the game.
3. Pyra/Mythra - I'm a big fan of the game and I thought they were made to show up in Smash, though not in the way I expected.
2. Sephiroth - I feel like we needed more villains to show up in the DLC, but Sephiroth is a huge get.


1. Banjo-Kazooie - There has only one ever been one reveal that had me overwhelmed.  Others were exciting and fun, but this was the one that I got emotional over, even as someone who doesn't play a lot of Smash.  BK has mostly been ignored since Nuts & Bolts other than being on Rare Replay and tiny nods strewn about, so it gave me some hope that there is a future for the series again and it's lead to them putting Banjo-Kazooie into the Nintendo 64 selection coming to Switch and that makes me a very happy person.

Re: Rate the Smash DLC
« Reply #2 on: October 14, 2021, 12:26:58 pm »
Terry and Byleth should have been better characters such as Among Us crewmate and Jonesy from Fortnite.


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« Reply #3 on: October 15, 2021, 10:02:53 am »
- Piranha Plant - Meh -

- Joker - Meh - His game is not even in the console and the Musou game is not enough.

- Hero - Good - eh, I like it but not for buy it, though

- Banjo & Kazooie - Really good - the only one that made me felt just as excited as Sonic, Megaman and Pac-Man joining.

- Terry - Meh - He is iconic but his next game won't be in the console.

- Byleth - ... - they tried.

- MinMin - ... - they tried

- Steve - pretty good - I like that guest characters are impossible stuff that make you feel "I can't believe this happening", and Steve feels like that, so, he's the best one for me after Banjo & Kazooie.

- Sephirot - fine - I like Sephirot, enough that it made me no complain about the fact he's another swordman lol

- Pyra & Mythra - ... - they tried

- Kazuya - good - he's iconic and I like a canon pretty evil character in the roster, but for some reason I feel I can live without buying him.

- Sora - meh - They tried but at least I actually like this one, but sincerely knowing all the cuts that Disney asked for him, I could have preferred he being a shelved idea and include someone else.
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Re: Rate the Smash DLC
« Reply #4 on: October 15, 2021, 09:54:24 pm »
I enjoyed most of the DLC characters even if they were from franchises and games I don't have much interest in. The only ones I feel were truly wasted were for Min Min and maybe Baylith. I wasn't a big fan of the Sora announcement either, but I feel like he definitely fits in with Smash. My favorite reveal was either Banjo or Terry.


Re: Rate the Smash DLC
« Reply #5 on: October 16, 2021, 08:52:09 am »
- Piranha Plant 4/10 fun gameplay I'll say that.

- Joker 8/10 solid addition unexpected and great gameplay.

- Hero 9.5/10  amazing addition extremely fun gameplay items during competitive  ;D The only reason that this ain't a 10/10 is because they didn't give the DQ V hero skin. Drop the DQ 4 main protag and replace it with V it's beyond me why 5 is excluded. still props for having multiple hero protags of different games as the alternate skins. That's way more detail than the skins for sora. 4 different characters and voices.

- Banjo & Kazooie 8.5/10. Great addition allot of variety gameplaywise

- Terry 10/10 best addition of the DLC The combo's are very satisfying especially when you have Go meter. Very stylish never expected him to be in smash.

- Byleth  3/10 could have been someone else instead of the generic avatar. the move set is not bad though

- MinMin 4/10 Who plays arms? I get it's Nintendo but it was kinda a death series.

- Steve 0/10 Doesn't fit in smash looks ugly as sin. Not a fan of minecraft at all. Unique move set but it ain't saving him worst addition to the series.

- Sephirot 9/10 iconic videogame villain amazing addition

- Pyra & Mythra 5/10 fun move set but wasn't a big fan of xeno 2

- Kazuya 7.5 fun move set unexpected solid fighter.

- Sora 8/10 Not the biggest KH fan but he definitely fits the roster no questions asked.
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Re: Rate the Smash DLC
« Reply #6 on: October 18, 2021, 08:52:50 am »
I have zero interest in any of the extra characters and thus... have spent zero money on any Smash DLC. I did get Parana Plant for free as I had bought Smash at launch but that's the only "extra" character I have.

What would have interested me? Really only Resident Evil Remake characters. The game was exclusive to Nintendo platforms for over a decade and we never got Chris, Jill, Wesker or even a Tyrant. Ridiculous given that there are third party multiplat characters like Snake and Cloud on there.